Feminist Campaigners Secretly Filmed Strippers

Feminists have continued their crusade against women being able to make their own decisions by trying to shut down a legal strip club with covert filming. One group hired two male undercover investigators to film naked and semi-naked encounters with women in Sheffield earlier this year, and Guido is told this is happening across the country. Actively working to intimidate independent women because they work in an industry they disapproves of, in the name of ‘Women’s Equality’.

The United Voices of the World union which represents many of the women working in the industry has claimed that the Women’s Equality Party is behind the covert filming and demanded that the group “cease its campaign of harassment and intimidation against dancers” and delete “what could amount to ‘revenge porn’ of naked women, obtained with the explicit aim to undermine and harm them.” Under the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015

“The non-consensual sharing of any explicit film or photograph showing an individual depicted in a sexual way or with their private parts exposed, where what is visible in the image would not be seen in public”

… is a crime.

United Voices of the World added that the filming “without explicit and direct consent and in clear violation of their right to privacy, is not just immoral — it is unlawful.” Awkward…

UPDATE: A previous version of this attributed the filming to the Women’s Equality Party. They tell us it is not their doing. Some members do support the campaign.

Labour’s Laughable Law and Order Pitch

Jeremy Corbyn led his PMQs interrogation on the rising knife crime epidemic today, attacking the PM over reductions in police numbers. But Guido isn’t so sure that the Labour leadership’s newfound claims to be the best placed to secure law and order are accurate…

Just last month, Corbyn’s Labour Party voted against several measures that would have helped to combat the rising knife crime crisis. In the Lords, Labour voted against the introduction of Knife Crime Prevention Orders, which are designed to place curbs on those who routinely carry knives, and prevent gang escalation. In the Commons, they voted against an extra £970 million being made available to the police. Not a single Labour MP voted in favour…

Back in 2014, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell both voted against changing the law so anyone caught carrying a knife for a second time would face a custodial sentence. Corbyn said he would vote against the measure because it “looks tough”. Oh, and in 2005 the future Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said she wanted to dismantle the police…

 “We are not interested in reforming … the police, armed services, judiciary and monarchy. We are about dismantling them and replacing them with our own machinery of class rule.”

With a record like this it’s a brave move for Corbyn’s Labour now to be trying to portray themselves as the party of law and order…

UPDATE: Meanwhile, Shadow Policing Minister Louise Haigh has co-signed this letter to Theresa May today, saying:

“It was therefore remarkable to hear you claim again on Monday that “there is no direct correlation between certain crimes and police numbers”. Regrettably, this shows that you are in complete denial and senior officers across the country have said so.”

Who told the Today Programme in April last year: “We do not say that there is a direct correlation or a direct causal factor between the number of officers on the ground and the number[s] of crime”? Louise Haigh…

Sadiq’s New Crime Crony’s Suspect Selection Process

Sadiq Khan has already come under fire for choosing one of his cronies, Labour Councillor Lib Peck, to be his new London crime tsar on a whopping £116,000 salary, despite gun crime almost doubling in her own patch of Lambeth where she has been leader of the Council for six years. Now Guido can shed some light on the murky process which led to her appointment…

The Violence Reduction Unit is a new Khan creation, a ‘Partnership Reference Group’ was set up last year specifically to oversee its creation, chaired by Khan himself and his Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden. Who else was a ‘Partner’ in the Group and has attended every meeting? A certain Lib Peck…

Indeed, Labour’s Wes Streeting was keen to draw attention to this fact after her appointment was first criticised:

In fact, according to the Group’s official Terms of Reference, not only did the Partnership Reference Group design the VRU but it specifically designed the role of Director and the recruitment process for it:

A panel of eight carried out the longlist and shortlist for candidates for the role of Director, while a heavily overlapping panel of eight (six people sat on both) then carried out the final assessments where Lib Peck was selected. On both selection panels, six of the eight members had already worked alongside Peck designing her role on the Partnership Reference Group…

One member of both selection panels, John O’Brien, knows Peck particularly well – O’Brien has been the Chief Executive of London Councils since 2007. Who is the Deputy Chair of and has been a member of London Councils’ Executive committee since 2014? You’ve guessed it. Lib Peck…

And delving even more deeply into the Group’s Terms of Reference reveals exactly who nominated Peck to be on the Partnership Reference Group in the first place. London Councils…

Appointing a Labour politician rather than a policing professional – and one with a poor track record at that – to a highly overpaid quango job is a questionable decision in itself. When that person was involved in designing the selection process for the role themselves and had prior relationships with 6 of 8 people on both selection panels it starts to look a whole lot more questionable than that…

With or Without Water Cannon, Boris Brought Down Crime, Unlike Sadiq

Much has been made of Sadiq’s sale of Boris’ water cannon today. It’s easy to forget that the three cannon were purchased at a time when there were great fears of civil unrest in the wake of the London riots. Guido understands that Cameron had privately agreed he’d licence them if there was another riot. However, Theresa May blocked it politically, asking for copious safety assurances, which were met by the Mayor’s Office and the Met but then ignored by the Home Secretary.

A source close to Boris told Guido “Boris made tackling crime his top priority when he came into office… he reduced the murder rate by 50% and brought overall crime down by 20%. This is a legacy the new mayor has sadly been unable to match.”

It looks to Guido as if Boris’ overall approach worked…

Tommy Robinson Released

Robinson is to be released from prison on bail after partially winning an appeal against his Contempt of Court ruling. The case will now be reheard. The far right will be jumping all over this…

New Director of Public Prosecutions Said Returning ISIS Jihadis Shouldn’t Be Arrested

The new Director of Public Prosecutions is Max Hill QC – and his appointment is already proving controversial. He is previously on the record saying that returning ISIS fighters should not be arrested and should instead be given “space” to get back to a normal life as they are just “naive” teenagers. He said that returning jihadis “do not justify prosecution and really we should be looking towards reintegration”. He also said the term “Islamist terrorism” should be banned and tried to set up a meeting with Cage, the group that called Jihadi John “a beautiful young man”. After the shambolic tenures of Alison Saunders and Keir Starmer, hardly an appointment to inspire the confidence of the public. Another proud day in the history of the Crown Prosecution Service…

Knife Crime and Murder Rate Up

New crime stats via the ONS:

  • a continued rise in the number of offences involving knives or sharp instruments, with police recording 16% more offences this year compared with last year
  • the number of homicides recorded by the police showed a fourth consecutive rise, increasing by 12% compared with last year; this follows a long-term decline
  • these offences tend to be concentrated in London and other metropolitan areas

When are the PM and Mayor of London going to get a grip?

Team Diane Deletes 9 Tweets That Got Police Numbers Wrong

With the crime numbers out at 9:30am, Guido can offer a helpful word of advice to Diane Abbott and the Shadow Home Office team. For the last few weeks they have been tweeting every couple of days about police cuts since 2010, telling voters again and again that 1,000 officers have gone under the Tories. They have used the 1,000 figure at least nine times over the last few weeks. The correct number is 21,000. Since Guido pointed this out, the Shadow Home Office team have deleted all their wrong tweets. Happy to have been of assistance…

LibDem Policy: It’s Transphobic to Call Ian Huntley Ian Huntley

It is now LibDem policy that calling Ian Huntley Ian Huntley is transphobic and that anyone who does so is guilty of a “moral failure”. The Soham killer has been telling fellow lags he now identifies as a woman and, according to various media reports, has asked them to call him “Lian”. Alisdair Calder McGregor, who sits on the LibDem Federal Policy Committee, says that “deadnaming” Huntley by calling him Ian is transphobic, “whoever they are and whatever they’ve done”. McGregor went on to say that it is LibDem policy that prisoners, “even those whose offences sicken us”, should be held in prisons which reflect their gender identity rather than their birth gender assignment. The LibDems seriously want Huntley in a women’s prison.

Good luck with that one on the doorstep.

Tommy Robinson Jailed, Reporting Restrictions Lifted

Tommy Robinson has been jailed for 13 months for potentially prejudicing a court case while already on a suspended sentence for contempt of court. Reporting restrictions on Robinson’s arrest have now been lifted. Robinson’s knuckle-dragging supporters were triggered yesterday into claiming there was a conspiracy of silence and an establishment stitch-up. In the real world, a judge ruled that Robinson’s actions could prejudice an ongoing case. Embarrassingly for the Breitbart crowd, reporting restrictions were only lifted following an application by the MSM…

This is what Judge Norton warned Robinson last year:

Robinson was warned he would be sent to jail if he took on contempt of court laws and did anything that could prejudice a trial ever again. He did so anyway. Tommy Robinson is an idiot.

Khan on Violent Crime Crisis: ‘We’ve Done Nothing Wrong’

Sadiq Khan has claimed he has “done nothing wrong” as London mayor during the capital’s worst violent crime crisis in decades. Speaking on LBC Khan said:

“I accept responsibility for policing in London… I don’t think we’ve done anything wrong in London.”

Khan was personally criticised last month after he disappeared for days – before finally commenting as knife deaths reached 50 so far this year. He also admitted he hadn’t met bereaved families and his office blamed purdah rules for his silence. Not a great look…

UPDATE: Incoming from Tory London vice chair Paul Scully:

“Sadiq Khan needs to take action on violent crime for the safety of Londoners. As the Mayor of London he has direct responsibility – and the powers – to tackle violent crime in our city, and shifting the blame will not save the lives that are tragically being lost on the capital’s streets.”

Vaz Case Referred Back to Police

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has referred the Keith Vaz coke-and-rent-boys case back to the Metropolitan Police. Developing…

Met Say Olney Committed Criminal Offence Over Spending Breach

The Metropolitan Police has has found “discrepancies” with the election spending return of former LibDem MP Sarah Olney, which it says amounts to a criminal offence. Olney has been interviewed by cops under caution. Yet, despite an offence being committed, the CPS has decided not to charge Olney because “it would not be in the public interest” as there is no evidence Olney has been deliberately dishonest. This looks to be an error on the part of the CPS. Olney declared on her expenses form that she became a candidate on 31 October, but she announced herself as the candidate on 26 October. By declaring a false start date, Olney was able to cut several days of spending out of her regulated period. How is that not dishonest?

The police are showing it’s one rule for politicians and another rule for everyone else – would they treat a benefits cheat with the same leniency? The Met and the CPS giving the LibDems the green light to break the law at will…

Crime Up Under Khan and Rudd | London Knife Crime Up 21%

The Met Police has released the latest year-on-year crime stats. They are not good reading for under pressure Sadiq Khan or beleaguered Amber Rudd…

  • Murder: Up 12% over previous month; up 52% over last 12 months;
  • Violence against the person: Up 16% over last month; over 5% over last 12 months;
  • Knife crime: Up 8% on last month; up 21% over last 12 months;
  • Gun crime: Up 21% on last month; up 5% over last 12 months;
  • Robbery: Up 5% over last month; up 36% over last 12 months;
  • Robbery of mobile phone: Up 3% on last month; up 32% over last 12 months.
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Saj: We’ll Consult on Extending Stop and Search

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Two In Hospital After MP Targeted With Mystery Liquid

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Vaz Reported to National Crime Agency Over His Finances

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