Hancock Auctions Refugee Family’s Art to Fundraise for Ukraine

This Friday it’s the one year anniversary of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and Matt Hancock’s doing something special to commemorate the day. On Monday he’ll be at the NFT Gallery in Mayfair, flogging crypto art to fundraise for the country…

“I would love to invite you to join me in celebrating the launch of the ‘From Ukraine with Love’ NFT collection, facilitated by the Coinbase NFT Marketplace.”

The NFT collection has been painted by one of the five Ukrainian refugees Hancock’s been hosting, Oleg Mischenko. His wife arrived in West Suffolk at the start of the war, before the Homes for Ukraine scheme was launched, and Matt took them in. Oleg initally had to stay in Ukraine like all men his age, though he has subsequently joined his family in the UK.

The NFT collection, in a departure from the stereotypical cartoony style associated with the genre, comprises a number of paintings of Oleg’s country and will be auctioned off on the 27th. 

Fair play Matt…

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Jo Johnson Quits Crypto Firm Weeks After Boris Warns of “Ponzi Schemes”

Just two weeks after his brother raked in the dough hailing the “possibilities” of blockchain in Singapore, Jo Johnson has thrown in the towel as an adviser at Binance… a cryptocurrency exchange. According to the Telegraph, Jo only took up the role in September, yet resigned last week in the wake of growing scrutiny of the company’s finances and instability across the crypto sector. However, while the ex-PM did hail the possibilities of crypto, he added an important caveat

“When there is a mania and a bubble, when you have speculators driving up prices by finding a wider pool of people to exploit, you do need measures to protect the public from Ponzi schemes.”

Looks like Jo’s listened to big brother BoJo…

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