EXCLUSIVE: Hancock Rakes in Dingo Dollars After Free I’m a Celebrity Publicity

Hancock’s book on the pandemic is already a best seller on Amazon after his nightly appearances on I’m a Celebrity. Guido can reveal that Hancock has sold story serialisation to the Mail, for a price that would make you choke more than eating a cow’s anus…

UPDATE: An ally of Matt Hancock tells Guido:

“Matt will, of course, declare the amount he receives to ensure complete transparency, as normal.”

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Lord Rothermere Takes Chief Executive Role at Mail

The Financial Times reports Lord Rothermere is set to take over as chief executive of the Daily Mail publisher DMGT, as he assumes control of day-to-day operations. The move comes following the family’s £2.4 billion takeover of the company, which Rothermere says will allow the company to become “masters of our own destiny”. He replaces Paul Zwillenberg, who oversaw a refocus on consumer media, setting the paper on a course for “long-term success”. This will only encourage the Twitter conspiracists

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“Rothermere Drops Boris” Twitter Conspiracy Unravels

Over the weekend Twitter was trending with news that Boris was yet again doomed because Jonathan Harmsworth (Lord Rothermere) had turned against him. Guido has tracked down the sources of this conspiracy theory…

On Saturday night Tim Walker tweeted about an article he had written for the New European – where Alastair Campbell is Editor-at-Large – which claimed:

It’s over now for Johnson. The Mail papers were his last defenders. They’ve given up on him now, too. The dynamic here was Rothermere and his concern for his papers and Dacre and his concern for his peerage. Rothermere has had enough of that. … Trust me, this change of direction is seismic.

Likewise, Adam Bienkov, political editor of the conspiracy website Byline Times, joined in by opining on Sunday:

The Mail turning on Boris Johnson means the last prop keeping him in power is starting to fall. If it weren’t for his few remaining press supporters, Johnson would have long ago been forced out of Downing Street.

Tim Walker had some kind of breakdown over Brexit, and Adam Bienkov has written for a decade about the coming collapse of Boris. Their followers lapped it up and it was trending on Twitter with much rejoicing and admiration for the new-found wisdom of Lord Rothermere. Monday came, and this morning’s Mail leader will have unravelled all their hopes:

A Daily Mail editorial, fulsome with praise and advice for Boris that suggests perhaps the paper hasn’t turned against him. As it “asserts this paper unequivocally believes Boris Johnson is the right man to lead the party and the country”. Walker and Bienkov have yet to explain how their seismic weekend scoop has unravelled on Monday… 

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Simon Walters Leaving Daily Mail

Simon Walters is departing the Daily Mail on amicable terms. His appointment as the Daily Mail’s assistant editor in 2018 came as he followed Geordie Grieg from the Mail on Sunday, where he had been political editor for nineteen years and won press awards galore. He is expected to maintain a close connection with the Mail even as leaves the staff. Simon started his career in 1974 at the Slough Evening Mail, was a parliamentary reporter with the Press Association, political reporter at The Sun and deputy editor of the Sunday Express.

The four times winner of the Political Journalist of the Year Award at the British Press Awards has an unrivalled record for fearless reporting with agenda setting scoops second to none. Guido’s not convinced he’s going to become a freelancer…

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Frontrunners for £2 Million-a-Year MailOnline Editorship

Lord Rothermere’s party at Claridge’s to celebrate 125 years of the Daily Mail, scheduled for next week, has been cancelled. So the opportunity for a lot of Mail intrigue and gossiping has been lost. Guido will make up for the cancellation by focusing on the subject of their greatest interest…

The most sought-after job in the British media is up for grabs with the announcement that Martin Clarke is leaving his creation MailOnline, where he is authoritatively rumoured to be on £2 million-a-year. According to Guido’s sources, it was Lord Rothermere’s intention to take DMG private that sparked Martin Clarke’s decision to move on. Clarke believes – not without reason – that if he had created a start-up media title as successful as MailOnline he would have made tens of millions; the billion dollar sale of Politico highlights the value of digital-native success stories. For Clarke, a private, unlisted DMG means no lucrative share options and the mere status of a very well-paid employee. Those few millions were not enough…

Clarke’s decision to go triggered consequential events at Britain’s most successful newspaper title. Rothermere realised he would now be in need of a replacement consigliere, so he decided to summon Paul Dacre back for that role. The promotion of Richard Caccappolo to become chief executive of the company’s media business was not significant in the firing of Geordie Grieg, contrary to reports elsewhere. Dacre demanded the ousting of his long-term enemy Grieg as the price of his return.

With Dacre back at the heart of the Mail group and Ted Verity in combined control of both the Mail on Sunday and Daily Mail titles, they will operate as an integrated operation. The remaining question of the leadership of MailOnline behemoth has to be resolved by next year when Clarke leaves. Guido brings you the runners and riders for the job:

  • Keith Poole, currently Editor-in-Chief of the New York Post, is a former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of The Sun who oversaw the digital edition. He also previously worked at the Daily Mail for over a decade, including as Managing Editor of Mail Online in New York, from 2011 to 2016. He is a strong candidate.
  • Chris Evans, currently editor of The Telegraph, is said to be interested – the money would be a raise. He did 11 years at the Daily Mail meaning it would be a return. He has taken the Telegraph journalistically in the direction of the Mail, and might have the right touch for MailOnline.
  • Gerard Greaves was deputy to Geordie at the Daily Mail and still, unaccountably, not fired by Ted Verity. Verity would be glad to get rid of him, though probably doesn’t want him to create a new power base at MailOnline. Also, Dacre loathes him and used to humiliate him in public when he was in charge. He was also previously the Mail on Sunday’s Deputy Editor.
  • Danny Groom is MailOnline’s long-suffering News Editor. He’s popular in-house, but has never actually run anything. Lots of experience of Martin Clarke bawling at him may, however, give him the management template to run the title in the style it has been run hitherto.
  • Tony Gallagher is currently Deputy Editor of The Times, waiting to step into the shoes of the Editor John Witherow, who turns 70 next month. He was the Editor at the Daily Telegraph who oversaw the MPs’ expense scandal reporting and was Deputy Editor of the Daily Mail before being appointed as editor-in-chief of The Sun. It should not be forgotten that he worked on the launch of MailOnline at the beginning with Martin Clarke.
  • Matt Chorley made his name as a political reporter at MailOnline by stealing stories from Guido unattributed and claiming them as “exclusives”. Currently doing a “comedy show” for Times Radio. He can dream.

Whoever gets the job will oversee one of the most-read publications in the free world…

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Mail and Sun Promise Kinder, Gentler Editing

The Mail’s deputy political editor Tobyn Andreae has told the BBC’s Media Show podcast that the paper wouldn’t re-run their infamous “enemies of the people” headline today, implying it was a mistake they’d try avoiding nowadays:

“I suspect not every editor makes their own judgments. And of course, it’s always great to be wise with hindsight; would Paul Dacre use the same headline again? I can’t speak for him. He was a tremendously gifted editor from whom I learned an awful lot. But it’s a fast paced newsroom. Sometimes mistakes do get made. I can’t promise they won’t ever get made again.”

Andreae defended “kicking down as well as punching up”, for example going after benefit cheats, and it being as fair game as the Matt Hancock scoop, though saying they’re in a different category and the paper would “balance that out in the way those stories are presented”.

Sun editor-in-chief Victoria Newton was also asked whether the paper’s “not averse to a bit of kicking down”, she parried:

“I’m not sure that’s entirely fair. I mean, I think I edit the paper in a different way to perhaps some of my predecessors. I make it my conscious decision to work with people on stories a lot of the time. And, you know I have brilliant relationships with many celebrities and their agents.”

Guido wonders what James Slack, the former Daily Mail hack whose byline was on the ‘Enemies of the People’ splash, would think of this discussion now he’s been poached by The Sun as their new deputy editor-in-chief…

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