Third Express Hack Joins GB News in Less Than a Year

GB News’ editorial shakeup continues. Guido understands Dan Falvey, the Express’s Deputy Digital Political Editor, is heading to Paddington in January as GB News‘ new Head of Digital News, replacing Becca Hutson who left in October. He’ll be a familiar face to many of his new colleagues at the channel, given former Sunday Express editor Mick Booker is now GB News’ Editorial Director, and Reach’s ex-Editorial Director Geoff Marsh joined as the channel’s Chief Digital Officer last month. Three’s a crowd…

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Mirror Express Hacks Pause Strike

Late last night, the Reach PLC union members paused today’s planned strike over pay. Express and Mirror hacks were set to walk out today, Wednesday 31 and 14–15 September after Reach offered staff a mere 3% or £750 pay rise. The National Union of Journalists announced last minute today’s strike has now been suspended…

The pause came as the union announced talks had been resumed with Reach “with a view to reaching a fair and acceptable settlement for all of our hardworking members.” The rest of the strike days remain in place…

The continued threat of Express strikes is bad news for anyone who likes reading regurgitated Guido articles hours after they’re published here…

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Mirror Hacks Vote to Strike

Reach PLC hacks have voted to strike this month following a “meagre” 3% pay rise offer. Express, Mirror and Star journalists, as well as those from countless local news outlets, will walk out on Friday 26 August, Wednesday 31 August, and 48 hours from September 14th to 15thThey will also work only contracted hours from 1 to 13 September…

Reach offered staff a pay rise of either 3% or £750 minimum, which the National Union of Journalists said wasn’t enough, especially after last year’s 1% increase. A total of 79% of members voted for the strike action on a 70% turnout.

Ironically the NUJ’s local chapel representatives rejected the 3% pay offer by a ratio of four to one shortly after The Mirror published a front-page splash about chief executives earning up to 86 times their average workers’ salaries while trying to suppress staff wages.

Reach’s chief executive, Jim Mullen, earns £4 million, which according to the Press Gazette works out to 104 times as much as his median employee. Will millionaire socialist Kevin Maguire, on a six-figure salary – be joining the picket line? Guido has a feeling this is one strike the Government will be delighted to see…

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Sam Lister is New Daily Express Political Editor

Last night Guido revealed The Express has promoted deputy pol-ed Sam Lister up to pol-ed, replacing Macer Hall who announced his departure a week ago in the pursuit of “new opportunities”. Lister, according to previous incumbent Patrick O’Flynn, is the first female to hold the role at the paper after joining the paper almost four years ago. Sam tells Guido:

“‘I’m absolutely thrilled to take on the role of political editor at the Daily Express and head of politics for the brand.

I’ve got big shoes to fill taking over from Macer Hall, who was a fantastic boss and is a true gent.

I’m so lucky to be working with such a talented team at the Daily Express and I’m really excited for the future.

I’m really pleased to have kicked off the first day in the job with an in depth interview with leadership front runner Liz Truss.”

Read Sam’s Truss interview, the by-line of which first tipped Guido off about the promotion, here

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Rival Media Outlets’ Looting of Our Content Goes into Overdrive

Since Allegra Stratton’s resignation on Tuesday night, Guido’s video of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s IEA speech has racked up well over 7 million views, with pick-up from almost all the big hitters including the Sun and the Mail. For an appropriate fee and accreditation, Guido has happily licensed the footage to any publication that’s asked to use it. Most outlets have gladly obliged and paid up. Not all. 

Sky News, the Independent, the Daily Express, UniLad, Metro, and BristolPost all took our content without paying for it. At the time of going to pixel, all still have Guido’s footage embedded on their websites without permission. Reach (on behalf of the Express and the Mirror) and BristolLive asked for licensing details before publishing, which we provided, only for them to upload the video without paying anyway. This isn’t the first time Reach has done this…

Unfortunately for these outlets, they lazily embedded link to our original YouTube video in their text, meaning any changes made to the clip’s thumbnail are reflected in their stories:

Our ferocious lawyers will be – or have already been – in touch.

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Crusader Saved from Cancellation by Woke Owners

Guido is delighted to inform co-conspirators that the Express’s Crusader is saved, after the takeover of the Daily Express by Reach – the rebranded Mirror Group – they tried holding a “brand review” of the Express conducted by a consulting company. There was a genuine fear that the new owners would cancel the problematic-for-wokesters Crusader logo of the paper. Apparently, after a panicky management received hundreds of emails from Express readers alerted by Guido’s stories, they swiftly reverse-ferreted on the whole plan. The righteous Christian warrior fights on…

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