Halfon: Considering Referring NUS to EHRC Over Appearance of “Institutional Antisemitism”

A bombshell threat from Robert Halfon this morning after yesterday’s boycott of his Eductation Committee by the NUS. The student union’s petulant move came after the scandal of them inviting notorious rapper Lowkey to their annual conference, then suggesting any offended Jews go and hide in one of their safe spaces. Responding to Halfon calling them out yesterday the organisation tweeted that the committee was “bullying them”. Turns out the National Union of Students have the temperament of primary, not university students…

On LBC this morning Halfon said if the group continues refusing to sit before his parliamentary committee they could be referred to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission for what appears to be a Corbynesque bout of Antisemitism. About time some would say…

UPDATE 11 April, 2022: Robert Halfon has today written to the Charity Commission calling together with Campaign Against Antisemitism for a statutory inquiry into the National Union of Students (NUS).

In his letter, Halfon writes to “voice my dismay at the actions and behaviour of the National Union of Students and its trustees, in regards to their treatment of Jewish students and the Jewish community’s concerns regarding antisemitism. Together with Campaign Against Antisemitism…I politely request that the Commission launch a Section 46 inquiry, pursuant to the 2011 Charities Act into the NUS and look forward to receiving your response.”

He enclosed a dossier of evidence by Campaign Against Antisemitism detailing how NUS has failed Jewish students, he is “particularly concerned about the enclosed dossier of antisemitic events that have taken place within the NUS over the past several years — and which come following decades of concerning trends — which was prepared by CAA.”

The full dossier on NUS, produced by Campaign Against Antisemitism, can be read at antisemitism.org/nus.

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Equalities Commissioner Slams Runnymede Anti-Racism Report… Funded by Equalities Commission

David Goodhart has little good to say about the Runnymede Trust’s new report into racial discrimination today: writing for UnHerd, Goodhart unleashes on both the trust and its research, claiming it’s “deeply flawed”, “highly polemical and one-sided“, and “draws completely unjustifiable conclusions”. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a surprise, given how gung-ho Runnymede have been in their desires to declare the UK institutionally racist. The difference this time is Goodhart happens to be a commissioner of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which funded Runnymede’s research in the first place:

A glowing tribute, to which Goodhart returns in kind with:

“The Runnymede Trust is an activist organisation and is duty-bound to be biased. But it has to remain reasonable and not just cherry-pick the worst possible data. It now seems to be staffed by a highly ideological mainly younger generation of people with little experience of the real world.”

No wonder Goodhart’s appointment attracted criticism from the usual suspects last year. Guido also notes that UnHerd are quick to point out that his article is written “in a personal capacity”…

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MP Writes to EHRC Over Labour’s Corbyn Readmission

The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Jews, Christian Wakeford, has this afternoon written to  the Equality and Human Rights Commission regarding the Labour Party’s decision to readmit Jeremy Corbyn. The letter expresses concern that that “this matter was expedited, seemingly to avoid having to go through a new procedure”, after the EHRC report recommended an independent complaints procedure.

“I suspect you will find it of particular concern that the party remains able to arbitrarily expedite the disciplinary process for what can only reasonably be described as political purposes, for one member. This whilst many victims of antisemitism have waited months if not years, for their cases to be heard…”

“…I am concerned as you will be that this matter was expedited, seemingly to avoid having to go through a new procedure…”

“… I wonder whether the commission will consider instructing the party to halt disciplinary proceedings forthwith until a proper process is in place.

This is not a good position for Starmer’s Labour to be in. They now have the chance to say sorry, undo last night’s murky dealings, and process Corbyn’s case independently.

Read the letter in full below:

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No, Corbyn Hasn’t U-Turned Over Antisemitism Exaggeration Claims

A Facebook post from Jeremy Corbyn this morning prima facie appears to show a significant backtracking from the former leader over his denial of antisemitism in the party as he attempts to undo his suspension from. In contrast to his defensive statement on the day of the EHRC report, in which he argued

the scale of the [antisemitism] problem was also dramatically overstated for political reasons by our opponents”

his new, less aggressive line is:

“To be clear, concerns about antisemitism are neither “exaggerated” nor “overstated””

Those paying attention will note the carefully calibrated switch in Corbyn’s language from the antisemitism “problem” being overstated to “concerns” about antisemitism not being. Labour’s NEC Panel will meet today at 1 pm to discuss Corbyn’s expulsion, no doubt the NEC’s newly elected left will argue this is enough to justify bring Jeremy back into the fold.

UPDATE: Guido is told that Len McCluskey has brokered a deal, although the moderates on the NEC are resisting. A Labour insider says “Looks like Keir has bottled it. He’ll be in worse position now for letting him back in than if he hadn’t suspended him in first place. Makes him look weak and controlled by Unite.” Truth will out…

The Board of Deputies remains opposed Corbyn’s return following his non apology. Will Len still get his way?

Corbyn’s statement in full:

Read More

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Starmer: I Was Disappointed in Corbyn’s Response to the EHRC Report

On his fire-quelling morning media round, Keir Starmer has stuck to his line that he had no part in the decision to sack Corbyn of the whip yesterday, though confessed he was “disappointed in Jeremy’s response” to the report, which sought to downplay the true level of antisemitism seen in Labour over the last five years. Sir Keir refused to comment further on the suspension, though in general said anyone who claims Labour antisemitism is exaggerated is part of the problem…

Labour’s action against Corbyn was backed by an astonishing majority of the public in a snap YouGov poll last night, with only 13% of Britons saying it was the wrong decision, including only 26% of Corbyn’s own 2019 Labour voters. 58% believe it was the right decision, including 80% of Tory voters. Despite what those who live on Twitter may believe, Corbyn’s leadership of Labour now has only a +1% approval with Labour voters, versus Starmer’s +45%

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EHRC Finds Labour “Responsible for Unlawful Acts of Harassment and Discrimination”

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has found Labour responsible for anti-Semitic discrimination and says they broke equality laws. Stay tuned…

Key findings as Guido combs through the report:

  • “The Labour Party, through its agents, committed harassment against its members in relation to Jewish ethnicity in the case of two individuals, Ken Livingstone and Pam Bromley.”
  • EHRC say Labour is responsible for the harassment evidenced in two of 70 complaint files. 18 were identified as borderline.
  • The EHRC found evidence of political interference in the complaints process, with 23 instances of inappropriate involvement by the Leader of the Opposition’s Office. 
    • One instance was specifically over a complaint around Corbyn’s support for the antisemitic mural.
    • There’s also evidence LOTO interfered in the decision to investigate a second complaint against Ken Livingstone
  • “The Labour Party is now legally obliged to draft an action plan by Thursday 10 December 2020″ the report says. “The action plan should be based on our recommendations to avoid such acts from happening again.”
    • “Commission an independent process to handle and determine antisemitism complaints, as soon as rule changes allow.”
  • Labour “at best did not do enough to prevent anti-Semitism and, at worst, could be seen to accept it“.

Read the report in full here:

Read More

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