HMRC Hiring Diversity & Inclusion Managers on £50,000 Salaries

Just because Saj is trying to crack down on the taxpayer waste in the NHS, doesn’t mean the woke whack-a-mole game is over. HMRC are now on the lookout for 3 new Diversity & Inclusion managers, with salaries starting on £34,000 and going all the way up to nearly £50,000. It never ends.

Budding diversity tsars in Belfast have until the end of the month to get their applications in at Erskine House, with diversity business manager, consultant, and adviser roles all up for grabs.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance investigations campaign manager Elliot Keck adds:

“Taxpayers are fed up of paying for diversity non-jobs. We’re told that tax cuts are years away, yet the tax collectors are still happy to splash the cash on needless hires. Government bodies should get a grip on these unnecessary posts.”

All these jobs should be part of the human resource department’s responsibilities. At least we can rest assured when the taxman raids your pockets, he/she/zi/zir represents the whole community…

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Woke NHS Equality Officers To Have Pay Bands Limited

Yesterday Sajid Javid told an NHS conference in Liverpool that no more taxpayers’ cash will be poured into the NHS as this would be “unfair on younger generations”, emphasising “the answer can’t always be more money” as he rejected demands from NHS bosses to increase NHS spending beyond 44%* of public spending. Saj told them

“I don’t want my children or anyone’s children to grow up in a country where more than half of public spending is taken up by healthcare, at the expense of everything else from education to housing. That’s not a fair deal for the British people, particularly young people.”

A much needed and welcome reality check. The restraint most urgently needs to be applied to the burgeoning band of staff who are non-patient focused. Last week Sajid announced a new war on NHS woke waste, with DHSC publishing a report into NHS leadership featuring new promises to reduce the proliferation of woke diversity and inclusion managers. Guido’s been campaigning against the overpaid woke bureaucrats for months; in April he found four jobs going for race and equality leads, some set to be paid as much as £90,387 a year; in March he found three more ads all to be paid over £50,000 a year; in December there were 12 ads running, with one salary reaching £108,075 – the total bill was £618,612 of annual wages; at the start of 2021, eight diversity managers were hired on £50,000 salaries. Indefensible during a cost-of-living crisis…

With plans set to be announced in the next couple of months, the department is hard at work thinking about how to respond to the NHS’s approach to spending taxpayers’ cash on non-patient focused staff. As well as hoping to reduce the number of equality roles in the service, Guido was told by one department source considerations may also be given towards trying to dictate what pay band equality roles fall under, preventing the woke warriors from being paid almost as much as the Prime Minister. This is in addition to issuing guidance that diversity and inclusion should be part of the responsibilities of the existing human resources departments. Guido looks forward to seeing the forthcoming plans…

*Figure excluding pensions and welfare payments.

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Network Rail’s Latest Diversity & Inclusion Cash Splurge

On the day the unions reveal another 6,000 Network Rail staff are to be balloted for strike action in July, Guido thought it was worth reminding rail bosses that pay negotiations might’ve been slightly easier if they’d taken more than five seconds to look at their own balance sheet. Maybe a bit much for a body which boasted of employing the highest-paid diversity officer in the country, on a salary higher than the PM’s…

Now new Freedom of Information requests from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) have found that Network Rail spent £6,326.82 on a pair of rainbow-painted golf buggies in St. Pancras. Perfect for staff to zoom around on if and when when they’re actually working. 

TPA investigations campaign manager Elliot Keck added:

“While taxpayers face nightmare commutes, Network Rail staff whizz around in rainbow-wrapped rides.”

This is courtesy of the same Network Rail that released a guide to infinite pronouns, and encouraged staff at an underperforming branch to use “humankind” rather than mankind when talking to customers. Strikes begin next week.

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EXCLUSIVE: Yvette Cooper’s Son Led Trans Rights Disruption of Zahawi Q&A

Last night the Telegraph reported that Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi had been subjected to a trans rights protest while visiting Warwick University last week. Zahawi was hounded off campus by a group of students accusing him of “inciting hatred” by defining “adult human females” during a talk. In tweets posted by Warwick Pride LGBTQUIA+* Association last Wednesday, the group claimed:

“Zahawi has also made very concerning comments regarding corporal punishment and has made other transphobic remarks such as using the common transphobic dog-whistle “adult human female… the notion that Zahawi does not incite hatred is ludicrous at best.”

A source close to Zahawi says he took questions for nearly half an hour, and when asked about trans rights said the issue needed to be “handled in a loving way, whilst affirming that parents need to be consulted on issues relating to their children and that the rights of trans people need protecting, just as our rights do.” They continued without holding back:

“The hyperbole from a small clutch of hysterical students stands in stark contrast to Zahawi’s caring and nuanced take, which means theese protesters are due glittering careers in a Labour front bench that can’t grasp either the rudiments or biology nor the maturity of grown-up debate.”

The Telegraph’s report missed the key involvement in the protest by one student who interrupted Zahawi’s Q&A to rant about how parents shouldn’t get a look-in if their child thinks they’re transgender. The son of Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls, Joel Cooper.

A video posted by the Warwick Labour society shows Cooper interrupting the question session while another student interrupts him to point out the son of New Labour’s power couple was blacklisted from the event, as organisers believed he and the Labour society were planning to disrupt it. After concluding his monologue he sat down to applause from fellow Labour activist gatecrashers.

Joel shared the clip, premeditatedly recorded for him by a fellow activist, to his Instagram story, where no doubt follower dad Ed Balls saw it.

The intervention from the son of the Shadow Home Secretary comes the same week as Labour once again erupts into a row about whether women can have penises. In March, Joel’s mum, Yvette, was asked on TalkRadio whether she could define what a woman was, and refused to be “drawn down a rabbit hole on this”. The same Tory source quips “The Labour party seem totally unable to shake off penisgate, just as they were getting over cervixgate. It makes one wonder why they bothered with all women shortlists for all those years”.

*Don’t ask.

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Treasury Civil Servants Warned “Seemingly Nice People” Can Be Appallingly Unwoke

While the Treasury might struggle with old computers and recouping the billions lost to Covid loan fraud, at least their staff still have time to focus on the real issues. In a lengthy new internal memo to Treasury civil servants this week, the department’s head of Ethnic Diversity Network (EDN) shared a series of helpful pointers for staff to become “critical friends” of the Treasury and remind them “we are all a work in progress“. Along with the stern warning: “seemingly “nice” people can exhibit appalling behaviour: make sure that’s not you”…

The post also encourages mandarins to refresh their memories of the “Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Action Plan“:

“Being an ally means making intentional choices and actions that make clear to everyone around you about where you stand. If you get that right, then you help change the norms of what is and isn’t acceptable and you will empower others to be heard and to participate.”

This basically amounts to staff self-policing each other Maoist-style. It’s important to “make [it] clear to everyone around you about where you stand”, sounds like ritual denunciations for deviations from woke ideology are being advocated.

“The Ethnic Diversity Network (EDN) plays an important role as critical friends of the department. It’s a role that we don’t shy away from… You can read the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Action Plan, and the personal commitment and kindness I have experienced from many of its members over the years… Anyone can be a critical friend — for example we all have access to our Group D&I plans and performance data via the diversity dashboard. You can ask your Group D&I Champion about how your Group is doing against its goals, share your ideas and get involved in making things happen.

If staff struggle with any of this, they’re in luck: apparently there’s still time to book onto the department’s mandatory diversity workshops which, as usual, take place during working hours…

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Labour’s Divisive Language Fails to Embrace Progressive Phraseology

Yesterday the civil service finally acted on the advice of its Race Disparity Unit and banned the archaic acronym “BAME” across government. In a blog post, the mandarins explained that the phrase’s lack of precision means it was both exclusionary of certain minority groups and not inclusive enough. “Ethnic minorities or people from ethnic minority backgrounds” is much better…

While Guido is pleased to see the civil service are putting time and thought into such an important issue, he’s less impressed with the Labour Party, which clearly doesn’t care about making its members feel included or appreciate the dangers of using the wrong acronym. The party’s national executive committee are preparing to run internal elections later this year for… BAME representatives. It also still has a whole section of its website explaining its “long history” of championing the BAME community – although that page also features a quote claiming “Labour is the party of equality“. A quote attributed to Dawn Butler and, yes, Jeremy Corbyn…

Funnily enough, the civil service blog post specifically mentions how BAME ignores “Gypsy, Roma and Traveller and ‘other white’ ethnic minority groups“. Wonder which “other” ethnic minority groups they mean…

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