BBC Admit “Lapse of Editorial Standards” Over EU Parliament Results Coverage

The BBC has admitted its representation of the European Parliamentary election results in May represented a “lapse of editorial standards” when it refused to count the Conservative Party as a ‘pro-Brexit’ party. The organisation’s Executive Complaints Unit is now “consider[ing] what further action is required”…

The notorious chart used by the BBC to present the election results attempted to present the Conservative Party as holding a similarly ambiguous position on Brexit as the Labour Party did at the time, in order to deliberately imply anti-Brexit parties received the most votes. Incredibly, it is still up on the BBC website. At the time Guido proposed an alternate chart

A heroic co-conspirator has pursued the issue for months, and despite being rebuffed twice by the BBC, yesterday finally had his complaint accepted. It was only accepted after threatening to take the matter to OFCOM…

Read the BBC Executive Complaints Unit’s letter in full here.

Conservative Muslim Forum Chair Voted Lib Dem

Mohammed Amin, Chair of the Conservative Muslim Forum, has today hit the headlines by telling TalkRADIO that he would resign from the party if Boris became leader and endorsing Rory Stewart instead. Funny that he’s suddenly being less vocal about the other endorsement he’s been making over the last few weeks – Amin has been proudly declaring his support for the Liberal Democrats, even boasting about voting for them by post. If CCHQ follow their Heseltine precedent, it looks like he won’t have to face the choice of whether to resign after all…

Remainers Overwhelmingly Outspent Leavers on Facebook

Guido reported during the campaign, Change UK were massively outstripping the spending of other parties on Facebook throughout the election. By the last week of the campaign, the Lib Dems caught up with Change UK, followed by the Greens, Labour, then the Tories. In that crucial week, of the parties in England that won seats, the Brexit Party spent the least and won the most…

Europhile Supergroups Lose European Parliament Majority for First Time Ever

The final results of the EU elections are still trickling in, however the overall picture is pretty clear already. Eurofederalists have lost ground although they still outnumber Eurosceptics. Incredibly, it’s the first time ever in the European Parliament’s 40-year history that the giant Europhile EPP (Christian Democrat) and S&D (Socialist) blocks haven’t had a majority between them. However the equally Europhile ALDE group has 115 MEPs to throw into the mix now so the EU Parliament can continue its rubber stamping untroubled…

The Brexit Party is the joint largest party with 29 MEPs along with Merkel’s CDU/CSU – although technically that is two separate parties so the Brexit Party could arguably claim to be the largest. Ultimately none of it matters in terms of EU politics, the only thing of any significance is the outcome of the shady backroom deals and horse-trading between EU leaders over who will be the next President of the European Commission. The field of potential candidates is so unappealing that Michel Barnier might even be the best outcome for the UK…

Projection via @EuropeElects

Delusional Democracy

This is an absolute classic of the “we only lost in one version of reality” genre. That version of objective reality being the one that can count votes. According to the Green Party’s Siân Berry, if you add up all the votes of the parties that lost, they won. If Bad Al is a “weapon of mass delusion”, what is Siân?

EU Election Blame Game

There have been numerous reports of EU citizens being turned away from polling stations today despite having supposedly completed their two-stage registrations for it correctly. There’s plenty of noise on Twitter about it although it’s not clear yet how widespread the problem actually is…

Either way the blame game has already started in earnest, with people variously pointing fingers at the Government, local councils, the Electoral Commission, loopy Ed Davey has even accused the Tories of “deliberately” engineering a “bureaucratic shambles”. It’s pretty obvious to anyone watching the Tories recently that they’re too shambolic deliberately engineer a bureaucratic shambles if they tried…

The Electoral Commission themselves are trying to blame the Government for the “very short notice” they gave them of the elections. While the Government were officially still in denial until earlier this month, what the Electoral Commission seem to have forgotten is that David Lidington actually gave them official instruction to start preparing for the EU elections seven and a half weeks ago on 1st April. Which is longer than they had to prepare for the 2017 snap General Election…

Judging from most of the reports from EU citizens online, the fault appears to lie largely at local council level – EU citizens have been told they can vote by their local councils but clerical errors mean that databases have not been updated, despite councils having had 12 days to do so. The Guy Newsroom can confirm from personal experience the levels of sheer unbridled incompetence at many local councils’ electoral departments. Trying to blame Brexit is a bit rich when exactly the same problems were reported five years ago, five years in which councils have still failed to get their acts together…

European Parliament Projection

Europe Elects has produced a handy projection of how the European Parliament is likely to look, aggregating polls from all 28 member states. Europe Elects looks like it has used this combination of the previous five polls in the UK to determine the results, putting Brexit Party on 30 seats, followed by Labour, then the Lib Dems, Tories, and Greens. Guido has helpfully highlighted the projected British seats to show just how much influence the UK’s 73 MEPs have over the a parliament that isn’t allowed to propose law…

Brexit Party Teller Attacked By Milkshake

Don McNaughton, A Brexit Party teller and 22 year army veteran in Aldershot described as a “popular man with the local community,” has been attacked by a man on a bike with a milkshake. Former Army Major Dominic Farrell described the scene

“Bloke on a cycle passed by, saw his rosette, gave him the finger and abuse, then went to a shop, bought the milkshake and attacked him.”

The police have now attended the scene and Don is staying at his telling post. How do people think this is acceptable..?

UPDATE: Someone has started a fundraiser to pay for Don’s dry cleaning and send him on holiday.

George Osborne Backs Lib Dems

George Osborne’s Evening Standard has endorsed the Liberal Democrats in the European Elections in his leader. Labour Press will love this.

In the Evening Standard editorial today, the Liberal Democrats are lauded for their remoaner credentials: “They had the courage from the start to say the referendum result was a mistake — and Britain needed to think again.” Despite leader Vince Cable arguing that the referendum result must be respected and talking up the benefits

Last week when pushed Osborne told Peston that it would be ‘ridiculous’ if he didn’t vote Conservative. Strangely he won’t commit to saying he will vote Tory, just as his paper is telling people to back the Lib Dems…

Irish MEP Candidate Smashes the Issues

If you thought the UK had an interesting array of candidates for the EU elections, meet Ben Gilroy. Gilroy is the controversial former leader of ‘Direct Democracy Ireland’, he’s produced this smashing video to support his campaign to become an independent MEP for Dublin. He’s certainly taking a direct approach to the issues…

Tory EU Election Leaflet Doesn’t Mention Brexit Once

Theresa May launched the Tory EU Election ‘campaign’ last week with the inspiring message: “to vote for a party that will can deliver Brexit, vote Conservative.” Voters in London will have a hard time spotting that message on the party’s EU Election leaflets. The word Brexit literally doesn’t appear once, it reads like the MEPs are planning full 5-year terms…

Bemused Tory activists suspect that uber-Remainer Charles Tannock has had a hand in the design. To be fair to committed Brexiteer Syed Kamall, word on the street is that he’s only running for re-election to keep Tannock out…

Brexit Party Take 17-Point Lead in Wales, Labour Vote Halves

A new YouGov poll for ITV and Cardiff University has found that the Brexit Party now has a 17 point lead, up a whopping 26 points from April. Since last month, the Labour vote has halved and ChUK has fallen from 8% to just 2%, too small for Guido’s bar chart. On these numbers, the Brexit Party takes half of all Welsh seats, double the number projected for the self described ‘Party of Wales’. Chwerthin yn uchel…

Brexit Party Could Win 9/12 Regions

A shocking new YouGov poll has found that the Brexit Party has hit 35%, a number Ed Miliband thought could make him Prime Minister. The poll sees the Tories slump down to single figures and the Lib Dems overtake Labour. ChUK and UKIP were polling so low they didn’t merit a spot on Guido’s chart

Election Maps UK has visualised a set projection for this poll, showing the Brexit Party winning every region in England and Wales except London, but even there picking up the same number as seats as the Labour Party, and even receiving 1/3 of the seats in Scotland. If the results in less than a week’s time are anything like this it would be a remarkable feat for a party that has existed for just five weeks…

Four Welsh Assembly Members Expected to Defect to Brexit Party Tomorrow

Guido understands that four Welsh Assembly members will be defecting to the Brexit Party tomorrow at a rally in Merthyr Tydfil, following Mark Reckless’ announcement that he has left the Conservative Group in the Assembly today. Three independents; Caroline Jones, Mandy Jones, and Mark Reckless are expected to join the Brexit Party along with UKIP AM David Rowlands.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party a Strong Second in London

A poll of Londoners by YouGov for Queen Mary University of London shows the Brexit Party coming a strong second in London, just four points behind Labour and delivering them the same number of seats. This projection gives Labour, Brexit and the Lib Dems two seats each, with one seat a piece for the Greens and Tories.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party Takes 18 Point Lead, Tories Slump to Fifth

The latest YouGov poll for the European elections shows support for the Brexit Party growing even stronger, up 4% from their previous position. Meanwhile Labour is collapsing and the Tories are almost down to single figures, and the Lib Dems have continued to squeeze CHUK to irrelevance.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party Unveils Election Broadcast

[…] Read the rest


Blair Claims He Will Vote Labour in EU Elections

[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party Take 13 Point Lead

New Opinium polling for the European Elections conducted on 8th May puts the Brexit Party 13 points ahead of Labour, on an astonishing 34%. Meanwhile ChUK are now polling lower than the SNP…

Astonishingly, Opinium found that the Brexit Party is now just one point behind the Tories, poised to take second place.[…] Read the rest


Gavin Esler’s “Village Idiot” Politics Live Meltdown

Gavin Esler’s big moment on Politics Live today severely backfired after he accused the Brexit Party’s Martin Daubney of lying over whether Esler had called Brexiteers “village idiots”. Which he had.

Even Will Self-style theatrical finger jabbing couldn’t save the Brexit-deranged former BBC presenter from a cringeworthy retreat.[…] Read the rest


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