SNP MP: “I Have Nothing to Say” on Male Rapists in Female Prisons

Interviewed by LBC this morning, SNP MP Alyn Smith was asked “Do you think trans people convicted of [rape] should be in women’s jails?”

“I have nothing to say on that”

Everything’s going well in SNP Land…

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Lisa Nandy Backed Male Rapists in Women’s Prisons

It seems like the neverending push for wokeness hit the buffers this week as both the Labour leadership and Nicola Sturgeon managed to unite on the tricky question of whether a male sex offender pretending to identify as a trans woman should be housed in a women’s prison. The news comes as unfortunate timing for the SNP given their recent virtue signalling over gender self-ID, which opponents warned would lead to absurdities like this and who were called bigots for doing so.

Given both Yvette Cooper told the Today Programme that “This dangerous rapist should not be in a woman’s prison”, Guido reckons there may be some awkwardness around the shadow cabinet table.

Back when she was campaigning to become Labour leader, Lisa Nady was asked directly whether men identifying as women should be allowed in women’s prisons. The questioner used the 2018 example of a child rapist who was convicted and then went onto claim he was a woman. Nandy was asked whether he should be accommodated in a women’s or a men’s prison…

“I believe fundamentally in people’s right to self ID… so I think that crimes that are recorded should be recorded as that person wishes.”

You asked about whether trans people should be in women’s or men’s prisons. I think trans women are woman and trans men are men. So I think they should be accommodated in the prison of their choosing.”

Labour and the SNP now claiming that this trans rapist is not a woman despite the individual’s claim to the contrary entirely undermines the ‘trans x are x’ argument…

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CCHQ Scraps ‘Unconscious Bias’ Training for Parliamentary Candidates

Earlier this week it was revealed Conservative candidates are receiving vital “unconscious bias” training ahead of their selection, with useful lessons in “white resentment” and gender fluidity all on the menu. Would-be MPs were even advised against being alone with a member of the opposite sex…

Now ITV reports the Party has deleted the course entirely, after a fierce backlash from Tory MPs – including the Common Sense group, chaired by Sir John Hayes – warned that the training was “divisive nonsense” that needed scrapping. The Common Sense group immediately demanded a meeting at CCHQ, including with Party Chair Nadhim Zahawi, with Zahawi later writing to MPs:

“This ‘training’ was provided by a private contractor as an optional extra to our candidates. It was not commissioned or endorsed by the Party and once I found out about it I have ensured it has been removed […] I don’t believe anyone should be ashamed of who they are or their background and this ‘training’ has no place in the Conservative Party.”

That’s one mess Zahawi’s cleaned up, at least…

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Tory Candidates Lectured in Unconscious Bias and “White Resentment”

As continued reports of Whitehall going woke hit the press, the government has repeatedly pledged to clamp down on the excesses of identity politics. Embarrassingly the message hasn’t reached CCHQ, well and truly captured by woke culture warriors. The Telegraph reports that Conservative candidates themselves are being given “unconscious bias” training. As Suella Braverman pledged a review into “woke nonsense” in the Home Office, she might want to start a little closer to home…

Candidates are lectured on “microaggressions” and educated on inclusive terminologies – from “polygender” to “affirmed gender”. After completing the training, candidates are then quizzed on what they learned, with one expecting candidates to confirm that “white resentment” is a significant problem for BAME employees.

The lessons also lecture on microaggressions, such as asking a black colleague “why does your hair not look like ours?”.

Would-be MPs are also advised against immodest behaviour, like being alone with a member of the opposite sex, when it might contradict someone’s religion. Admittedly it’s not the worst PR headache CCHQ’s dealing with…

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Telegraph Kicks Off LGBT+ History Month

For all the paper’s culture war-stoking, The Telegraph is remarkably woke when it comes to its own HR practices. In November Guido revealed the paper’s Buckingham Palace Road offices has its own woke library of critical race theory-promoting books, attacking – among other things – white fragility. The company’s leftie graduates in the HR department are already making hay this new year, laying the groundwork for LGBT+ history month.

Coming soon to Telegraph HQ will be a drag performance by Drag Kings. Guido’s sure the Lobby team will be keen to make the journey over to Victoria for that enticing offer…

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Kemi Calls in Intellectual Support to Resist Woke Policy Skew in Government

As the two-year anniversary of the Sewell Report approaches, and with Nicola Sturgeon’s Gender Recognition Bill threatening women-only spaces across the UK, Guido is happy to report that Kemi Badenoch has beefed up her team in the Equalities Unit by appointing Nikki Da Costa and Mercy Muroki as Policy Fellows. Two warriors in the culture war on the side of the angels.

Nikki has served as the Director of Legislative Affairs for two PMs, has huge experience navigating parliament, and speaks a whole lot of sense on women’s issues. Mercy has a Masters from Oxford on Social Policy and was one of the Commissioners on Tony Sewell’s mould-breaking Race and Ethnic Disparities Commission, who – to the disgust of much of the Labour Party and the woke left – found that Britain was “not an institutionally racist country”.

With nearly every charity, chattering class pundit and academic ready to slaughter anyone with a dissident view on women and equalities issue regardless of what they say, this Government can use all the outside expertise it can get…

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