West Midlands City Hall Looks to Rake in Taxpayer Funds

As the country struggles with near double-digit inflation and crippling strikes, one group of taxpayer-funded workers are doing very nicely for themselves. At a meeting of the West Midlands Combined Authority Board:

“It was agreed that the Monitoring Officer should write to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities to request that the West Midlands Combined Authority Order 2016 be further amended to allow the payment of allowances to all members and co-opted members of the WMCA.”

To cut through the jargon: they’re asking the government for a taxpayer-funded blank cheque…

This wasn’t the only cash-grab made by the council, they also “agreed all allowances should be index-linked and increased annually as proposed”. With inflation at its current rate, that will mean thousands of pounds are dished out in near 10% pay rises. Even nurses are being denied the same privilege.

To be fair, West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has committed to turn down his £16,000 bonus. Let’s not give him too much credit, he is a multimillionaire…

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Labour Council Won’t Let Cost-Of-Living Crisis Cloud Spending Plans

It appears that when it comes to helping residents with the cost of living, Labour-run Bassetlaw council is something of a fair-weather friend. At their latest meeting, Labour councillors Sue Shaw and James Naish proudly proposed a new pet policy of installing new free-to-use “sun protection factor 50 sun cream dispensers” in towns around the district, including Retford, Tuxford and Worksop. At the council meeting the deputy leader said the policy was necessary due to the cost of living crisis, otherwise residents wouldn’t be able to afford it. To be fair to the council, they’re not the only ones to have introduced the policy…

Down in Leigh Town Council they also installed a dispenser in the town. There’s just one difference: Leigh is a south-of-England beach resort, Bassetlaw is a two-hour drive from the nearest beach and a landlocked Nottinghamshire council…

Local Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith joked to the Express:

“I’m not sure how many people intend on sunbathing whilst they are out shopping in North Nottinghamshire and the last I checked we don’t have any beaches either.

“Never mind having public suncream dispensers – local people will assume the Labour council is the one taking the Piz.”

Looking at the Met Office website, local climate stations show Leigh receiving 367.75 hours more sunshine than Bassetlaw, and 60mm less rainfall per year. The best part is Guido understands the plan is uncosted. It seems for Bassetlaw council’s finances at least, they’re not saving anything for a rainy day…

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Hounslow Council Ban the Words “Trash” and “Pressurising” During Shambolic Meeting

According to the chair of Hounslow Council, “trash” and “pressurising” are “negative” words now. View the above video at your own discretion. 

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Labour Slough Council Declare Bankruptcy

Slough council has issued a section 114 notice, declaring itself bankrupt. The notice means any new spending will be banned and declares the local authority doesn’t have enough funds to deliver or balance its budget. A Labour council, a LABOUR council…

To quote Kinnock, the council’s spending decisions now mean they’re playing politics with people’s jobs, people’s services. The borough council can no longer spend any money except on statutory services. For anyone hoping to blame the pandemic, the council’s coffers had already fallen by £7.5 million to just £500,000 by 2018/19…

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Green Party Council Destroys Wildlife Reserve for “Possible” Cycle Lane

Despite calling HS2 “an act of ecocide” on the grounds that building it would “bulldoze huge areas of natural woodland and cut wildlife habitats”, the Green-led Brighton and Hove City Council have nonetheless bulldozed a huge area of natural woodland and cut a wildlife habitat this week, by partially removing Europe’s longest and oldest green wall to make room for a “possible” cycle lane on the road. Built in the 1870s “to improve the seafront environment”, the wall was home to over 100 species of plant and a designated local wildlife site…

BuildingGreen, the firm responsible for maintaining the wall alongside the Council, said it was “shocked” at what happened, and that it was the result of a “miscommunication“. All this for a “possible” cycle lane. At least HS2 is actually being built…

UPDATE: Brighton & Hove City Council have issued a statement denying councillors had any knowledge of the deforestation:

We’d like to apologise to our residents for the way we went about cutting back the stretch of Green Wall at the bottom of Duke’s Mound in March.

It should not have been cut down in this way. We are very sorry about this, and an investigation is underway to find out how this happened.

As part of the Black Rock regeneration project a road safety audit was carried out. This found that the greenery limited visibility and may result in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. The cutting back of the greenery was not raised with councillors. It was arranged by council staff as an operational requirement, stemming from the road safety audit.

Hat-tip: Jody Doherty-Cove

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Labour Councillor Wishes Pandemic Had Happened Before Brexit to “Cull” Leave Voters

The tolerant left continues to impress with its grace and civility. Nearly five years after the referendum, leaked screenshots sent to Guido reveal how David Everett, a Labour Party councillor for the North West Leicestershire District Council, took to Facebook in September to lament the inconvenient timing of the pandemic, writing (semi-literately):

“As for the […] attention seeking ignoramuses young and old they will Infect each other get the flue and cull themselves. Pity it didn’t happen before the Brexit vote and we would not be leaving the EU. The next disaster which is going to hit us”.

Given the referendum result produced a margin of 1,269,501 votes, it seems either Mr. Everett’s maths isn’t quite up to scratch, or he has serious concerns about a third wave of the virus. Of course, this isn’t as unfortunately timed as the story from earlier this week in which Labour candidate Janette Williamson asked of Prince Phillip “why the f**k isn’t he dead yet?

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