We Send the EU £398 Million a Week

On the day we were meant to leave the EU, new figures published by the ONS show Britain’s gross contributions to the EU have increased to a whopping £398 million-per-week. When excluding VAT & GNI adjustments, this is up by 8.5% from 2017 to 2018 (exclude VAT & GNI adjustments). Boris and Cummings have their new campaign slogan…

Corbyn’s Arrest Warrant U-Turn

During yesterday’s debate on the Queen’s Speech, Corbyn claimed the European Arrest Warrant is one of the “most effective measures in tackling cross border crime”. Which is peculiar, as in 2011 he said during a debate that:

“the European arrest warrant can be used in a totally disproportionate way without using other less draconian methods of completing police investigations”


“it seems that countries with a far from rigorous, fair and open judicial system can gain arrest warrants against British subjects, who are then taken to a different jurisdiction, where they face a much lower threshold of proof before a conviction is obtained. It is not our business to protect criminals, but it is our business to ensure that people get a fair trial and that there is absolutely the presumption of innocence before any conviction is made.”

Remember when Corbyn’s supporters claimed he was a ‘conviction politician’?

EuroStat Thinks UK Has Already Brexited

EuroStat, the EU’s offical beancounting operation, has produced some updated handy data and infographics. From the chart above Guido learns that Luxembourg, the biggest per capita recipient of EU funds, is five times as rich as Bulgaria. Eurstat doesn’t record UK GDP per capita. In fact the UK has disappeared from all the data tables. Looks like they’ve decided the UK has already Brexited…

The Press and the Mob

The front page picture tells one story, the sound of the mob tells you another:

What was Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel playing at refusing to shift to an indoor press conference?

Germany & France Fear Unleashed British Economy

Deutsche Bank’s chief economist, David Folkerts-Landau, not only says that over the medium and long-term a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will make no difference to the British economy, he says an inadequate deal which constrained the British economy would be “a second best solution”. Confirming what many in Downing Street believe, namely that even without the back-stop, May’s regulatory-aligned deal would have detrimentally constrained the dynamic British economy. So-called “regulatory alignment” is an EU imposed constraint on unleashing the British economy to outcompete turgid EU rivals. As the leaked French memo on Friday revealed, Paris fears a resurgent, deregulated dynamic British economy…

PM Confirms UK Citizens’ Rights Commitments From Individual EU Countries

The Prime Minister had a busy afternoon speaking with a host of world leaders yesterday, including two key European players. Upon becoming Prime Minister, Boris announced a commitment to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK. May belatedly made the same pledge after years of facing accusations of using citizens as bargaining chips. It’s worth remembering that she was the only leadership candidate back in 2016 not to have made a unilateral pledge on the matter….

Now the supposedly benevolent EU that is refusing to make any kind of declaration on UK citizens living in its countries. But Boris’ unilateral gesture seems to be paying dividends. Upon speaking to the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Portugal yesterday, Boris reiterated his promise to the EU citizens in the UK and both European leaders individually said they were committed to doing the same for UK citizens living in their own countries, “whatever the circumstances”. May should have, as Vote Leave argued, taken this approach from the start…

Meet Your New EU Overlords

After several days of opaque backroom dealings and horse-trading between 0.000005% of the EU’s population, the EU’s slate of new ‘Presidents’ was finally unveiled last night. Not a single one was on a ballot paper anywhere at the last EU elections, it’s a ragtag collection of undistinguished second-tier politicians unloved in their own countries and scandal-ridden appointees from the Davos circuit. Meet your new EU overlords:

European Commission President: Ursula Von Der Leyen. Who?

  • Daughter of a senior Eurocrat who was born in Brussels, she’s been German Defence Minister under Angela Merkel for five years. Her scandal-ridden stint in charge is widely regarded as a failure back home in Germany.
  • She thinks Brexit is a “burst bubble of hollow promises by populists”, supports a “United States of Europe” and is an enthusiastic cheerleader for an EU army, she even wrote about the importance of preventing “more democratic involvement” from “impeding Europe’s ability to act.” Nick Clegg eat your heart out…
  • It turns out she also plagiarised large parts of her doctoral thesis, her university let her off as they said there had been no intent to deceive. She’ll fit right into Juncker’s shoes…

European Council President: Charles Michel

  • Former Prime Minister of Belgium who was ousted in a no confidence vote last December, naturally because it’s Belgium he’s still ‘interim Prime Minister’ more than six months later. He now gets rewarded for failure and doesn’t even have to move cities. Theresa May must be gutted she didn’t think of it first…

European Central Bank President: Christine Lagarde

  • Everyone’s favourite scandal-hit oompa-loompa is back, evidently the EU didn’t decide that being criminally negligent with €400 million of taxpayers’ money was a barrier to giving her the keys to the Central Bank.
  • She might actually have to take a slight pay cut from her whopping half a million tax-free a year from the IMF. Will she still be able to keep her delightful suntan topped up?

High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs: Josep Borrell

  • Spain’s pugnacious Foreign Minister and onetime European Parliament President has been embroiled in more scandals than Juncker’s had boozy lunches. He was forced to resign from the European University Institute over an undeclared €300,000-a-year conflict of interest. One insider tells Guido the board were just relieved to have any excuse to get rid of the worst president the EUI ever had…
  • He was fined €30,000 just last year for a “very serious breach” of insider trading rules on the Spanish stock market, his defence was that it was only 8% of his portfolio. I’m rich, it doesn’t matter!
  • He’s fiercely hawkish over Gibraltar and says that the UK will split before Spain, and would welcome an independent Scotland into the EU. Despite his visceral opposition to an independent Catalonia…
  • He says that “you have to live with” how Iran wants to wipe out Israel and also likes being highly aggressive with journalists and innocent Catalan protesters. Makes Trump look diplomatic…

You didn’t vote them in, you can’t vote them out, in fact they can do pretty much whatever they like while living off hugely generous salaries and expense accounts funded by your taxes. EU democracy at its finest once again…

Parliament to Debate EU’s Meaty Names Ban

The House of Lords will tomorrow morning quiz experts about the EU’s proposal to ban words associated with meat to describe vegetarian food. The EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee, chaired by former Lib Dem MEP Lord Teverson, will discuss whether the ban would be “in the interest of consumers.” The proposal would forbid the words “steak”, “sausage”, “escalope”, “burger”, or “hamburger” from being used to advertise non-meat products…

Guido is not generally a fan of meat substitutes, however this seems to be another example of over-regulation by the EU, if producers want to call bean patties “bean burgers”, so be it. No harm in it, unless you are a French farmer…

The Vegan Society, which will give evidence to the committee on the issue hit out at the EU proposal saying is “has little to do with consumer protection and instead is motivated by economic concerns of the meat industry. Trying to ban widely-used, conventional phrases describing vegan products is anti-competitive and unfair, whilst there is no evidence that consumers find them confusing.” The EU pushing anti-competitive policies to defend big agri-businesses from market competition? Bring on Brexit…

European Presidential Debate Highlights

Last night Maastricht played host to this year’s first Spitzenkandidaten presidential debate between the leaders of the pan-European parties vying to win the most European Parliamentary seats next month and become President of the European Commission, succeeding Jean-Claude Juncker. Naturally the person almost certain to be installed as the next president of the Commission, Manfred Weber, declined the invitation to the debate and another candidate, Oriol Junqueras missed out because he’s in prison in Spain…

Despite the UK leaving the rapidly federalising bloc, the entire debate was conducted in English. The language of Brexit…

Strangely, none of the pro-EU parties in the UK were getting involved in this seismic political event that will determine who holds supreme executive power over the United Kingdom for as long as we are members of the European Union. No tweets from the Tiggers, the Green Party, or the Liberal Democrats. Lord Adonis was seemingly too busy tweeting political cartoons to get involved. Why are the Remainers so keen to hide away the reality of the European Project..?

Those household names vying to become your next president are:

  • Manfred Weber – EPP (Christian Democrats)
  • Frans Timmermans – S&D (Socialists)
  • Jan Zahradil – ECR (Conservatives)
  • Guy Verhofstadt – ALDE (Liberal Democrats)
  • Violeta Tomic – GUE-NGL (Hard Left)
  • Bas Eickhout – Greens (Greens)
  • Oriol Junqueras – European Free Alliance (Pro-EU Separatists)

It’s almost as if the Remain parties think that highlighting the centralising realities and foreign voices of the EU might not be all that popular…

Selmayr Trolls Britain With Introduction of Blue EU Passport

In a little noticed regulatory announcement from Martin Selmayr this morning he has dictated that the European Union will switch to a blue passport in 12 months time. The loss of the blue passport for many Britons was a symbolic example of the EU trying to suppress the nation state. This of course means Britons could get a blue passport before Britain leaves the European Union. Is Selmayr trying to sway voters in a second referendum?

EU Proposes Invisible Irish Border Checks if No Deal

This morning the EU announced it has “completed” planning for the event that the UK leaves the European Union on WTO terms, saying that it is “increasingly likely” that the UK will leave without a deal in mid April. They have hired 2,000 new customs officers and built 20 new border posts. What has the UK done..?

Interestingly, when asked if there will be checkpoints at the Irish border, the EU said that they are “working very closely with Irish authorities to try and perform controls away from border”. The EU is happily talking about checks away from the border in the event of No Deal, but they refused to countenance those sort of alternative arrangements with the UK in the event of a deal. Guido can’t see this as anything other than blatant bad faith on the part of the EU…

US Ambassador to the EU Calls EU ‘Utterly Obstructionist’

American Ambassador to the European Union and former businessman and financier Gordon Sondland has told Politico that he finds the EU to be ‘utterly obstructionist’ on negotiating freer trade between the two blocs. Accusing the EU of deliberately stalling trade negotiations, Sondland said that his joke today is “if I ask someone at the EU what time it is, the answer is ‘no’.”

Having dealt with the EU now for more than half a year, his verdict is cutting…

“The Commission in particular is out of touch with reality. They are off in a cloud, regulating to the heart’s content — and regulating some things that don’t even need to be regulated, because they haven’t even occurred yet — while stifling growth and innovation.”

Better off out.

French Finance Minister Calls for “Europe to Become an Empire Again”

The French Finance Minister has told the French-German Business Forum that “Europe has to become an empire again.” Speaking candidly to the assembled delegates, the minister spoke to Macron’s vision of a united Europe, saying unification as an Empire has to occur “in the next 25 years.”

Describing a federal European empire as “European sovereignty” he told the conference that whilst it should be built “brick by brick,” “rapid progress” is needed. “We should be looking at weeks and months much more than years.” With Merkel announcing her support for a European army last week, the building of federal European sovereignty brick by brick looks well under way…

Read the extraordinary opening paragraphs to the Finance Minister’s speech in full below:

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Labour Press Office Complains About the Truth

Let’s examine this post-midnight claim by Labour’s Press team:

  • In 1975, Corbyn voted in favour of leaving the European Economic Community, which later became the European Union
  • Corbyn later voted against the Maastricht Treaty that created the EU, arguing it was undemocratic.
[…] Read the rest


EPP Delegates Ignore Barnier

The centre-right EPP group are meeting in Helsinki to, among other things, select their lead candidate for Commission President who will be a shoe-in to replace Juncker next year. British Conservatives can chuckle that despite having left the group some years ago, proceedings are still conducted in English, the world’s global language…

Despite Barnier being almost deified by pro-EU politicians in Britiain, he was largely ignored by his fellow professional politicians.[…] Read the rest


European Parliament’s Racial Diversity To Halve When Britain Leaves

Politico has examined the racial makeup of the European Parliament, and found that there are just 17 non-white MEPs, out of 751, or just a little over 2%. And half of these non-white MEPs are British…

The European Parliament is the only representative body within the EU, meaning the Union is set to halve its racial diversity representation in March this year when British MEPs lose their jobs.[…] Read the rest


Backdoor EU Funding For Losers’ Vote

EU funded sock puppet organisations are taking to twitter to promote yet another coalescing of Britain’s most die hard, no doubt beret-clad remainiacs in the heart of metropolitan London. The Losers’ Peoples’ Vote campaign is holding another winge-a-thon walk through the capital tomorrow.[…] Read the rest


British Diplomats Not Flying the Flag in Brussels

Is it an omen that the British residence in Brussels on Rue Ducale hasn’t been flying the flag of late? This is the base of operations for Olly Robbins when he is meeting Michel Barnier.

UKIP MEP Jonathan Bullock, who regularly walks past the building, tells Guido:

‘I was surprised to see the Union flag missing.

[…] Read the rest


Downing Street: It is Still Chequers or No Deal

The reason May looked so shook yesterday at the Salzburg press conference is simply that she did not expect the rejection to come now or for them to be blunt to the point of humiliatingly rude. Macron positively rejoicing at the prospect of punishing Britain and Tusk claiming Chequers is dead, coupled with him mocking her crassly on Instagram do not signal diplomatic success for Olly Robbins.[…] Read the rest


Czech and Maltese PMs Call For Second Referendum

Unusual breach of convention when heads of EU governments openly interfere in the political processes of another democratic state. The billionaire Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Andrej Babiš, told The Today Programme that:

“I’m very unhappy that the UK is leaving so maybe it would be better to have a second referendum and the people in the meantime could change their view, because Europe has a lot of problems we have problems with Mr Trump about tariffs, we have problems with sanctions on Russia, Brexit, migration, Turkey, and so on so for Europe it’s a quite difficult time and I was really shocked when the referendum was announced that there were so much people… for Czech Republic I regret very much.”

The Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat also told the programme:

“There is an almost unanimous point of view around the table [of the European Council] that we would like the almost impossible to happen, that the UK has another referendum.

[…] Read the rest


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