Guido’s “Activist Experts” Transparency Campaign

Guido has for 2 years now been running an ongoing series highlighting ‘Activist Experts’. People from all ends of the spectrum with a history of political activism who are presented as neutral actors on broadcast media. As Guido has explained before, broadcasters have a duty to highlight the political affiliation of activists on TV.  “Tracey Teacher is a Tory activist” or “Professor Boffin is a Communist Party central committee member”.

A particular favourite of TV producers is the fanatical anti-Tory campaigner Rachel Clarke, who attacked the Prime Minister last week on Good Morning Britain for amongst other things, not brushing his hair and following SAGE advice back in March. She has been popping up on Sky News, LBC, Channel 5, and ITV as a “concerned doctor”, attacking the government, never the scientists whose advice they follow. Why could that be?

Clarke’s political activism and general anti-Tory hatred is long established. Her modus operandi was openly revealed in a tweet to a fellow medic as far back as 2015:

As is her right she urged people to vote against the Tories in 2019, promoted the conspiracy theory that the Conservatives are destroying the NHS “by stealth”, has launched into political attacks against Boris Johnson for amongst other things using the phrase “do or die and being racist xenophobic, sexist, and homophobic‘, and promoted the discredited claim that austerity killed 120,000 people. She even hit out at Boris Johnson for saying antivaxxers are nuts. Clearly a very political, activist figure. Something audiences have a right to know.

Clarke’s activism matters because it clouds her judgement. She went on a social media tirade against Kate Bingham slamming the appointment as “Boris Johnson’s new Covid-19 vaccine “tsar”: a venture capitalist with no health experience”. Bingham has in fact turned out to be a rip roaring success.

Guido doesn’t think people like Rachel Clarke should not be on TV – far from it. Political voices are an incredibly important part of our national conversation. Broadcasting rules stipulate, however, that they should not be allowed to feign neutrality.

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BBC Six O’Clock News Expert is Boris Hating, Brexit Bashing, Remain Campaigning, Hardline Centrist

The main BBC News at Six last night rightly focused on the number of deaths during this pandemic. It featured an interview with Professor Christina Pagel, Professor of Operational Research at UCL. She was introduced as such rather than as a Labour member and supporter, before she launched into a tirade about how the majority of deaths were avoidable, blaming the PM. How very BBC…

Guido took a quick look at her tweets, they reveal she is passionately anti-Boris, was a fanatical remain campaigner and re-joined the Labour Party only to get rid of Corbyn and get Starmer in. She claimed hysterically that a WTO Brexit would kill Britons. She claims that Boris hates women, the poor and immigrants. The first claim seems manifestly contrary to the evidence. Guido has highlighted the covert communists the BBC uses as expert talking heads, the closet Tories, and now the hardline centrists cloaking their prejudices under “academic expertise“. The BBC needs to consistently introduce these “experts” noting their partisan leanings or else it is deceiving the viewers about the impartiality of their sources…

UPDATE:  Pagel is a member of the phoney Independent SAGE.

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GMB’s Worried Nurse Was Socialist Worker Supporter

A well rested and nicely bronzed Piers Morgan was back on Good Morning Britain this morning to interview NHS nurse Dave Carr. Carr used his airtime to claim the pandemic is the fault of Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock, and that the NHS has undergone ten years of cuts. In reality, whilst Covid in England is in a worrying situation, Labour run Wales is no better. And the English NHS budget has risen in real terms every year of the last decade.

His outburst would not have come as a surprise to those who have seen Dave Carr’s facebook page, which reveals he is a keen left wing political activist. Campaigning for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in 2015, campaigning for the Socialist Workers Party in 2017, and for the Labour Party and against Brexit in 2019. His facebook includes proudly attending countless protest marches and strikes, cheering “class fighters”, and criticising Israeli policy. The quickest of checks clearly shows a very political figure. 

Which is of course fine. It’s totally expected that TV shows promote articulate political figures to make for more interesting debate. What is not fine is introducing these political figures as if they are ordinary impartial medical professionals, that just deceives the viewers. Piers quite fairly introduced and referenced Iain Dale as a Conservative. Why didn’t they extend the same courtesy to their viewers when it came to Mr. Carr?

See also: Broadcasters Need to Clearly Label Talking Heads 

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BBC’s ‘Independent Expert’ is Iranian Regime Advocate

The BBC was very keen to emphasise the supposed “non-partisan” nature of of Trita Parsi – who presented himself as an independent analyst in an interview about the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. In fact Parsi is a well known advocate for the Iranian regime. Parsi left his former organisation after being found by the US courts to be advocating for the Iranian regime, when he attempted to sue a blogger for saying his organisation was lobbying for Iran in America. The court found in 2012 that the work of Tritra Parsi was “not inconsistent with the idea that he was first and foremost an advocate for the [Iranian] regime.” He masquerades as a non-partisan analyst when in reality he is anti-Israel and pro-Iran…

A quick google by BBC researchers would have found this front page Washington Times article which says that analysis of “e-mails between Mr. Parsi and Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations at the time, Javad Zarif – and an internal review of the Lobbying Disclosure Act – offer evidence that the group has operated as an undeclared lobby and may be guilty of violating tax laws, the Foreign Agents Registration Act and lobbying disclosure laws.” While BBC are always keen to call out the ideological leanings of those on the right, they appear happy to introduce an apparent long-standing Iranian regime advocate as an independent analyst…

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BBC’s Anti-Government Head Teacher is Burgon Loyalist

The BBC is yet again refusing to inform readers and viewers about secret political activists: this time not only is their anti-government ‘expert’ a Labour activist: he’s a longtime supporter of Richard Burgon. Yesterday the BBC gave a platform to Chris Dyson, a headteacher in Leeds, to attack the government over laptop allocation, saying he was “flattened” to learn his school’s laptop donation allocation had been cut. Dyson’s long-time support for Corbynite backbencher Richard Burgon wasn’t mentioned, despite the headteacher having appeared on leaflets for the loony left candidate in the election…

For once, however, the BBC’s leftie cover-up isn’t the most outrageous dereliction of their reporting duty. Guido learns far from the laptop shortage being the government’s fault, Leeds’ Labour-controlled council has been given 2,100 laptops by Gavin Williamson, however so far only half have been distributed, the rest are sat in storage in Leed’s Civic Hall. Guido doesn’t expect the BBC will be amending their piece…

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BBC’s Anti-School Return ‘Concerned Mums’ Are Far-Left Fanatics

BBC News viewers watched a debate between former Tory MP Justine Greening and two concerned mums this morning who are so worried they want the government to abandon its plans to get kids back to school next month. Guido’s eyebrows were yet again raised as the two ordinary mums were given eight minutes to tear lumps out of the Government. After a couple of minutes research readers will be shocked to learn that BBC once again failed to highlight their guest’s party political biases…

Corinne Pearson, who described the government as “reckless” and “callous”, might be hell-bent on not catching Coronavirus at school, is however happy to organise and attend an Extinction Rebellion rally in York where there “will be games and possibility to get block prints on your clothes!!” and will be “a great opportunity to see everyone again!”. Corinne is also, unsurprisingly, a left-wing Labour Party activist

Jennifer Dunstan, who boldly described the assurances on the safety of schools from the country’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Witty as “not good enough I’m afraid” is a long-term Socialist Worker writer as well as a supporter of the disgraced former MP Chris Williamson, who was expelled from the Labour Party. No wonder she is cranky enough to not take Chris Witty’s advice seriously…

If the BBC is intent on having a debate over whether we should trust the top medical and scientific brains this country has to offer, they could at least flag to viewers the party political motives that drive their guests – as they did with Justine Greening. Guido can’t imagine the BBC’s press office welcoming this today…

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