GOV UK’s Verify Programme Reaches Only 5.4% of Target

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Despite it’s initial success, the Government’s ambitious GOV.UK Verify programme, which aims to simplify and speed up registration for access to online government services, is running out of steam. By outsourcing online verification the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service hoped to do away with the cumbersome Government Gateway registration portal. It’s a nice idea but people just aren’t signing up.


Techno praised the service for helping 11,000 people avoid paying late submission fines on their self-assessment form this year, however latest figures show that only 27,187 people have successfully signed up for the service – which is public Beta – so far. Reaching just 5.4% of the half-a-million users GDS estimated that Verify would have by now…

Government Digital Service Beats Microsoft into Submission

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The Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service unit has triumphed in its long running battle to force Microsoft into supporting Open Document Formats. The Seattle giant conceded in a blog post that its next Office 365 update will include support the ODF format, ensuring that their popular office software will remain usable across government departments.

The software giant threw a hissy fit last year when GDS chose the ODF format as the standard for editable office documents to be used across government, launching a a formidable campaign to strong-arm the government into adopting a their own XML format. By holding their nerve, GDS appear to poker-faced Microsoft into backing down. Are we starting to see big software companies lose their grip on the public sector teat?

Coming Soon: Local Government “Chatroulette”


LocalGov Digital, the organisation that aims to raise the standards of digital practitioners in local government, is launching an innovative project to give a new perspective on their work – UnMentoring.

Digital workers will be randomly assigned to each other each month in order to have a scheduled Skype conversation. The hope is that these totally random conversations “will breaks silos in a really effective way.” The scheme sounds remarkably similar to ChatRoulette, the chat service which randomly hooks up flashers with webcams around the world…

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Quote of the Day

Councillor John Thomas, Keith Vaz’s Leicester East Constituency Labour Party Chairman says…

“This is great disappointment to me, realising that I have spent over 30 years of my life working for a party that I now know that I have nothing in common with. This is not the party I joined, the party for decent working people. I can no longer follow the clown that leads the Labour Party, he is heavily influenced by the Trotskyite Len McCluskey and is now as the Hoki Coki leader, in out, and shake it all about he has turned this great party into a laughing stock.”


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