Guardian’s “Too Woke” for Equality Commission Quitter Named as £53,000 NHS “Race Equality” Manager

Yesterday The Guardian published an attack on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) after an ultra-woke employee quit, accusing the watchdog of failing to support ethnic minorities and “colluding in [the] denial” of structural and institutional racism. Guido for one is happy to see that the current, more sensible direction being taken by the EHRC is driving out some of the more extreme woke-warriors. Baroness Falkner has recently been leading an impartiality charge; publicly defending the Sewell Report, ending the Stonewall diversity champions scheme and defending Maya Forstater.

While the Guardian didn’t name the furious ex-employee, Guido’s now seen the email in full and is happy to identify as Preeti Kathrecha. Alarmingly, the individual who was too woke even for the EHRC has since been hired in another taxpayer-funded job

Within her departing tirade, Preeti Katchrecha boasted that she is:

“…excited to have the opportunity to manage and develop race equality programmes across all NHS Boards – who have accepted there is a need for real change and for the dismantling of structural and institutional racism.”

An advert seen by Guido shows this Social Justice Warrior role was advertised for £53,000 of your taxpayer pounds. Enough for the NHS to pay for two nurses offering elderly care…

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Read in Full: Jewish Labour Movement’s Submission to the Human Rights Commission on Antisemitism in Labour

The Jewish Labour Movement’s closing submission to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission has been leaked in full.

The conclusion – based on testimonies of 70 serving and former Labour party officials – damningly says “The Labour Party is no longer a safe space for Jewish people”. 

100 additional testimonies from party members say they have suffered or witnessed antisemitism at party events. Labour were desperate to change the final election week’s narrative – this might make that difficult…

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Equalities Commission Warn Labour Banning Straight White Men Could Be “Unlawful Discrimination”

Labour have been rebuked again by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for banning straight white men from their Equalities conference. The EHRC warns this could even be “unlawful discrimination”. Certainly seems that barring people from voting on party positions because of their race seems unwise. This is the second time Labour have been told off by the EHRC in three weeks. Lot of Labour pundits who vocally defended the party on this looking a bit silly now…

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