WATCH: Suella Braverman Blasts “Unfair” Rwanda Judgement

In the Commons this afternoon, Braverman unleashed on the Court of Appeal judgement against Rwanda:

“The British people will no longer indulge the polite fiction that we have a duty or infinite capacity to support everyone in the world who is fleeing persecution… it is unfair on taxpayers who foot the hotel bill […] for people who’ve broken into this country. It’s unfair on those who play by the rules, and who want to see an asylum system that is fit for purpose. That our current system is exploited, and turned against us by those with no right to be in the UK. It’s unfair on those most in need of protection… This is madness, Mr Speaker, and it must end.”

Rishi confirmed soon after the ruling that the government is taking the judgement to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the boats will keep coming…

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Court of Appeal Rules Rwanda Plan Unlawful

The Court of Appeal has ruled that the government’s Rwanda plan is unlawful, after campaigners appealed the High Court’s prior ruling back in December. The ruling will now almost certainly go to the Supreme Court. Over a year since the policy was announced, not a single person has been sent to Rwanda. Rishi’s plan to stop the boats is sinking quickly…

UPDATE: Rishi responds, confirming the government is taking the decision to the Supreme Court:

“While I respect the court I fundamentally disagree with their conclusions. I strongly believe the Rwandan government have provided the assurances necessary to ensure there is no real risk that asylum-seekers relocated under the Rwanda policy would be wrongly returned to third countries — something that the Lord Chief Justice agrees with.

Rwanda is a safe country. The High Court agreed. The UNHCR have their own refugee scheme for Libyan refugees in Rwanda. We will now seek permission to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court.

The policy of this government is very simple, it is this country — and your government — who should decide who comes here, not criminal gangs. And I will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.”

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