Mirror Hacks Vote to Strike

Reach PLC hacks have voted to strike this month following a “meagre” 3% pay rise offer. Express, Mirror and Star journalists, as well as those from countless local news outlets, will walk out on Friday 26 August, Wednesday 31 August, and 48 hours from September 14th to 15thThey will also work only contracted hours from 1 to 13 September…

Reach offered staff a pay rise of either 3% or £750 minimum, which the National Union of Journalists said wasn’t enough, especially after last year’s 1% increase. A total of 79% of members voted for the strike action on a 70% turnout.

Ironically the NUJ’s local chapel representatives rejected the 3% pay offer by a ratio of four to one shortly after The Mirror published a front-page splash about chief executives earning up to 86 times their average workers’ salaries while trying to suppress staff wages.

Reach’s chief executive, Jim Mullen, earns £4 million, which according to the Press Gazette works out to 104 times as much as his median employee. Will millionaire socialist Kevin Maguire, on a six-figure salary – be joining the picket line? Guido has a feeling this is one strike the Government will be delighted to see…

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Welcome Back, PM

Boris is back in Britain after a brief 5 day holiday with Carrie in Marbella. Credit going to The Times’ Jack Blackburn for being the first to spot the amateur painter, at his dad’s book launch at Daunts, Marylebone.

Jack tells Guido he believes Boris had come straight from the airport, explaining the far-from-rested appearance. His attendance was “fleeting”, with the PM showing his face “to lend Stanley’s book a bit of a boost”. 

While Stanley’s book is no doubt excellent, the PM may be more interested in another literary piece published last night…

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