ONS: England’s Coronavirus Cases Continue to Fall

New ONS data out today has found that last week an estimated 28,300 people in England had COVID-19. This represents 0.05% of the community population. Far from a second wave, it marks a fall from the previous week’s estimate of 0.07%.

Whereas testing data shows a mild uptick, the number of tests being carried out in the UK has also zoomed up, meaning this data could simply be showing a reduction. It’s worth reading this explanation of why cases are not in fact rising, by the director of Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine Carl Heneghan. The new ONS number seem to support his research…

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Government Clings onto Positive Coronavirus Response Approval Rating

The Government has been able to hold onto a slight positive approval rating for its handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, with those who believe it has handled the crisis outnumbering those who think the opposite by 2%. Rishi Sunak, however, is streaks ahead on +47…

Strangely, Chris Whitty, who is on record as talking up the now spurious concept of ‘lockdown fatigue’ and was part of the original unanimous SAGE decision to avoid harsh virus suppression measures, has an approval rating of +49. The same people who chastise the Chief Medical Officer’s advice seem to not hold it against him…

Boris Johnson, meanwhile scores a net-zero with 43% of people thinking he has handled the crisis well, compared to 43% of people who think he has not. Coincidentally, 43% is almost exactly the percentage (43.6%) of votes the Prime Minister won in 2019…

Despite all the Twitter noise and coronavirus pandemic, this Government is the most popular since Tony Blair’s…

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UK Coal Usage Falls to 250 Year Low

The UK’s coal usage has fallen to a low not seen in 250 years, with only 8 million tonnes used in 2019 – similar levels seen in 1769 – a fall of 83% in just five years. Extinction Rebellion activists seemingly refuse to recognise the UK is leading the world on this. As Cameron once promised: vote blue, go green… 

Hat-tip: @DrSimEvans
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Confidence in Scientific Advice Sees Double Digit Fall

New polling carried out by YouGov has revealed the British Public’s confidence in Government scientific advice has fallen from 71% in April to just 56% today. Not the best news as new restrictions are imposed upon swathes of the country…

Guido has compiled a quick reminder of the stellar track record of the scientific advice given to ministers:

  • Do not wear masks.
  • Do not suppress the virus too much.
  • No point continuing “test, trace, and isolate” beyond March.
  • Actually do lock down to suppress the virus.
  • Now do more testing and isolating.
  • Masks are good, actually.

This morning Matt Hancock is set to put the new restrictions on Greater Manchester, Lancashire and West Yorkshire into law, enabling police to issue fines of £100 on anyone breaking the new restrictions. Anecdotally, the police are going to have a job on their hands…

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Major Report Reveals Academic Freedom is in Danger at UK Universities

A new report by Policy Exchange has found those at Britain’s universities with right-leaning, Leave-supporting or gender-critical views are genuine victims of cancel culture, having to censor what they teach, research and discuss with their academic colleagues. Confirming what we already knew…

In one of the largest polls of university academics carried out in recent years:

  • 32% of ‘fairly right’ or ‘right’-leaning academics say they have shied away from openly airing their views in teaching and research, versus only 15% of their centre and left colleagues
  • 40% of Leave-voting social science and humanities academics have refrained from publishing or airing views in research and teaching from ‘fear of consequences to your career’, versus only 16% of those who identify as ‘fairly left’
  • Conservative academics are 2.5x more discriminated against when applying for grants, promotion and publishing manuscripts
  • A known Leave supporter faces an 80% chance of discrimination against getting a job when faced by a four-person panel, versus only 17% for centrists
  • Only 54% of remainers would be comfortable lunching with someone who supported Leave, falling to just 37% with someone who opposes admitting transwomen to women’s refuge centres

Policy Exchange finds that so-called ‘gender critical’ scholars face even more discrimination than conservatives and Leavers. The left-wing University and College Union responded to the findings by claiming: “The idea that academic freedom is under threat is a myth”. As per usual, ignoring the evidence…

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Even Labour Voters Prefer Rishi to Dodds for Chancellor

Labour unease with the mess that is the shadow Treasury is only set to grow following this gruelling polling showing that even 2019 Labour voters would prefer Rishi Sunak to be Chancellor compared to Labour’s own Anneliese Dodds. Among those who voted for Corbyn, Rishi leads Anneliese by 21 points to 14…

Answering the question “Which of these would make the better Chancellor of the Exchequer?” – the country as a whole backs Rishi by an overwhelming 44% to 6% – a 38 point lead. Even Marxist John McDonnell was comfortably in double figures when he was Shadow Chancellor. According to YouGov Dodds is now polling at less than half his score…

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