Twice as Many Voters Want More Liberal, Not Tougher, Cannabis Approach

Suella Braverman’s inclination to toughen cannabis laws is not supported by the public, 42% of whom want a more libertarian approach compared to the 23% who want a tougher approach.

Braverman let it be known this weekend that she was receptive to cannabis being upgraded from a Class B drug to Class A, despite a fair number of her cabinet colleagues admitting to have smoked cannabis in the past. No. 10 clarified today that there are no plans to reclassify the drug. Guido would have thought that a pro-growth agenda would include growing cannabis to produce regulated and taxed products. That would be a libertarian agenda… 

Whilst YouGov finds that one in five (19%) say the current laws are about right, across the Atlantic Joe Biden is going to further liberalise federal law to decriminalise the cannabis business across state lines. The world is legalising weed, so should Britain. Some EU member countries have fully legalised medical cannabis and recreational cannabis. If only we had a libertarian government…

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Met Police’s Anti-Drug Chief Accused of Taking Drugs

The Metropolitan Police commander responsible for writing the force’s own 2017-21 drug strategy has been accused of smoking weed and munching on magic mushrooms while holidaying in France. Living the high life…

Commander Julian Bennett, who’s been on a full-pay suspension since July 2021, took the drugs between February 2019 and July 2020, despite having previously presided over 74 misconduct hearings himself, of which 56 officers were dismissed. Years of grassing up colleagues now at an end.

Bennett also reportedly refused to provide a drug sample back in July 2020, which didn’t exactly help his case. Photos shared in a WhatsApp chat, which appeared to feature cannabis on a table, were also referred as evidence to the hearing. The hearing was adjourned, however, after Bennett’s lawyers argued it wasn’t a “fair” investigation because not all WhatsApps had been received. THC you soon, Commander…

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Labour Should Lead by Example & Test Staff

Over the weekend Labour continued to blatantly take their lead from the Tony Blair playbook – though not quite as Skwawkbox believed. Their latest policy, from shadow justice secretary Steve Reed, is an attack on the limpwristed years under Corbyn during which Labour “cared more about criminals than victims”. To counteract this, their latest policy proposal involves “naming and shaming” recreational drug users…

Guido’s old enough to remember Shaun Bailey announcing a similar policy during his mayoral run, albeit less invasive without naming individuals. At the time Guido suggested Shaun should lead the way, testing all the boys and girls at Tory HQ first from Ben Elliot down to the interns – then publish the results. Labour is no different. If they want to target the public with new extra-harsh drug laws it’s time for some truth and reconciliation over at Southside…

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Police Sniffer Dogs in Parliament this Morning

After the Sunday Times produced evidence of cocaine traces across the parliamentary estate, the Speaker told the newspaper that sniffer dogs could be deployed under plans for a drugs crackdown by the Commons authorities.

“The Speaker has promised to call in the police amid growing evidence of cocaine and other illegal substances being used in parliament. Sir Lindsay Hoyle said he would investigate Westminster’s drug culture after traces of cocaine were detected in a number of places accessible only to people with parliamentary passes.”

As this picture from a co-conspirator shows, police dogs are on the estate now. So if you do have any of your Friday night stash left on you, you have been warned…

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Drug Users to Hand Over Passports & Driving Licences

This week the government grid is all about “crime week”, and Whitehall has kicked off with an anti-drugs crackdown. The PM is specifically targeting middle-class drug users, with policing minister Kit Malthouse this morning calling for drug sniffer dogs to be positioned outside Sloane Square station as well as Tottenham Hale. Just one problem with this anti-drugs push: the hypocrisy.

The 2019 Tory leadership election brought now reformed Tory drug-takers out of the woodwork:

  • Boris, cocaine: “I tried it at university and I remember it vividly. And it achieved no pharmacological, psychotropical or any other effect on me whatsoever.”
  • Gove, cocaine: “I took drugs on several occasions at social events more than 20 years ago… at the time I was a young journalist. It was a mistake. I look back and I think, I wish I hadn’t done that.”
  • Hunt, cannabis: “I think I had a cannabis lassi when I went backpacking through India”
  • McVey, cannabis: “tried some pot” when she was “much younger”.
  • Raab, cannabis: “At university, I tried cannabis, not very often as I was into sport”
  • Hancock, cannabis: “tried cannabis a few times as a student but has not taken any illicit drugs since”.
  • Leadsom, cannabis: “I smoked weed at university and have never smoked it again since.”

The idea that a Tory Cabinet full of confessed recreational drug takers will crack down on people like themselves is straining credibility and will play into Labour’s “one rule for them and another for us” mantra. No. 10 now want to take middle-class drug users’ passports off them, foreign diplomatic trips are going to be rather empty from now on. Maybe this is why Justice Secretary Raab yesterday said police don’t investigate historic crimes…

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Malthouse: “I’d Be Surprised If There Wasn’t” Drugs in Parliament

As stories continue to swirl over recreational drug use in Parliament, Kit Malthouse appeared on the media round this morning to discuss the government’s plans to sniff out the suppliers and crack down on middle-class users:

“There are several thousand people who work on the estate so I’d be surprised if there wasn’t somebody taking drugs at some point, whether they’re on the estate or off…I mean where we want to get to, Nick, is a situation so that when the police are enforcing on drugs, they are as likely to do an operation outside Westminster or Sloane Square Tube [Station], or Tottenham Hale…”

A tall order…

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