Woke EU “Christmas” Ban Scuppered

December gets off to a bang this morning as the EU Commission has been forced to back down from plans to ban the word Christmas to avoid offence. The move had been spotted in an internal document, advising officials to use inclusive language like “holiday season”. The credit must go to Italian red top il Giornale, which accused the Commission of an attempt to “cancel Christmas”.

The memo also called on officials to avoid terms such as “man-made”, “chairman” and “ladies and gentlemen”, as well as suggesting officials ask people their pronouns.

The miserly move was launched by the commissioner for equality, Helena Dalli, who has since said she will withdraw the guidelines as it is not “a mature document and does not meet all commission quality standards”. While the politically correct Commission tries fiddling with language wording, Guido points out the executive still has no non-white Commissioners, surely a more substantive issue. It seems Brussels will have a very white Christmas this year…

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Lukashenko’s Playing from the Macron Playbook

Guido can’t help observing the diplomatic crisis currently playing out on the Poland/Belarus border this week bears more than a few similarities with Britain’s own illegal migrant crisis. Lukashenko has been accused of deliberately funnelling migrants through Belarus to destabilise EU nations in revenge for sanctions, something he denies. The EU is now considering sanctions against Belarus, despite Lukashenko’s actions bearing a resemblance to Macron’s wilful blindness when it comes to allowing migrants to flow across the channel every day. Today Belarus even threatened to cut off their neighbour’s energy supply – mirroring Macron’s minister’s own electricity supply threat to Britain last month. At least the UK foreign office is being consistent in its condemnation of both Macron and Lukashenko…

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EU & UEFA’s COP26 Own Goal

This morning, Ursula von der Leyen launched a new campaign with UEFA ahead of COP26 to tackle climate change, arguing that “Team 🇪🇺 is delivering with #EUGreenDeal”*. UEFA’s press office boasts:

“Football greats Luís Figo of Portugal, Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon and French duo Delphine and Estelle Cascarino turn on the skills for campaign ad that shows everyone has a role to play in defeating the environment’s toughest opponent.”

Just one problem…

As the FT’s EU correspondent points out, UEFA’s own tournament and team sponsors include Gazprom, Volkswagen and Qatar Airways. Perhaps if the EU want us to believe they’re serious about tackling climate change, they should put their money where their mouth is and tell UEFA to ditch these polluting sponsors. Guido won’t hold his breath…

*The annual Climate Transparency Report would beg to disagree.

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Annual Climate Report finds UK On Track for 1.5℃, EU is Not

The annual Climate Transparency Report has been released for 2021, and it’s not great news for Europe: not only are their per capita emissions higher than the G20 average (7.9 to 7.5), their overall climate commitments have been dubbed “insufficient” and in need of “substantial improvements“:

“The EU’s climate policies and commitments need substantial improvements to be consistent with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C temperature limit […] The EU is not meeting its ‘fairshare’ contributions to climate action.”

Grim reading for Ursula von der Leyen, who promised in July that the EU is “ready to lead the way” on climate action. Although perhaps she has less to answer for than liberal golden child Justin Trudeau; Canada’s emissions are still 2.6x higher than the G20 average…

Despite being constantly painted as the world’s bad guy, the UK still scored an overall rating of “almost sufficient” and remains “the only G20 member with a domestic target that aligns with a 1.5°C modelled domestic pathway in 2030″. The report also says the UK boasts lower per capita emissions than the G20 average, 6.8 to 7.5. Worth bearing in mind the next time Extinction Rebellion smash windows or Insulate Britain glue themselves to the motorway…

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EU Surrenders Over Sausage War in Northern Ireland

The UK is on the cusp of victory in the Sausage War with the EU, after Brussels finally waved the white flag over allowing British bangers to be sold in Northern Ireland at the end of the grace period. Finally, the wurst is truly behind us.

The European Commission announced today that it would introduce a “sausage clause” for the sake of peace, allowing certain “national identity goods” to continue entering Northern Ireland. Reflecting on the day’s great victory, David Davis said: 

It does demonstrate that taking a firm line with them works. If you are robust they know they have a lot to lose. Both sides need to be imaginative. It is a vindication of David Frost and his strategy. He’s done the right thing throughout all of this.”

Long live the cause of freedom!

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EU Furious at Taliban for Appointing Non-Inclusive and Unrepresentative Government

Today the EU has complained how quickly the Taliban reneged on their promise to form an “inclusive and representative” government. At least the Taliban are now merely engaging in a culture war…

In a statement released this afternoon, an EU spokesman said:

“Upon initial analysis of the names announced, it does not look like the inclusive and representative formation in terms of the rich ethnic and religious diversity of Afghanistan we hoped to see and that the Taliban were promising over the past weeks.”

“Such inclusivity and representation is expected in the composition of a future transitional government, and as result of negotiations.”

On Tuesday the Taliban unveiled its new ‘caretaker’ administration, which contains a grand total of zero women or non-Taliban members, while including a new interior minister who’s on the FBI’s most-wanted list. The EU’s plan to “engage” with them, provided they “respect human rights, the rule of law and freedom of the media”, lasted about ten minutes. Guido can’t see how the Taliban’s reputation can possibly recover from this…

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