Coffey Versus Coyle: “If You Want to Bring up Gossip, I Can Bring up Other Stuff That Happened Downstairs”

Whatever could Coffey be talking about

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DWP Civil Servants to Receive Race Lecture During Work Hours

Liz Truss’s calls for the Civil Service to ditch identity politics and focus on “facts, not fashion” continue to fall on deaf ears over in woke Whitehall. New emails passed to Guido show the DWP’s “National Race Network” recently held an open invite lecture on “White Awareness” by Professor Robert Beckford, with another 90-minute lesson on “Building Black Better” from Lord Dr. Michael Hastings scheduled in the diary for 15th February. All during the working day, obviously.

Beckford – who delivered the important lessons on “White Awareness” at the end of November – has previously charged West Midlands Police £1500 for a similar lecture on “white identity”, and voiced his support for the removal of statues from major places of worship across the UK last year. Admittedly none of this tops the DWP’s previously advertised event of a staff Q&A with a witch…

While all this vital work is going on, Guido can’t help noticing DWP have made a serious error: the email chain also shows the National Race Network are preparing a “BAME into Leadership Spring conference”, despite the racial disparities commission advising the government to scrap the “BAME” label last year because it had become “unhelpful and redundant”. Another victim of cancel culture…

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Civil Servants Holding Q&A with a Witch

The list of absurd things happening behind the scenes in woke Whitehall is getting increasingly long, from refusals to speed up returning to working from the office to pushing the BLM agenda. The Department for Work and Pensions, however, is taking the biscuit. Guido has discovered that the department is shortly to host a “Lunch with a witch with Q&A”. You read that correctly…

Does the department know Halloween was ten days ago?

The event, taking place during working hours a week on Thursday, will be open to all DWP and Civil Service colleagues. Any colleagues who have ever wanted to ask questions of a witch are encouraged to attend…

Any loons who can’t attend the 18th – do not fret. Two days prior, next Tuesday, the department is hosting a “Bitesize session to being a pagan – perfect timing ahead of Christmas. Guido can’t for the life of him spot any events scheduled about getting on with the job they’re paid to do…

UPDATE: Unfortunately the witch Q&A has now been cancelled.

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Labour’s Copy and Paste Attack Lines

Labour whips may want to advise their lazy MPs to personalise their copy and paste attack lines in future…

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DWP Suggest Benefit Claimants Start Stripping

The Department for Work and Pensions has given a clearer signal than anyone that Boris’s Government is abandoning the nanny state prudishness of Theresa May’s… by encouraging Universal Credit claimants to enter the burgeoning British stripping scene.

In a post on the department’s website, the DWP suggested ‘Dances in adult entertainment establishments’ as the kind of work UC claimants could look for, and ‘Striptease Artist’ as a phrase those looking for work could use to search online. The post also suggested ‘bingo attendant’ three times, suggesting the author had balls on the brain…

The author of the post was clearly an expert in stripping, offering such knowledge of the profession as it “not needing formal academic entry requirements” because “training is received typically on-the-job”Guido’s intrigued by the employee’s implication that you can take academic qualifications in stripping….

UPDATE: Labour’s former Women & Equalities shadow frontbencher Sarah Champion responded to this story “I cannot believe our Government now advocate for sexual exploitation”.  To which Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and Minister for Women and Equalities repliedI had this advert removed as soon as I was made aware of it. It should never have been listed and I’m looking into why it was. Claimants should never be pointed towards those jobs.” 

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Civil War at DWP

Pensions minister Ros Altmann stabs IDS in the front:

“I am extremely shocked by the news of Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation and the way he has behaved… I simply cannot understand why he chose to quit like this when it was clear that Number 10 and the Treasury had told him they were going to pause and rethink these measures. I’m particularly saddened that this seems to really be about the European referendum campaign rather than about DWP policy… I have found him exceptionally difficult to work for. It has been a hugely challenging time for me as he was preventing me from speaking to the public”

DWP minister Shailesh Vara knifes Ros Altmann:

“I have to say I am surprised by Ros’s comments. The fact is that I recall Ros attending all the meetings at which we discussed government policy and then we both went out to defend the policy in the Commons and the Lords, which as you know wasn’t always easy to do. Ros’s recollection does not accord with mine and I’m sorry that this all happened.”

As does Priti Patel:

“All meetings with our Ministerial team have been constructive and every Minister has had the freedom to take forward policy ideas in their brief, to lead media campaigns and engage freely with parliamentary colleagues. Iain has been a remarkable SofS [Secretary of State] to work with. He has run the largest delivery Dept in Govt with great determination and it has been a real privilege to work with him as one of his Ministers.”

Justin Tomlinson joins in to defend IDS:

“Iain always conducted himself in a professional, dedicated and determined manner. He actively encouraged ministers and teams to engage, challenge and develop ideas. We were to be ourselves, our judgement backed as we worked as a team both for DWP and the Gov.”

A circular firing squad at Caxton House…

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