Food Box Firm Under Fire from Rashford is Part of his Own Food Poverty Task Force

Food firm Chartwells has been under fire today for providing “unacceptable” free school meal hampers, which according to one social media user contained just £5.22 worth of food for 10 days – significantly less than the £30 value advertised. The firm’s CEO Charlie Brown claims it was actually 5 days of free school lunches (not 10 days) and the charge for food, packing and distribution was £10.50 not £30 as suggested. Either way the nation’s self-appointed food poverty czar has been on their case all day, holding a phone call with the Department for Education trying to “fix” the situation. Guido wonders why Rashford didn’t call Chartwells himself, after all they are a member of Rashford’s own Child Food Poverty Taskforce…

Last month, the footballer welcomed the company’s addition to his Child Food Poverty taskforce with open arms:

And despite the day’s controversy, their logo continues to appear prominently next to Marcus’s on the pressure group’s website:

According to Compass Group, Chartwells was also the “first school caterer to join Child Food Poverty Taskforce”, supporting the taskforce to expand free school meals to every child and holiday provision to 1.1 million children, with Chartwells’ Charlie Brown (him again) commenting:

“Marcus Rashford’s campaign shines a much-needed spotlight on the issue of child food poverty. We know how important nutritious food is to educational attainment, and that food provision is a real struggle for some families, so we fully support widening access to free school meals.”

Surely Rashford’s own Child Food Poverty Taskforce’s suppliers can’t be at fault…

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Last Chance to Apply: Foodbank’s £62,000 Diversity Director

As a result of the pandemic crushing businesses many readers will be having to retrain. As a result Guido thought he would highlight this plum job going at food charity the Trussell Trust, the mission to stop UK hunger, apparently requires a “Director of Diversity and Inclusion”. This seems pretty straightforward, “treat everybody the same”, that will be £62,000 please. You can work from home, so you can probably just put the advice up as an email auto-response.

According to the advert in The Guardian, candidates must be:

“Highly expert in the discipline, and able to clearly articulate complex concepts such as power, privilege, bias and intersectional injustice, you will ensure that our organisational perspective on these issues reflects the most considered and comprehensive thinking. The ability to identify and realise shared ‘quick wins’ that capture and signpost our direction of travel will be a distinct advantage. …”

How this woke nonsense helps people in need of food parcels, baffles Guido…

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BBC Fishing For Foodbank Story


The Beeb must be running out of foodbanks they can use to drive home the anti-austerity message, because one go-getting reporter has taken it upon herself to actively hunt out students who use them. BBC News’ Frankie McCamley sent the following email to the Imperial College Student Union, asking if they knew of anyone who was reliant on food handouts:

Subject: BBC Request: Student Food Banks

Student Union,

I am a reporter for the BBC. I am looking into the number of students using food banks. Do you have a food bank or are you affiliated with one? Is there anyone I could speak to who would be able to help me look into students who have to turn to food banks?

Many thanks


Almost as if the national broadcaster has its own agenda.

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