Police Conclude Leave.EU Campaign Did Not Break Law During the 2016 Referendum

The Metropolitan Police have today announced there will be no further action against the Leave.EU campaign. The police said that there is insufficient evidence to justify any further criminal investigation. Campaign founder Arron Banks has demanded a public inquiry into Remainer MPs’ abuse of public office in response…

Read Banks’ statement in full here…

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Grassed-Up Labour Councillors Got Council Workers to Mow Their Own Private Lawns

Two Labour councillors have been caught red-handed getting their private gardening done on the sly by council workers who were working on council time. A leaked report obtained by the Bristol Post reveals that two local councillors, Eve Orpen and Edward Bathe-Taylor, were found in breach of the council’s official code of conduct. Both are running for re-election tomorrow…

After being grassed up Orpen admitted that she had asked council groundsmen to chop down trees in her private property, she was lumbered with the cost and paid the council back £102.52. Bathe-Taylor admitted to asking council workers to mow his lawns while he was away on holiday in 2015 with his wife Merle, a fellow Labour Councillor who was also accused but has reportedly been exonerated by the report. Mr Bathe-Taylor insisted that the illicit lawn-mowing took place without her knowledge…

The local Labour group leader Pat Rooney has taken the Sedwill approach to the leak, criticising the leak itself and the timing rather than responding to the substance. Surely the voters of Bristol will put them out to grass…

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Expense Fiddling Tory MP Faces Jail

The Tory MP for Brecon and Radnorshire has pleaded guilty to fiddling his expenses – Christopher Davies admitted to two charges involving falsifying invoices related to his Parliamentary expenses claims for furniture and pictures for his office. MPs have been jailed for similar…

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Street Fighting Mason or Handbags at the Hague?

Members of CIJO, a Dutch youth organisation which actively fights racism, discrimination and prejudice with a focus on antisemitism, last week welcomed Corbyn to a meeting with this banner. Corbyn spoke last Thursday night in The Hague at the invitation of PvdA leader Lodewijk Asscher. The PvdA is Labour’s sister party.

The banner mocking the official Labour slogan was hung on the balcony during Corbyn’s speech. After a few minutes, several people present, including someone from the organisation, physically challenged the CIJO members. CIJO chairman Hidde van Koningsveld claims he received a few blows. After Corbyn’s speech, the CIJO members were asked by security officers to leave.

Hidde tells Guido that fists were flying and he was abused. Subsequently he identified “the most violent” of the challengers as being Paul Mason. “We pressed charges on Tuesday and his name has been forwarded to the Dutch police.”

Guido spoke to Masson and he categorically denies being violent, he says he went over to find out what was going on and who they were, because he thought their banner was anti-Semitic. He says it was he who was verbally harassed and physically intimidated, adding that he got elbowed for his troubles.

David Garcia, who tweeted the above picture, sympathises with Paul Mason, saying it was a “vicious banner attacking Corbyn when he addressed the Dutch Labour party in the Hague. Paul Mason who was also present was understandably furious and tried to pull it down. The banner was later removed by security.” Guido put this to Mason and he also denied making any attempt to pull the banner down.

Who to believe in this case? One for Detective Van Der Valk

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LibDem Policy: It’s Transphobic to Call Ian Huntley Ian Huntley

It is now LibDem policy that calling Ian Huntley Ian Huntley is transphobic and that anyone who does so is guilty of a “moral failure”. The Soham killer has been telling fellow lags he now identifies as a woman and, according to various media reports, has asked them to call him “Lian”. Alisdair Calder McGregor, who sits on the LibDem Federal Policy Committee, says that “deadnaming” Huntley by calling him Ian is transphobic, “whoever they are and whatever they’ve done”. McGregor went on to say that it is LibDem policy that prisoners, “even those whose offences sicken us”, should be held in prisons which reflect their gender identity rather than their birth gender assignment. The LibDems seriously want Huntley in a women’s prison.

Good luck with that one on the doorstep.

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Million Pound Fraudsters Jailed For 22 Years After Cops Raided David Cameron ID Factory

A gang of fraudsters who who faked up ID cards in a million pound online swindle have been jailed for a total of 22 years. Cops found this driving licence in the name of David Cameron was used to advertise the conmen’s services. How on earth did they get caught?

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