Public Support for Suella on Immigration Overrules Twitter

Twitter was sent into a spiral this morning by headline responses from a focus group of swing voters, who were sympathetic towards the Home Secretary’s language on immigration.

Times Radio asked the voters about various issues, from policy to politicians, and the findings were certainly informative. If only to show that Twitter isn’t reality…

Here’s what they had to say when asked about Suella Braverman:

The voters were concerned with the volume of immigration, arguing that although people need to be looked after, Britain was at capacity and there needed to be a limit. One voter also took aim at the “do-gooders” criticising government policy. They then agreed that they trusted the Conservatives over Labour on the issue.

Sir Keir also came off worse for wear. Swing voters described him as “boring” and felt he simply wanted to attack the Tories, rather than setting out his own vision. Amongst the highlights of the groups’ messages to Starmer were to “get the charisma” and to “stop being so slimy”.

This is unfair. In his defence, Keir is more stodgy than slimy…

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Hammond and Rudd Bomb in Tory Focus Group, Boris Still Membership’s Favourite

Fascinating Frank Luntz focus group on the Sunday Politics asking Tory voters their thoughts on potential leadership contenders. Terrible viewing for Hammond (“so boring, so dull, bland”), and bad too for the great Remain hope Amber Rudd (“not leadership material, she’s backroom staff”). Better for Boris (“underneath it he’s very, very intelligent”), though it was the Mogg and David Davis who were most popular. Nobody in the room wanted May to fight the next election…

With over half of ConservativeHome readers wanting Theresa May to go before the next election, on Friday YouGov helpfully released this poll:

Basically Boris wins if he gets in front of the membership according to YouGov. Amber Rudd is likely to be the unity candidate of the continuity-Cameroons and Tory Remainer resistance, with Ruth Davidson campaigning for her fellow Remainer. DD and Boris will split the pro-Leave majority of the parliamentary party so it is, as things stand, going to be a Tory leadership campaign where in the final membership round Rudd likely loses to one of them. Is DD more popular with MPs than Boris?

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LibDem Collapse Explained

Why are the LibDems doing so badly? Their “pitch to the 48%” relied on Remain voters holding firm and looking for a party pledging to reverse the referendum result. Farron’s problem, as this Ipsos Mori focus group of Remainers shows, is that the bulk of Remain voters are not ‘Hard Remainers’. They just want to get on with Brexit…

“I don’t want a second referendum.”

“I think it’s just a waste of time and money and energy.”

“I’d agree. It’s a waste of time and effort and money.”

“You may cause, actually, more division and uproar within the society. It’s done. The majority of us who voted for Remain have accepted it and we just want to get on with it now.”

A strategic error that could have dire consequences for the LibDems on June 8…

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