Rival Media Outlets’ Looting of Our Content Goes into Overdrive

Since Allegra Stratton’s resignation on Tuesday night, Guido’s video of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s IEA speech has racked up well over 7 million views, with pick-up from almost all the big hitters including the Sun and the Mail. For an appropriate fee and accreditation, Guido has happily licensed the footage to any publication that’s asked to use it. Most outlets have gladly obliged and paid up. Not all. 

Sky News, the Independent, the Daily Express, UniLad, Metro, and BristolPost all took our content without paying for it. At the time of going to pixel, all still have Guido’s footage embedded on their websites without permission. Reach (on behalf of the Express and the Mirror) and BristolLive asked for licensing details before publishing, which we provided, only for them to upload the video without paying anyway. This isn’t the first time Reach has done this…

Unfortunately for these outlets, they lazily embedded link to our original YouTube video in their text, meaning any changes made to the clip’s thumbnail are reflected in their stories:

Our ferocious lawyers will be – or have already been – in touch.

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Crusader Saved from Cancellation by Woke Owners

Guido is delighted to inform co-conspirators that the Express’s Crusader is saved, after the takeover of the Daily Express by Reach – the rebranded Mirror Group – they tried holding a “brand review” of the Express conducted by a consulting company. There was a genuine fear that the new owners would cancel the problematic-for-wokesters Crusader logo of the paper. Apparently, after a panicky management received hundreds of emails from Express readers alerted by Guido’s stories, they swiftly reverse-ferreted on the whole plan. The righteous Christian warrior fights on…

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Woke Owners Ask Express Hacks How They Feel About “Karl Marx Brand”

As we reported last week, Reach, the renamed Trinity Mirror group which now owns the Express, is holding a “brand review” of the Express conducted by a consulting company. They have done a second round of consultations with a selected group including most of the senior staff of the Express.

Exercise 7 asked bemused Express hacks to evaluate a series of figures and brands with the questions:

  • What can we learn from these brands/leaders?
  • What is each one fighting for and against?
  • How can that apply to The Express?

One of the brands/leaders was Karl Marx. Perhaps they plan to replace the Crusader with Karl?

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Woke Owners Want to Cancel Crusader from Express

Reach, the renamed Trinity Mirror group, which owns the Express is holding a “brand review” of the Express conducted by a consulting company. Express employees have been interviewed in pairs about their views on the paper and website. On a few occasions the Joint interviewer announced himself as a North London Guardian reader.

In a lot of the consultations employees were asked about the famous Crusader symbol and whether it should go. It’s not been a secret that the woke management of Reach hate the symbol almost as much as they hate the politics of the Express. It is an old management trick to get consultants in to blame for recommending a change you wanted to make anyway. It appears the Crusader could be axed after 92 years from the masthead…

This is part of a culture war in Reach and a war of attrition on the Express internally since it was bought up after the then Trinity Mirror assured then culture secretary Matt Hancock that they would not interfere in the politics of the Express.

So far they have launched a Guardian style green editorial campaign, quite a change in tone from the paper that started the mainstreaming of Brexit. According to an internal source they “initially stopped us from attacking BLM protests and statues being pulled down. Although after about a month we were allowed to.”

A senior figure tried to stop an Express online poll being published which showed about 80% of Express readers supported Trump. They have softened the line on immigration and apologised to Muslim campaign groups for some headlines. Then there was the campaign to raise income tax by 1p…

Guido’s disgruntled source says

“The chief executive Jim Mullen sends round a weekly newsletter telling us how we need to support issues like BLM. He always praises the Mirror and Star but always ignores the Express unless we have done something very woke. 

Mullen wrote during the BLM protests: “I’m hugely proud of the part our publications (and every single one of you) play in not only highlighting injustice and holding those in power to account, but also in celebrating our differences as well as our common humanity. Thank you to our teams for serving our communities by bringing them the news they want and need to hear about, and making it known that we stand with those speaking up and fighting injustice. Black lives matter and saying it matters.”

After this message the Express changed their editorial line on BLM to be nearly the same as the Mirror’s line. There’s also a feeling that when jobs were merged they always chose the Mirror person and made the Express ones redundant. Looks like the hetero-normative Christian Crusader’s days are numbered…

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Justin Webb’s Anti-Express Dig

On this morning’s Today Programme, BBC presenter Justin Webb made a sly jab at The Express for leading on the Government’s rescue package for cultural institutions.

“The Daily Express too… Oh… Quite unexpected that it’s its lead story but there it is…”

“Quite unexpected” he claims, despite the paper having run its significant #RaiseTheCurtain campaign on this exact issue since June; writing last month:

“BRITAIN’S world leading network of theatres could completely collapse due to the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic unless the nation rallies to offer it essential support. In response to this unprecedented crisis, the Daily Express is today launching a campaign encouraging the public and government to Raise The Curtain by keeping this vital industry alive.”

Classic BBC sneering…



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Why No Media Plurality Worries Over Mirror-Express Merger?

The usual suspects who raise a hue and cry about media plurality seem strangely silent about the Mirror – Express merger. Print sector media plurality is being dramatically reduced from four major media groups to 3 plus the also rans. The new group will have about a quarter market share of the UK dead tree press. As the print market withers it is turning oligopolistic…

Tom Watson is silent, the usual gobby ‘media plurality’ campaigners are also mute. The Guardian isn’t going on about the hackers at the Mirror not being fit and proper to take over the Express. There are genuine public interest concerns; plurality is being reduced and the distinctive political voice of the Express is being put at risk. Are plurality concerns only applicable to Rupert Murdoch?

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