Centre for Social Justice Appoints Swathe of New Directors

Yet more Tufton Street reshuffling this week as the Centre for Social Justice appoints three new directorships. Their Homelessness lead Joe Shalam, and former DExEU SpAd Gavin Rice are both being appointed Directors of Policy; Matthew Patten has been appointed as the CSJ’s political and comms director, having previously led the Mayor’s Fund for London as CEO and a short tenure as a Brexit Party MEP.

In yet more ASI news, Guido understands their current head of government affairs John Macdonald is being promoted to director of strategy, and Morgan Schondelmeier to director of operations from Monday, following the departure of Matt Kilcoyne. They’re also hiring a new head of comms.¬†Get applying now…

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Wonk Wars: The Rankings

ComRes have today revealed their rank bank of think tanks, assessing where the esteemed establishments rank among MPs of different parties. Their bi-annual survey of MPs has found that the Centre for Policy Studies and the Institute of Economic Affairs come out on top among Tory MPs, with 65% and 59% of Tory MPs respectively endorsing them for their ‘high quality output’. Free market ideas still rule the roost, despite the leanings of the current party leadership…

Additionally, 39% of Conservative MPs say the CPS is one of the most influential think tanks, with the IEA nearest on 35%. The Centre for Social Justice, Institute for Fiscal Studies and The Taxpayers’ Alliance follow closely behind to round out the top five. The CPS are by far the biggest climbers with a sizable 13% jump, testament to their recent star hires

Labour MPs liked the IPPR best, with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and IFS falling in behind. On an overall cross-party basis, the top five most influential wonks were the IFS (37%), followed by the JRF (30%), Chatham House (28%), the IEA (28%), and the CPS (24%).

Oddly, the Adam Smith Institute wasn’t included in the list for MPs to choose from, despite some big policy wins¬†this year. Guido hears the CPS has sportingly called on ComRes to include the ASI next time round…

Read the report in full below:

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