Cummings Justifies Rule-Breaking in New 3,800 Word Blog

Dominic Cummings launched into another Substack diatribe last night, this time against the BBC who accused Cummings of trying to bypass rules for grants over £530,000. On 22 March 2020 Cummings wrote:

“Someone please ensure that they [OWID] have the 530k within 24 hours from now and report back to me it’s been sent. No procurement, no lawyers, no meetings, no delay please – just send immediately.”

Cummings confirmed that this “trivial” story was true and explained that sticking with ‘due process’ was killing people”. In fact Cummings admitted to sending many more messages that bypassed due process. He wrote:

“I sent many other similar messages on PPE, testing, the Vaccine Task Force (see below), and my interventions saved lives / reduced suffering / speeded vital projects like vaccines. I think that if I had NOT acted like this, it would been unprofessional and unethical.”

He followed this by accusing lawyers, MPs and journalists [AKA the ‘establishment’] of “doing all they can to defend the broken system and to attack those who tried to prioritise emergency action.”

In typical Cummings style, the Substack was littered with leaked emails, WhatsApp messages and graphs scribbled on whiteboards. None of the newly leaked materials were particularly scandalous, however they show that in March 2020 the UK was headed for a huge disaster. Cummings couldn’t resist making a few quick jibes at the PM writing that “Ninjeri Pandit (one of the many brilliant young women I saw around the table who would have been a 10X better PM than the PM)”. Read the rest of Cummings essay here.

Guido eagerly awaits Cummings’ next Q+A scheduled for next week. 

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Drakeford and Sturgeon Shy Away from Covid Inquiries

Both Mark Drakeford and Nicola Sturgeon are facing backlash after seemingly cowering out of conducting their own, nation-specific Covid inquiries. Despite it being in the SNP manifesto, Sturgeon is now being warned not to break the pledge after backtracking away from the commitment. The SNP manifesto promised a Scotland-specific inquiry “as soon as possible after the election”, however the first minister’s spokesman told the press on Sunday that the government “was yet to decide whether Scotland needed an inquiry at all, insisting she would first wait to see the terms of reference of a proposed UK-wide probe instead.” As slippery as a Sturgeon…

In Wales, Mark Drakeford didn’t commit to an inquiry in his election manifesto, and is sticking to his refusal. Being pressed during first minister’s questions yesterday, he told Tory leader Andrew RT Davies that the UK-wide inquiry being set up by the PM would be sufficient.

Unsurprisingly both Sturgeon and Drakeford want more powers for their respective countries’ assemblies, however shy away from increased scrutiny of how they’ve used their powers over the past year…

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Cummings’s Mea Culpa: “Senior Ministers, Senior Officials, Senior Advisors like Me Fell Disastrously Short”
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