WATCH: Jared O’Mara’s “Sh*tfaced” BBC Interview

As Jared O’Mara’s fraud trial rumbles on, with increasingly salacious allegations emerging by the day, Guido was struck by one revelation from yesterday’s proceedings. A text message from one of Jared’s co-defendants alleged:

“You got sh*tfaced before a Look North TV interview and then harassed a female member of staff.”

With the court hearing the disgraced Labour MP had downed a litre of vodka beforehand. Well, Guido has managed to track down the interview in question above. He holds up surprisingly well, all things considered…

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Jared “Smashed Loads of Coke” and Threatened to Sack Staffer Who Doubted Comedy Credentials

Jared O’Mara’s court case today entered its fourth day, as the court hear yet more tales of the Ex-Labour MPs exuberance. On Wednesday, the court heard that O’Mara was “non-existent” in office and would often blame injuries, including “slipping in the shower”, for his absence – so far nothing new. Leeds Crown Court did hear from a staffer who described a rare meeting with the disgraced MP:

“He did turn up, about an hour late… He appeared to be on some sort of substance, he was gurning, clenching his teeth, sweating and talking at a million miles an hour.”

During the meeting, O’Mara outlined plans to upload speeches and comedy routines to a paid online subscription service – “he fancied himself as a bit of a comedian”. One team member introduced a healthy dose of skepticism into the discussion and questioned the suggestion. O’Mara threatened to sack him.

As the case continued into Thursday, the jury was regaled with some of text messages sent by Gareth Arnold, one of Jared’s co-defendants. The prosecution said the messages included references to money-making schemes, bending the rules, demanding money from IPSA, deleting records and abandoning claims for payment. All in a day’s work…

Amongst the messages was a confession that Jared was “a few k in debt with a dealer” and in June 2019 Arnold bragged that he “just smashed loads of coke” with the local MP. Other messages suggest some more fraught relations between the pair:

“You got sh*tfaced before a Look North TV interview and then harassed a female member of staff.”

“It’s you who does cocaine instead of going to Parliament.”

Arnold also told O’Mara that he had seen his mental state deteriorate into “something very strange”, as a call played to the court claimed Jared “started to entertain the idea that some sort of shadowy government cabal is trying to bring him down”.  This is less surprising when contextualised appropriately. The court also heard his coke use amounted to “anything up to five grams a day”. 

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David Lammy’s Hypocrisy Excuse: I Was Young and Naïve

Dominic Raab had a confident dispatch box moment late yesterday afternoon, when he pointed out David Lammy has backed himself into a corner of his own making in opposing the government’s Judicial Review Bill. Part of the Bill includes the abolition of “Cart” judicial reviews, which Raab argues are broadly unsuccessful while delaying the deportation of people with no right to be in the country. Awkwardly for Labour, the Blair government proposed an even broader power in their own Bill in 2003 before dropping it due to outcry. The minister pushing through the changes at the time? David Lammy…

Raab confronted Lammy on his past judicial reforming zeal:

“I would be interested to know whether Labour will support us in this matter. I have done my homework – the right hon. Member for Tottenham is laughing – but if Labour plans to vote against this Bill on the basis of Cart, I would point out that the shadow Justice Secretary personally proposed a much broader so-called ouster clause back in 2003 in Labour’s Asylum and Immigration Bill…

It was the Asylum and Immigration Bill back in 2003. It did not have any of the exceptions and it was not as constrained as the Bill before the House today. He did not just support the measure; he proposed the measure.”

Midway through Lammy heckled out a feeble excuse: He was “young and naïve”…

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Tory MP Imran Ahmand Khan Charged With One Count of Sexual Assault

Red wall Tory MP, Imran Ahmad Khan, appeared at Westminster Magistrates this week over a historic “groping” claim. Khan has pleaded “not guilty”. The case involved the alleged sexual assault of a 15 year-old boy.

Khan stated:

“May I make it clear from the outset that the allegation, which is from over thirteen years ago, is denied in the strongest terms. This matter is deeply distressing to me and I of course, take it extremely seriously. To be accused of doing something I did not do is shocking, destabilising, and traumatic. I am innocent. Those, like me, who are falsely accused of such actions are in the difficult position of having to endure damaging and painful speculation until the case is concluded. I ask for privacy as I work to clear my name.

He will appear at the Old Bailey next month…

UPDATE:  He has had the Tory whip removed pending the outcome.

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Left-Wing MPs Slammed by Judge for Using Court Cases as Personal Publicity

This afternoon saw a rare court victory for Jolyon Maugham as his Good Law Project won a case in the High Court against Matt Hancock, with the ruling:

“The Secretary of State acted unlawfully by failing to comply with the Transparency Policy” and that “there is now no dispute that, in a substantial number of cases, the Secretary of State breached his legal obligation to publish Contract Award Notices within 30 days of the award of contracts.”

Guido’s all for government transparency when it comes to how taxpayer’s money’s being spent, so has few bones with Jolyon over this one…

Behind the victory celebrations, however, Guido spotted an interesting ruling in the court’s judgement; admonishing lefty MPs Caroline Lucas, Layla Moran and Debbie Abrahams for adding their names to the case just to garner personal publicity and make the claim look political rather than legal:

“It is particularly important that this guidance is adhered to in cases where the parties sought to be added are politicians. No doubt, the addition of politicians as parties may raise the profile of the litigation. It may make it easier to raise funds. But these are not proper reasons for adding parties. In a case where there is already a claimant with standing, the addition of politicians as claimants may leave the public with the impression that the proceedings are an attempt to advance a political cause, when in fact their sole legitimate function is to determine an arguable allegation of unlawful conduct.”

Remainers? Showboating? There’s a first time for everything…

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Corbyn Loses First Round of Labour Party Legal Battle

Corbyn has lost the first round of his legal battle with the Labour Party, after failing to force his former party into disclosing documents relating to his suspension. A High Court judge has refused, however, arguing Corbyn already has enough documents to launch legal proceedings. For a man who published eight separate manifestos in 2019, there’s no such thing as ‘enough documents’…

A spokesperson says:

“The Labour Party has always acted in line with our rules + procedures. We look forward to drawing a line under this matter + uniting our party ahead of a vital set of elections. It is regrettable that the court’s time and our members’ money was spent on this matter”

Paul Waugh reports the party will seek to recover legal costs from Corbyn for legal expenses it incurred…

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