We Send the EU £398 Million a Week

On the day we were meant to leave the EU, new figures published by the ONS show Britain’s gross contributions to the EU have increased to a whopping £398 million-per-week. When excluding VAT & GNI adjustments, this is up by 8.5% from 2017 to 2018 (exclude VAT & GNI adjustments). Boris and Cummings have their new campaign slogan…

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Corbyn’s Arrest Warrant U-Turn

During yesterday’s debate on the Queen’s Speech, Corbyn claimed the European Arrest Warrant is one of the “most effective measures in tackling cross border crime”. Which is peculiar, as in 2011 he said during a debate that:

“the European arrest warrant can be used in a totally disproportionate way without using other less draconian methods of completing police investigations”


“it seems that countries with a far from rigorous, fair and open judicial system can gain arrest warrants against British subjects, who are then taken to a different jurisdiction, where they face a much lower threshold of proof before a conviction is obtained. It is not our business to protect criminals, but it is our business to ensure that people get a fair trial and that there is absolutely the presumption of innocence before any conviction is made.”

Remember when Corbyn’s supporters claimed he was a ‘conviction politician’?

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EuroStat Thinks UK Has Already Brexited

EuroStat, the EU’s offical beancounting operation, has produced some updated handy data and infographics. From the chart above Guido learns that Luxembourg, the biggest per capita recipient of EU funds, is five times as rich as Bulgaria. Eurstat doesn’t record UK GDP per capita. In fact the UK has disappeared from all the data tables. Looks like they’ve decided the UK has already Brexited…

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The Press and the Mob

The front page picture tells one story, the sound of the mob tells you another:

What was Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel playing at refusing to shift to an indoor press conference?

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Germany & France Fear Unleashed British Economy

Deutsche Bank’s chief economist, David Folkerts-Landau, not only says that over the medium and long-term a ‘No Deal’ Brexit will make no difference to the British economy, he says an inadequate deal which constrained the British economy would be “a second best solution”. Confirming what many in Downing Street believe, namely that even without the back-stop, May’s regulatory-aligned deal would have detrimentally constrained the dynamic British economy. So-called “regulatory alignment” is an EU imposed constraint on unleashing the British economy to outcompete turgid EU rivals. As the leaked French memo on Friday revealed, Paris fears a resurgent, deregulated dynamic British economy…

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PM Confirms UK Citizens’ Rights Commitments From Individual EU Countries

The Prime Minister had a busy afternoon speaking with a host of world leaders yesterday, including two key European players. Upon becoming Prime Minister, Boris announced a commitment to unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK. May belatedly made the same pledge after years of facing accusations of using citizens as bargaining chips. It’s worth remembering that she was the only leadership candidate back in 2016 not to have made a unilateral pledge on the matter….

Now the supposedly benevolent EU that is refusing to make any kind of declaration on UK citizens living in its countries. But Boris’ unilateral gesture seems to be paying dividends. Upon speaking to the Prime Ministers of Belgium and Portugal yesterday, Boris reiterated his promise to the EU citizens in the UK and both European leaders individually said they were committed to doing the same for UK citizens living in their own countries, “whatever the circumstances”. May should have, as Vote Leave argued, taken this approach from the start…

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