Brexit Ambiguity Killing Labour

Top lines from the latest Opinium poll:

  • Conservative Party now has a 15-point lead over Labour (37% vs 22%)
  • Disapproval of the opposition leaders and the House of Commons on Brexit continues to rise week-on-week
  • Now Remainers are just as likely to vote Lib Dems they are Labour (33% for each)

Opinium’s latest poll reveals that Boris continues to consolidate their first-place position in the Tories have hit a 15-point lead over Labour. The Tories hold steady on 37%, Labour has lost three points and is down to 22%. This would give the Tories a triple-figure majority…

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EuroStat Thinks UK Has Already Brexited

EuroStat, the EU’s offical beancounting operation, has produced some updated handy data and infographics. From the chart above Guido learns that Luxembourg, the biggest per capita recipient of EU funds, is five times as rich as Bulgaria. Eurstat doesn’t record UK GDP per capita. In fact the UK has disappeared from all the data tables. Looks like they’ve decided the UK has already Brexited…

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Is Rudd Resignation Really a Big Loss?

Amber Rudd was the least satisfactory member of the Cabinet in the eyes of Conservatives, according to the latest ConservativeHome polling. Pundits claiming Amber resigning will be a “huge loss for the Conservative Party” don’t understand the party or the reboot that is underway to align the party more closely with Brexit voters. Take their forecasts with a pinch of salt…

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Thanks to Our Readers for A Record Month

Next month will be the fifteenth anniversary of Guido’s digital incarnation. We have seen rivals come and go. One thing we have never forgotten is that you the readers make us what we are. You provide us with tips, you encourage and admonish us. We always remember that it is our job to inform and entertain you.

The number of hits from visitors has increased from 20-a-day in 2004 to some 200,000-a-day last month. Our coverage of the Tory leadership battle generated a record 6,218,561 reader hits in July. A new all-time traffic record for the website…

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Public Supports Proroguing Parliament

A majority (54%) of the public agree that Boris Johnson needs to deliver Brexit by any means, even if that meant suspending Parliament, according to the latest ComRes poll for The Telegraph. Including ‘don’t knows’ there is still a clear 44% in favour to 37% against, this is backed up by another question that finds 40% of people who think Boris is more in tune with the public than Parliament. Only 25% agree that Parliament is more in tune with the public than Boris…

Naturally Remoaners are hitting the roof over the fact ‘don’t knows’ have been excluded from the headline, and that the poll used the word “Boris”. Funnily enough Guido can’t remember them making such a fuss at the endless series of highly loaded “Final Say” polling questions pumped out by the People’s Vote campaign…

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Labour Polling Slightly Ahead on Rolling Average Basis

According to the Britain Elects website the rolling average of recent polls has Labour ahead on on 24.4% and the Tories on 22.6%. Can Boris give the Tories a bounce next week?

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