Forsyth’s Unsurprising Move to Downing Street

On Thursday Guido was tipped that James Forsyth was going to Downing Street to become Rishi’s political secretary, such was the regularity of rumours of this kind that Guido told his source he doubted it and we didn’t even bother to query James. Oh well….

Forsyth had long been tipped to go to Rishi’s Downing Street because he was close to him, they were contemporaries at Winchester College, Sunak was best man at his wedding to Allegra Stratton, who herself was Director of Strategic Communications to Rishi Sunak when he was Chancellor. They are reportedly godparents to each others children. Hence the regular rumours.

Guido wishes the cerebral Forsyth the best of luck in the circumstances. It is a tough job, Sunak has had no real bounce to speak of, the economy is in recession, the opposition is increasingly competent and confident. Starmer whilst boring, has the advantage that he isn’t scary to voters and the next election is likely to be a change election. Rishi needs to set a political narrative that gives people a reason to vote for him. Instead he is overseeing inflation and tax rises…

Cryptically the Spectator’s editor Fraser Nelson describes Forsyth as taking a sojourn, saying “the general election is not that long away, he’ll be looking for job opportunities”….

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Burns Night at Downing Street

2022 likely won’t go down as one of Conor Burns’s favourite years. Not only did his best mate get forced out of the premiership, his life was temporarily ruined by an absurd farce during party conference, after a junior whip spotted him at the bar with a young man. The lack of any impropriety didn’t stop Wendy Morton stripping Conor of both his job and the party whip, only for Rishi’s government to re-admit him to the party after a total failure by Truss’s Whips office to even receive a complaint about Conor’s actions at the Hyatt bar. Not for lack of trying, with the young man in question repeatedly approached to try and get a complaint submitted…

Last night, any hacks standing outside No. 10 may have been surprised to see Conor Burns confidently marching into Downing Street – through the front door rather than the quieter Cabinet Office entrance. It sounds like the PM and Burns coordinated the meeting to defrost relations after Conor’s shocking treatment by the party.

While there’s no ministerial vacancy to allow Burns straight back into government – bar Gavin Williamson’s old job – it’s thought readmitting him will be a priority whenever one arises/when Rishi decides to hold a reshuffle. He may still get some interim non-ministerial role to tide him over. Taking to Instagram, Burns wrote, “After the turbulence of recent months it was good to have a quiet conversation with the Prime Minister last night.” Leaving the topic of conversation to the imagination…

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Amber De Botton is Rishi’s Pick for Director of Communications

In 2012 Guido predicted that Amber de Botton was “one to watch” when she left her reporting job at the ill-fated Total Politics to go to Sky News. Ten years later the boss of ITV News leaves for Downing Street to become Rishi’s new Director of Communications. A job that will involve her selling the merits of the government after what will have been 14 years in office come the next general election, at a time when it faces horrendous economic challenges. Widely liked, Amber is taking on one helluva job…

She was at one time mooted for the job of fronting a daily televised briefing from Downing Street – mostly by people who didn’t realise she was pregnant at the time. Allegra Stratton eventually got that role before it was abandoned in tears. Amber told Guido around the same time that “there is probably a happier middle ground to be found with on- and off-camera briefings, especially as ‘fake news’/media transparency places more pressure on our industry”. So she seemingly favoured more televised briefings when she was a poacher, will she still now she is a gamekeeper? If anyone has the experience to know how to deal with prima donna Lobby television reporters it is Amber. Could we see the idea modified and revived under her management?

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EXCLUSIVE: Downing Street Accidentally Publishes Patient’s Confidential Medical Records

Having seemingly learned nothing from accidentally publishing high-res images of Jeremy Hunt’s Treasury notes to Flickr a few weeks ago, the government has somehow managed to do it again – only this time, rather than revealing their own documents, they briefly published a shot of a patient’s medical records. Seriously.

While the image has now been hastily blurred, the picture of Rishi Sunak greeting nurses at their desk showed a patient’s full name, address, date of birth, part of their NHS number and other detailed, private medical information. It even showed that the patient had a “normal urethra”.  

Obviously, Guido won’t make the same mistake and publish the unedited version ourselves. However, here’s a redacted version just for good measure:

The original image, briefly available to everyone on the internet for at least a few minutes, revealed absolutely everything. Nothing was censored. Looks like Suella’s not the only one who needs retraining…

UPDATE: Guido hears No.10’s legal team have now been drafted in ready to deal with any potential legal consequences for publishing the medical records…

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WATCH: The Downing Street Dance-Off

Who did it best? For Guido’s money, it’ll be tough to beat the Dancing Queen. As always, it’s up to the co-conspirators…

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WATCH: Rishi Vows to Fix “Mistakes” of Liz’s Leadership

A good, serious speech:

“I will unite our country not with words but with action. I will work day in and day out to deliver for you.”

Read the full text below:

Read More

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