Eco-Warrior Teacher Jailed for 5 Weeks for Blocking London Traffic

An eco-warrior teacher from Insulate Britain has been slapped with a 5-week jail sentence for causing chaos during rush hour in London on October 25, 2021. During the trial, the “remorseless” Louise Lancaster couldn’t resist lecturing the jury in her closing statement on the woes of climate change, even after being warned by the judge not to bother. Turns out that didn’t do her any favours…

The judge promptly instructed jurors to disregard her words, stating that “she knew she wasn’t entitled to say what she said at the end of her address”. He went on to say that although the protestors have a right to protest, that does not mean that they have the right to cause widespread disruption… with this particular ‘protest’ significantly impacting well over 5,000 people. 

Along with Lancaster, there were five other eco-zealots, who will now have to do a combined number of 315 hours of unpaid work. They have also been sentenced to 4 to 6 weeks of jail time suspended for 18 months. Lancaster went on to say that she is “more proud of my civil resistance for Insulate Britain than anything I have ever done in my life.” If gluing herself to a road is her proudest achievement, she probably hasn’t exactly led the most productive life. School’s out…

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BBC Lets Russia-Linked Eco-Loon Tory Off the Hook

The BBC is yet again failing to meet its own standards of transparency and neutrality. In a piece on COP 27, the corporation invited Tory husky-hugger Greg Barker as sole guest. The Tory peer was allowed to deliver a five-minute harangue on behalf of the G77 nations looking for climate reparations. The BBC interviewer gave Barker a business class ride on his conflicted position …

Co-conspirators may be aware that Barker had previously worked for Anglo-Siberian Oil as well as Russian oil company Sibneft.

Even into 2022 he worked for Russian aluminium producer EN+, a leading company in an industry that produces 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. He was also implicated for his role legitimising Russian oligarchs.

Had Barker been a climate sceptic they would have barbecued him. The BBC failed even to mention Greg’s proximity to Russian oligarchs.

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Insulate Britain Liken Climate Change to the Nazis

After the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was forced to apologise at COP26 for likening the threat posed by the climate crisis to the Nazis – Insulate Britain, renowned for their tone deaf PR moves – decided to make similarly insensitive comments.

In a now-deleted tweet Insulate Britain compared climate bystanders to Holocaust enabling bystanders in Nazi Germany. Quickly realising their mistake Insulate Britain deleted the insensitive message before reposting a slightly altered but still completely inappropriate tweet. Clearly they thought their reputation needed more trashing…

Karen Pollock Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust told Guido:

“I am fed up of these wholly inappropriate comparisons. Maybe before pronouncing they ought to consider whether they’d say it directly to a Holocaust survivor or their family. I for one, am fed up of having to call this out.” 

Insulate Britain proving once again why they do nothing but harm the climate movement…

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