UN Warns Theresa May Over Snapchat

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A United Nations report has resolutely backed the right for people to use encrypted communications program such as sexting apps WhatsApp and Snapchat. The report published yesterday warns governments against forcing software companies to install ‘backdoors’ in their products. Both Obama and Digital Dave are keen to do exactly that…

“States should not restrict encryption and anonymity, which facilitate and often enable the rights to freedom of opinion and expression. Blanket prohibitions fail to be necessary and proportionate. States should avoid all measures that weaken the security that individuals may enjoy online, such as backdoors, weak encryption standards and key escrows.”

Even a stopped clock…

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PM Promises to Introduce Free WiFi on Trains

Digital Dave announced during PMQs that he plans to rollout free WiFi on trains run from 2017. The operators that will benefit are TSGN, South Eastern, Chiltern and Arriva Trains Wales. Tough luck to the users of the country’s 24 other rail operators, who will miss out on the £50 million investment.

“I’m pleased to announce plans that will see the rollout of free WiFi on trains across the United Kingdom from 2017. The Government will invest nearly £50 million to ensure that rail passengers are better connected. Passengers that make over 500 million journeys every year, with the the four rail operators TSGN, South Eastern, Chiltern and Arriva Trains Wales will all benefit from this investment.”

Guido would be happy with phone signal…

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Digital Dave Wings Policy

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Digital Dave might have jetted off to the US to try and sign up his bro Obama to his crusade to outlaw encrypted communications, but it seems that the PM hasn’t been reading his Government’s own policy.

A key objective of The Cabinet Office’s UK Cyber Security Strategy (updated in December) is to “to help shape an open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that supports open societies” by ensuring “members of the public know what they can do to protect themselves, and are demanding good cyber security in the products and services they consume”. IE using encryption…

In fact the Home Office funded CyberStreetWise blog advises people to use encrypted websites when buying and selling online.

“It’s always best to use a major site which will use ‘https://’, this means they protect the information you send across their website. It’s easy to spot too, just look for ‘https://’ at the beginning of the web address and a little green padlock at the top of your browser.”

It’s almost as if the PM doesn’t know what he’s talking about…


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