EXCLUSIVE: Downing Street Accidentally Publishes Patient’s Confidential Medical Records

Having seemingly learned nothing from accidentally publishing high-res images of Jeremy Hunt’s Treasury notes to Flickr a few weeks ago, the government has somehow managed to do it again – only this time, rather than revealing their own documents, they briefly published a shot of a patient’s medical records. Seriously.

While the image has now been hastily blurred, the picture of Rishi Sunak greeting nurses at their desk showed a patient’s full name, address, date of birth, part of their NHS number and other detailed, private medical information. It even showed that the patient had a “normal urethra”.  

Obviously, Guido won’t make the same mistake and publish the unedited version ourselves. However, here’s a redacted version just for good measure:

The original image, briefly available to everyone on the internet for at least a few minutes, revealed absolutely everything. Nothing was censored. Looks like Suella’s not the only one who needs retraining…

UPDATE: Guido hears No.10’s legal team have now been drafted in ready to deal with any potential legal consequences for publishing the medical records…

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Treasury Accidentally Reveals Cabinet Unity Concerns

The Treasury’s Flickr photo account has uploaded a swathe of hi-res photos, and accidentally forgotten to blur out some of the pages being held by Jeremy Hunt. In one of the documents he’s holding, we can read the Treasury’s concern about potential Cabinet disunity:

“I must emphasise – showing cabinet unity on these measures is critical to achieving the stability we need. Comms discipline is vital – the detail of these announcements must not be made public before the press conference later if we want them to have the right impact.”

The same document appears to discuss Hunt’s intention to set up a “new economic advisory [board?] consisting of leading and respected economists.”

Another photo also reveals deliberations about the Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses, which so far will only target the most “vulnerable sectors after six months.”

The Treasury looks to be deliberating “targeted grants”, and to bring down costs “we would need to provide much more limited support to” the most “vulnerable groups of businesses.” Still, at least it’s not as bad a screw-up as when No. 10’s Flickr accidentally leaked Carrie’s phone number…

Hat-tip: Rob Powell
UPDATE: The pages have now been blurred on the Flickr account. A bit late now…

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