McDonnell’s Possible Other Way

When the Corbynistas say another way is possible it is true. Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis, with millions of refugees crossing the border, is usually characteristic of war torn nations. The reality of socialism, with nationalisation, the attacks on private enterprise, the shuttering of opposition media, together with the silencing, demonising and threatening dissident journalists. It is like all the threats in Owen Jones’ Twitter feed made real…

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ICM: No Deal Most Popular Brexit Option

A new ICM Poll alarmed the Guardian last night, with No Deal being the public’s leading option as to what should happen next. It’s also the legal default as long as Parliamentary deadlock continues…

  • No Deal: 28%
  • Referendum: 24%
  • General Election: 11%
  • Withdrawal Agreement: 8%

Whilst a cleaner Brexit is comfortably popular among the public, according to  Election Maps UK, just 116 MPs support it. This is despite 498 MPs voting to set No Deal as the legal default when they triggered Article 50…

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Tories Polling Six Points Ahead

Despite Theresa May heading towards what could be the biggest Government defeat in modern political history tomorrow, the Tories are still a comfortable six points ahead of Labour according to the latest YouGov poll. The Tories are on 41%, ahead of Labour on 35% with the Lib Dems and UKIP trailing behind on 11% and 4%. Voters are still favouring chaos with the Conservatives over chaos with Corbyn…

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PMI Data UK Up, Eurozone Down

December services PMI numbers are out, for the UK it was 51.2, compared to 50.4 in November; estimates were for 50.7. So the UK surprised on the upside and is rising…

In the Eurozone the number was also 51.2 compared to 53.4 in November, with Germany at 51.8 (November was 53.3), France dropped significantly to 48.7 (November 55.1). European optimism about the economy is declining..

The UK economy grew 0.6% quarter over quarter in Q3 which makes for annual growth of 1.5%. The French economy grew 0.3% quarter over quarter in Q3 which makes for an annual increase of 1.4%. They’ll want to keep that cross channel trade flowing…

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Public Think Politics Would Be ‘More Chaotic’ Under Labour

Sky Data have found that the public think by a large margin that a Labour government would make politics more chaotic, not more stable. Just one third of voters (33%) thought electing Labour would stabilise politics, compared to 45% who said it would do precisely the exact opposite. The public thinks things are not so bad that they couldn’t get worse.

Despite the events of the last three weeks, Theresa May leads Jeremy Corbyn by 20 points (42%-22%) in terms of who the public thinks would be more competent to lead the country through Brexit. A massive 36% responded with ‘don’t know’…

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Employment Highest Since Records Began

Official ONS figures released today have revealed that the UK employment rate is estimated to be 75.7%, a significant increase on last year’s 75.1%, and the highest rate since estimates began in 1971. Similarly unemployment is at near record lows at 4.1%, down from 4.3% this time last year. Wages are also up by 3.3%, the fastest rise in a decade. All despite Brexit…

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