Labour MPs Push Absurd PMQs Earpiece Conspiracy

Two Labour MPs have used Twitter to help push a top-tier crank conspiracy that Boris was, in fact, using an earpiece to help him at PMQs. Their proof? A photo of Boris’s clearly empty ear

A Tweet from anonymous account @Shadowkass that started the absurd theory, which garnered 1,700 likes, was quote Tweeted by Birmingham Selly Oak MP Steve McCabe who said, “Would be better for the PM to clear it up immediately”. 

Later, Bill Esterton referenced “suggestions that Johnson had an earpiece in for PMQs“, saying “If he was receiving help, it didn’t show”.

Boris’ performance was noticeably upbeat because of the larger MP presence in the chamber, though Guido didn’t realise he’d rattled Labour this much…

UPDATE: Corbyn’s former PPS joins the crackpot crew

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Cadwalladr Conspiracy Plot Twist

Yesterday Carole Cadwalladr praised an Observer report that revealed that Palantir, the US big data firm founded by the right-wing, Trump-backing Facebook billionaire Peter Thiel, is working with Faculty, a British AI startup, to consolidate government databases and help the government respond to the pandemic. Carole detected the sinister hand of Dominic Cummings using data and the NHS to, well, help track the pandemic.

However it turns out that GMG, the Observer’s parent holding company and sole shareholder in GMG Ventures is an investor in Faculty. Guido has done a Carole style organogram to explain the links. Join the dots people!

Carole is being paid by the same people who put Trump in the White House, won Brexit and were the first investors in Facebook! Please send all journalism prizes to the usual address…

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Apology for Spreading Boris Health Conspiracy from Europe Editor of Economist

Chris Lockwood, Europe editor for The Economist, dived head first into the nutty world of anti-Boris conspiracies last night, when – in a now-deleted tweet – he wrote in response to Boris’s post-hospital video:

This is not someone who was at death’s door a few days ago. Something incredibly fishy about the whole business.”

Not a totally normal response to a man thanking NHS doctors from pulling him back from the brink…

Guido has already highlighted left-wing cranks wishing ill on Boris after his hospital admission. Lockwood however is a friend of David Cameron and only returned to The Economist in 2015 after a two-year stint in No. 10’s policy unit writing the Tories’ 2015 manifesto. 10 hours after his tweet he’s apologised:

Guido struggles to take Chris’s apology seriously given his latest liked Tweet is this one by the king of the cranks, A.C. Grayling…

Clear sign of Boris Derangement Syndrome (BDS) which still afflicts many Europhiles…

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Can the Public Trust Anti-Vaxxer Corbyn with NHS?

Labour has spent this election campaign claiming the NHS isn’t safe under the Tories. They always do and they always will; As the infamous Private Eye graphic makes clear…

Can voters trust Corbyn and McDonnell with the NHS – a would-be PM who in 1999 outed himself as an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist when signing an EDM linking vaccinations and autism. It went as far as calling on the Government to “set up and monitor a register of autistic children“. Corbyn at least didn’t blame this on the Jews…

The conspiracy was based on a paper by ex-physician Andrew Wakefield who was later completely discredited and struck off by the General Medical Council in 2010 for serious professional conduct. This absurd conspiracy is far from the only one pushed by crackpot Corbyn, who has also:

  • Suspected the “hand of Israel” in the destabilisation of the Middle East
  • Backed Russia’s view in the Salisbury Poisoning
  • Defended that conspiratorial antisemitic mural
  • Blamed a think tank staffed predominantly by Jewish Americans, ‘The Project for a New American Century’ for wars in Afghanistan and Iraq

There are still two weeks before the election for Corbyn to claim Elvis is still alive or that the moon is made of cheese…

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