Who’s Killing Here?

The LibDems were making headlines this morning over allegations Jo Swinson killed a squirrel. Guido decided to compile a helpful list of prominent examples of accusations* of animal slaughter by political figures… 

Lib Dems

  • Jo Swinson: Killed a squirrel.
  • Jeremy Thorpe: Had a dog shot.
  • Michael Heseltine: Killed a dog.
  • Michael Dixon: Jailed for killing a cat.


  • Ed Milliband’s Dad: Killed a cat.
  • Roy Hattersley’s dog Buster: Killed a royal goose.


  • David Cameron: Shot a stag called Boris.

This is the only poll Guido can see the Lib Dems doing well in this election…

*LibDem leaflet style disclaimer.

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Brexit Party Crash to 2% in New Kantar Poll

The Tories have surged to an eighteen point lead in Kantar’s latest poll, largely as a result of the Brexit Party crashing down to just 2% – a fall of seven points. The Lib Dems are also down one, contributing to the Tories’ eight-point rise. Nothing is in the bag about this election but this will make for reassuring reading for CCHQ ahead of tonight’s debate…

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Boris Storms Ahead as Preferred PM


Boris has taken an even more commanding lead in Survation’s preferred Prime Minister polling. The PM is up six points on last month, with the Lib Dems crashing down to place Swinson behind Corbyn, who himself has fallen by two points.

This mirrors Deltapoll’s findings over the weekend that saw the Lib Dems tumble five points to just 11%. Ironically the Tories are worried that if Swinson’s party continues to plummet, the Remain vote won’t be split enough to win back key targets in metropolitan places like London…

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Tories Take 20 Point Lead With Working Class Voters

New polling from YouGov shows a twenty point lead for the Conservatives amongst C2DE (working-class) voters. Amongst the middle classes, this lead drops to nine points. The polling has found that the Labour, Lib Dem, and Green parties are all more popular with middle-class than working-class voters. The ‘Labour’ party again showing it’s anything but…

UPDATE: Chris Curtis from YouGov raises another interesting point from this polling – the Tory lead with working-class voters is growing…

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Was Boris’s Fish and Chips Answer a Subtle Targeting Strategy?

Boris’s Party Political Broadcast yesterday included a couple of light-hearted questions, including whether he likes Marmite and whether he prefers fish and chips or a Sunday roast. Boris claimed the former was his favourite. Although he has given up getting battered for the duration of the election

While this might have been a totally innocent answer, interesting analysis shows the constituencies where fish and chip shops are the most dominant restaurant type map almost exactly on to where Boris’s top target seats are; including the North West, North Wales and particularly Cheshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire.

The ad looked laid back and breezy, but how many other Easter eggs were hidden in it?…

H/T to the FT, UnHerd and Steve Pickering
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Tory Lead Squeezed Down to Six Points

The latest Survation poll has the Labour Party creeping up, gaining three points in one week to 29%, and squeezing the Tory lead down to six points, with the party resting on 35%.

CCHQ will be watching closely to see if this trend continues. Survation was the most accurate pollster in 2017…

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