Extinction Rebellion Targeting Tufton Street Again

Guido was on Tufton Street last year on the afternoon when Extinction Rebellion organised a demonstration outside the offices of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Guido left after listening to some crackpot speeches and watching the hippy dancing, which was before they started vandalising the offices.

Next week, Jessica Townsend will appear alongside XR co-founder Clare Farrell and Professor Rupert Read on charges related to vandalising the offices of 55 Tufton Street. The three are once again organising an event to coincide with the court date. Apparently it will be a tour of Tufton Street, “the most dangerous street in Britain”, revealing the

“Hidden away in corners of privilege around Westminster are a series of think thanks doing nefarious work… They hide in plain sight in nice suits, disguised as old white male has-beens or men without distinction. Join us and hear about the hidden villains of our time, tucked away in beautiful buildings paid for by dark money.”

Perhaps they will start with the biggest building on the street: the Mothers’ Union headquarters. In reality, Tufton Street is home to a number of think tanks and charities because rents are cheap for a location not too far from Parliament. Inside, most of the people working are casually dressed young idealists. The cheap offices are not what Guido would describe as beautiful. They’re more utilitarian.

There is something fundamentally totalitarian in believing that all opposition is illegitimate and any opponents must be physically attacked. Vandalising buildings isn’t going to advance your arguments, nor is it a healthy way to conduct democratic debate in an open society. The Courts should order the well-funded vandals of Extinction Rebellion to make full restitution financially for the damage, with additional exemplary fines.

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Sources Say BEIS Officials Have Contacted Amazon to Remove Fake Police Warrant Cards

According to a source officials from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have contacted Amazon asking them to remove fake police IDs, wallets and warrant cards currently available on the website. At the time of going to pixel the police-style paraphernalia is still available for purchase on amazon.co.uk. Impersonating a police officer is an offence, Amazon enabling the offence is not…

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Kids Company Hearing Starts Today

Five years have passed since Kids Company closed down and only today will Alan Yentob, the ex-BBC executive and the extraordinary Camilla Batmanghelidjh – who spent some £50 million of taxpayers money unaccountably and in an uncontrolled manner – face justice. Cash was given to kids who spent it as kids are wont to do.

Inquiries have previously found the charity gave brown envelopes stuffed with cash to troubled children as a matter of course, splurges included £50,000 allegedly spent on taxis at the charity’s Christmas party, and Batmanghelidjh had the use of a driver. Twelve-year-olds were given £150 trainers, while others were flown first class to America. One of the kids helped by the organisation told how she and her friends would splash the spending money they were given on cannabis.

Telling BBC Radio 4’s The Report: “We would queue up and sign our names down and get an envelope with £30 and an Oyster travelcard. Then we would go to the shop and buy whatever we wanted with that money. It was weed heaven on a Friday, you could smell it coming down from the landings.” Batmanghelidjh shamed David Cameron into giving her another £3 million days before the charity’s financial collapse…

This insolvency hearing could uncover criminal fraud or result in the the official receiver banning the eight defendants facing trial from being company directors. Arrogant Yentob still works for the BBC…

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Untaxed, Uninsured, Illegally Parked, that’s Leicester Councillor Responsible for Transport’s Car

This car belonging to Adam Clarke, the Deputy Mayor of Leicester, was parked illegally on the kerb on Monday – the picture was sent to Guido by a concerned resident. When we were looking into it we discovered it didn’t have an MOT certificate and was also untaxed, consequently uninsured according to the DVLA. Local sources tell me they have seen the shifty councillor driving around Leicester in the car. On the council, the deputy mayor has the responsibility for the transport portfolio locally. Is this responsible?

Guido called and texted Adam Clarke for an explanation on Tuesday, none was forthcoming, so we asked local MP Andrew Bridgen what he thought:

Whether it’s the Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby and his lockdown-breaking antics or the deputy Mayor Adam Clarke (responsible for transport) who is driving without tax and insurance. Surely the people of Leicester deserve better than this? Perhaps it’s a matter for the Labour Police & Crime commissioner to take up? Don’t hold your breath.

Leicester really is a rotten borough…

UPDATE:  A records check just now shows he got an MOT on Wednesday, the day after Guido called him.

What a coincidence…

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Police Conclude Leave.EU Campaign Did Not Break Law During the 2016 Referendum

The Metropolitan Police have today announced there will be no further action against the Leave.EU campaign. The police said that there is insufficient evidence to justify any further criminal investigation. Campaign founder Arron Banks has demanded a public inquiry into Remainer MPs’ abuse of public office in response…

Read Banks’ statement in full here…

Read More

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Grassed-Up Labour Councillors Got Council Workers to Mow Their Own Private Lawns

Two Labour councillors have been caught red-handed getting their private gardening done on the sly by council workers who were working on council time. A leaked report obtained by the Bristol Post reveals that two local councillors, Eve Orpen and Edward Bathe-Taylor, were found in breach of the council’s official code of conduct. Both are running for re-election tomorrow…

After being grassed up Orpen admitted that she had asked council groundsmen to chop down trees in her private property, she was lumbered with the cost and paid the council back £102.52. Bathe-Taylor admitted to asking council workers to mow his lawns while he was away on holiday in 2015 with his wife Merle, a fellow Labour Councillor who was also accused but has reportedly been exonerated by the report. Mr Bathe-Taylor insisted that the illicit lawn-mowing took place without her knowledge…

The local Labour group leader Pat Rooney has taken the Sedwill approach to the leak, criticising the leak itself and the timing rather than responding to the substance. Surely the voters of Bristol will put them out to grass…

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