UK Ranked As World’s Second Most Powerful Nation

The UK has been ranked the world’s second most powerful nation despite Brexit. The Henry Jackson Society‘s Audit of Geopolitical Capability used a model involving four attributes, 33 indicators and 1240 potential data observations and placed the UK after the US but slightly ahead of China.

The Audit’s Chief Analyst, James Rogers, said that the UK voting to leave the EU “has had no discernible impact on the UK’s fundamental ability to apply itself around the World”, but does recommend increased R&D spend and armed forces’ projection capacities to prevent the UK falling behind, particularly in light of China’s naval buildup. Politicians who like to call Britain a small island in the North Atlantic would do well to read the report in full

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Employment Highest Since Records Began

Official ONS figures released today have revealed that the UK employment rate is estimated to be 75.7%, a significant increase on last year’s 75.1%, and the highest rate since estimates began in 1971. Similarly unemployment is at near record lows at 4.1%, down from 4.3% this time last year. Wages are also up by 3.3%, the fastest rise in a decade. All despite Brexit…

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Brexit Britain: FDI Soaring and Manufacturing Booming

New figures show that growth in Britain’s manufacturing sector is outpacing every other major European nation as the EU is gripped by a slowdown. Manufacturing growth is at a 26-month low in France, and a 31 month low even in powerhouse Germany. Also Italy languishes at a 47-month low…

IHS Markit has released its index of factory activity in November where a score of 50 is the cut off point between growth and decline. The UK has risen to 53.1, but the Eurozone as a whole has fallen to its lowest since August 2016, at 51.8.

All the while the ONS has revealed that the UK’s inward foreign direct investment (FDI) position increased to £1,336.5 billion last year, a record high. Despite Brexit…

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Brexit Britain’s £1bn Investment Bonanza

China’s sovereign wealth fund and HSBC are in talks to launch a fund of up to one billion pounds to invest in British companies. It will be formally announced next year, coinciding with Britain leaving the EU.

HSBC said in a statement that China’s fund, the ‘China Investment Corporation‘ is exclusively working with them and a British private equity firm “to create a fund to invest in high-quality and growing UK companies with development opportunities in China.” This comes as figures reveal Britain has the second highest FDI in the world, well ahead of any other EU country. All despite Brexit…

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European Space Companies Investing In Britain

European companies Eutelsat Communications and Airbus Defence and Space have signed a deal worth hundreds of millions of pounds to construct key parts of new communications satellites in Stevenage and Portsmouth. Now six out of even of Eutelsat’s new generation of satellites will be partially built in Britain. All despite Brexit…

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UK Top of Big Four EU Growth League

German GDP growth figures have today been released for the third quarter this year. Official numbers now show that the German economy actually contracted by 0.2% in the third quarter, 0.6% below what was forecast. Meanwhile, Italy is completely stagnant. This latest release comfortably puts the UK at the top of the EU ‘big four’ growth league…

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