Raab’s Department on a Critical Race Theory Social Justice Drive

Dominic Raab obviously had a cracking start to his new job last Wednesday. Just as he settled into his new office chair at the Ministry of Justice, one of the first items to arrive in his inbox was a polite reminder for all MoJ civil servants to brush up on their Critical Race Theory (CRT). Linking to an article that suggests “there is no single objective truth or reality”, and even criticises Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch for her “controversialviews on the subject, the round robin email recommended everyone give it a read because it might be “illuminating“. Useful stuff for a department currently grappling with a court backlog of over 60,000 cases…

Given Raab himself made headlines last year for refusing to kneel during the BLM protests because it was “a symbol of subjugation and subordination” – and a gesture “taken from the Game of Thrones” – Guido’s sure he poured over every dot and comma of Included.com’s helpful piece. Raab will want to roll-back on this poison emanating from his own Ministry of Justice public appointments division….

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Loony Leftie Lecturers Lining Up Against Kemi Badenoch

Equalities minister Kemi Badenoch sent Twitter’s wokesters and academia’s race baiters into meltdown a fortnight ago when her savaging of “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) went viral, with 2.4 million views. Guido’s since picked up on an open letter doing the rounds in nutty left-wing academic circles, who – unable to take on the substance of what Badenoch argues – have chosen instead to misrepresent her words. Aside from their attacks on the substance of Kemi’s words – incorrectly claiming she wants “the banning of certain ideas or schools of thought” and that she misunderstands history and CRT – the mostly former-polytechnic-based academics now claim CRT has “scientific principles” behind their ideology. Eugenicists, phrenologists and Marxists have argued the same for decades..

Looking into the list of mainly non-black academics telling Kemi Badenoch to ‘educate herself’, many have a track record of peddling conspiracy theories, hard-left drivel and even racist tropes against ethnic minorities they disagree with. Guido brings you some of the eye-catching highlights:

Dr Goldie Osuri – Associate Professor, University of Warwick

  • Claimed antisemitism in the Labour Party was an ‘Israeli Lobby kind of idea’ 
  • Said the Israeli Prime Minister was a butcher and that Israelis were ‘bloodthirsty’

Dr Sadhvi Dar – Senior Lecturer in CSR and Business Ethics, Queen Mary’s

  • Accuses the Royal family of upholding white supremacy
  • Believes white people subordinate all people of colour
  • Believes universities are an arm of the state designed to keep non-white people down. 
  • Blamed racism for obesity

Dr Hannah Robbins – Director of Black Studies, University of Nottingham

  • Equates singing Rule Britannia with celebrating mass slaughter. 
  • Claimed singing Rule Britannia at the Proms was a constant reminder of how her ancestors had been killed. 

Dr Jou Yin Teoh – Lecturer and Racial and Cultural Equity, Brunel University London

  • Apologist for the Chinese regime: “Even the Chinese government is able to acknowledge that anti-black sentiments exist in China and is taking proactive steps to acknowledge it. So let’s not be apologists for bad behaviour, shall we?”

Lubaaba Al-Azami – PhD Candidate English Literature, University of Liverpool

  • Defended Jeremy Corbyn by calling Tony Blair the architect of a violent racist ideology
  • Called Boris Johnson ‘human scum’

Dr Hadiza Kere Abdulrahman – Lecturer in Inclusive Education, Bishop Grosseteste University

  • Asked non-white conservatives to consider whether they were truly conservatives because of their race. 

Professor Bobby Banerjee – Associate Dean of Research & Enterprise, The Business School, University of London

  • Claims there are too many white people at business schools and that these schools continue to profit from killing people

Dr Tanzil Chowdhury – Lecturer in Public Law, Queen Mary, University of London

  • Accused the Labour party of destroying Iraq and Afghanistan ‘bastardising’ their children
  • Blamed Britain’s foreign policy for terror attacks on the UK by extremists. 

Dr Triona Fitton – School of Social Policy Lecturer, University of Kent

  • Believes Starmer is using Jews as a cover for factional bloodletting

Dr Gurnam Singh – Honorary Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick

  • Teaches students that a belief in meritocracy is evidence of white supremacy

Annabel Crowley – University of the Arts London

  • Asserts “non-white people in the UK grow up enveloped by institutional white supremacy”
  • Sees white people as a ‘discomforting force’.
  • Waving the English flag shows ‘unflatering loyalty to whiteness’. 

Zey Suka-Bill – University College London

  • Believes what is taught at schools and universities uphold western dominance and whiteness. 
  • Believes the curriculum at universities is ‘whitewashed’ and used to marginalise non-white people. 

Dr David Wearing – International Relations, University of Southampton

  • Described Sir Keir Starmer as a “middling white guy plank of wood with a haircut” and said Labour was “fucked” if Rebecca Long-Bailey was not elected leader.
  • Believes black students only thrive when their teacher and authors look like them.
  • Admits Labour members do not care about racism

Looks like Kemi’s on pretty sound ideological ground…

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