Von Der Leyen Calls For New Ethics Watchdog After Massive EU Corruption Claims

Ursula von der Leyen has insisted the arrests at the top of the European Parliament are of the “utmost concern“.

This afternoon von der Leyen called on Brussels to immediately establish a new ethics watchdog after investigations uncovered jaw-dropping evidence of bribery and corruption from its lawmakers.

According to reports, four EU officials – including European Parliament Vice President Eva Kaili – have been charged with “participation in a criminal organisation” after accepting life-changing bribes from the Qatari government. Belgian police have seized cash worth €600,000 from the politicians’ apartments…

Reacting to the news that four of her EU colleagues had been coining it with the Qataris, von der Leyen said:

“The allegations are of utmost concern, very serious […] It is a question of confidence of people into our institutions and this confidence of trust into institutions needs the highest standards of independence and integrity…”

German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock added that “the credibility of Europe” is at stake. That’s putting it mildly… 

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Virtually No Guests at European Commission’s €400,000 Metaverse Party

Seeking to maintain its relevance in an ever-changing world, the European Union is leading the way in technological innovation. It’s a shame nobody wants to follow them.

The Commission’s aid department recently spent €387,000 on a metaverse platform to promote its Global Gateway initiative. The project culminated with the Global Gateway Gala, a virtual Beach Party – surely the social event of the year for any Eurocrats wanting to escape winter in Brussels. Alas, nobody turned up…

Journalist Vince Chadwick was in attendance at the event and, after a brief chat with one other plugged-in partygoer, ended up as the only person there. The EU were hoping to raise awareness of their work amongst 18-35-year-olds “primarily on TikTok and Instagram” who were “neutral about the EU”. After nigh-on half a million euros of taxpayers’ money, their youthful neutrality remains blissfully undisturbed…

Co-conspirators can catch a glimpse of the Commission’s virtual platform, without having to enter the matrix, through this trailer they posted to Twitter:

Guido is at a loss to explain how it didn’t catch on…

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Commission Shows Solidarity by Softening Sanctions on Russian Coal

The European Commission on Wednesday allowed for the transfer of Russian coal to ease “energy insecurity around the world”. A positive development for the Kremlin’s coffers, this softened the prior sanctions package, which had prohibited EU actors from transferring or providing services for Russian supplies. This comes at a time when the EU is supposed to be phasing out coal use in pursuit of net zero targets. The decision was pushed through despite reported opposition from member states, including Poland and the Baltics. It also comes as Russia gears up for an escalation. They certainly picked their moment…

What makes this policy shift the more bemusing is the gulf between supranational word and deed. The move follows von der Leyen’s State of the Union address, where she promised an “unshakeable” solidarity with Ukraine, whilst committing to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Barely a week has passed and already two of her priorities have been dealt a self-inflicted hammer blow.

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EU Immediately Threatens Trade War After Truss Confirms Protocol Overhaul

It took less than an hour for the EU to start beating its chest over the Northern Ireland Protocol. At the time of going to pixel, Liz Truss is still up at the despatch box fielding questions over the planned changes, and already European Commission VP Maroš Šefčovič has issued a statement essentially threatening a full on trade war:

“Should the UK decide to move ahead with a bill disapplying constitutive elements of the Protocol as announced today by the UK government, the EU will need to respond with all measures at its disposal. Our overarching objective is to find joint solutions within the framework of the Protocol. That is the way to ensure legal certainty and predictability for people and businesses in Northern Ireland.”

Read the full statement below:

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As Ursula Demands Net Zero Sacrifices, EU Commission Increases Private Jet Use 50%

Yesterday EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen told the Irish, who represent less than 0.01% of the planet’s population, that “only by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050 can we limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C”. Ireland, in an effort to reduce emissions, has banned the millennia-old tradition of cutting peat to use as heating fuel…

She went on to demand that the Irish, whom with over 6 million cattle have more cows than people,

“… cut emissions in its livestock sector, and not just by reducing the number of animals… I am confident that Ireland – and its farmers – can lead the way on this.” 

Asking the Irish to cut the number of cattle they farm is like asking the Germans to cut the number of cars they manufacture. Not something Ursula has advocated.

Her transport needs are met mostly by diesel-fuelled Mercedes Benz, however a public tender document containing the budget for ‘air-taxi’ flights, also known as private jets, for senior EU commissioners shows an increase in budget from €7.14 million to €10.71 million. That is a 50% increase in the budget in the past five years. Another case of the elite’s “do as we say, not as we do” attitude…

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EU to Exempt Private Jets from Jet Fuel Tax

The European Commission’s planned carbon tax on jet fuel, which will be presented for legislation on July 14, will carry exemptions for private jets and cargo flights on the grounds that such journeys “aid to the conduct” of business, it was announced today. Apparently multi-millionaire celebrities jetting around the continent to visit their second homes is now classified as “business aviation”…

The Commission’s exemption for cargo flights, meanwhile, is a result of their concerns that it would otherwise “adversely affect EU carriers” and damage trade. As usual, so long as they talk a good game, the actual details of the policy don’t really matter. 

Yet another exemption will also be granted for “pleasure flights” where the aircraft is only used for “personal or recreational” purposes. So the tax will only fall on those who take scheduled flights, which will be a relief to those jetting to Davos to discuss climate change…

Hat-tip: The Global Warming Policy Forum

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