Media Overlooks Afghan Activist’s Promise to “Take Up Arms” Against Our Boys

Over the past couple of days, Labour councillor Peymana Assad has appeared on the BBC, Sky News, and Channel 4 to discuss her experiences in Afghanistan. Of course, Assad is perfectly within her right to do this, it’s just incumbent upon broadcasters to be explicit about the context of their guests’ politics for the sake of transparency. All three broadcasters should be commended, rightly, for mentioning Assad’s role as a Labour councillor, though none made reference to one particular detail from her past…

Back in 2019, Guido revealed that Assad had once claimed she would “100% take up arms against the government and its allies” if she were an Afghan villager. The Afghan government’s allies at the time were, of course, the US and the UK. Still, Guido is pleased to see that his campaign to get political activists identified as such during media appearances is picking up steam…

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Ferguson & Pagel Repent Scaremongering, Starmer & Communist Michie Silent

Expert activists and hyper-political scientists from Independent SAGE told us time and time again that the NHS would be over-run and cases would hit 100,000 per day if the UK opened up on July 19, Ferguson went as far as saying we could be at 200,000 cases by now. Professor “Pantsdown” himself, Neil Ferguson has now corrected himself and admitted he was wrong to be so certain, “hard-line-centristChristine Pagel has also admitted she was wrong – she had claimed she was backed by science and Boris was being ideological. No such mea culpa has been heard from politicians like Keir Starmer, or the political professors like the communist on the SAGE committee, Susan Michie. Broadcast media amplified their hysterical predictions which have now been shown to be false, will they take future predictions with a pinch of salt?

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Independent SAGE’s ‘100,000 Cases Per Day by July’ Forecast Wrong (Again)

Doomsday activist experts who claimed the UK would see 100,000 Covid cases every day “by July” have already been proven wrong. Independent Sage members – who have spent the last 17 months campaigning against the government and against any post-Covid return to normality – will once again be disappointed to see their hyperbolic predictions contradicted by reality, as the UK seems to be turning a corner from a post-freedom day peak of 54,000. Their forecast made headlines…

In early June, UCL’s Anthony Costello claimed:

“In a month [July 19] you’ll be up to 100,000 new cases a day. If the Government takes a gamble and lets rip like Tory backbenchers want, the NHS will be overloaded. Let’s wait. Let’s stay as we are.”

The latest data now suggests case rates are falling, with as few as 29,173 testing positive for Covid yesterday.  Unless gambling at the bookies Guido doesn’t like to make predictions, Independent SAGE’s doomladen forecast has proven wrong again…

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Ofcom Receives 145 Silly Complaints Over Madeley’s Communist Question

Good Morning Britain received 145 complaints over Richard Madeley’s interview with SAGE scientist (and card-carrying communist) Susan Michie, in which Madeley quite rightly challenged Michie over her radical politics and questioned whether they informed her views on Covid policy. A completely fair question, and a long time coming.

Ofcom are unlikely to rule against Madeley for asking a question Michie did not want to answer; that’s an editorial judgement way outside Ofcom’s remit. Yet apparently for 145 viewers, it was all too much. Of course, amongst those complaining was Michie herself, who took to Twitter to write:

“A complaint has been submitted and a public apology requested”.

If Michie and 144 other pearl-clutching viewers were upset by Madeley, Guido has to wonder what they thought of Matthew Syed’s comments on Politics Live yesterday…

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Richard Madeley Questions Comrade Michie’s Love of State Health Intervention

Guido commends Richard Madeley for being the first TV host in the country to invite “Independent” SAGE’s Susan Michie on to their show and finally confront her about her hard-left politics. Madeley rightly points out that activist expert Michie’s love of national Covid restrictions may not be born from her concern for the nation’s health, rather the default policy position of a hard-core, state-loving communist. It looked like Susan didn’t appreciate this line of questioning…

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BBC’s Palestinian Specialist Was Hitler Fan-Girl

Usually our series of articles highlighting expert activists exposes interview guests posing as neutral experts whilst hiding their partisan political agenda. In the case of Tala Halawa, we’re focusing on a BBC journalist who for three years has been reporting on Palestine. She previously stated that she saw her mission as highlighting the “Palestinian case”.  Presumably that is why she was hired by the impartial BBC.

The BBC may be regretting hiring her after old tweets were discovered that give an inkling of her thinking. The BBC are keen to emphasise they are taking this “extremely seriously”, weakly pointing out she was not a BBC journalist in 2014 when she tweeted this particular post. She has now deleted her account…

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