Milling Faces MP Backlash Over Non-Plastic ‘Membership Certificates’

Tory Party Chairman Amanda Milling has caused a stir amongst the party membership this morning by discontinuing the multi-purpose plastic membership cards and replacing them with paper ‘membership certificates’, in order to save the environment or something. For some reason she chose to launch the controversial policy change in front of a map of the disastrous 2017 election results…

The move did not go down well with Tory MPs. Michael Fabricant complained the certificates will not fit in his trinket box, while Jane Stevenson offered a novel solution. Making the cards out of… card.

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Mid-Life Crisis Bob Used David Cameron as Date Bait for Young Conservative Activist

Newly elected MP Bob Roberts’ relationship with the Young Conservative group ‘Blue Beyond’ has not gone unnoticed, constantly chatting with their young activists on Twitter and making multiple appearances in their lockdown Zoom quizzes. He recently ‘accidentally‘ Tweeted that one of their first-year university members was his “Twitter crush“…

Bob Roberts secured an impressive politico-celebrity endorsement for Blue Beyond from David Cameron, who recorded a video praising the group and its founder Luke Black:

Bob didn’t just rope Dave in for the good of the activists. Guido has seen messages from 40-year-old Bob bragging that his efforts to get David Cameron’s endorsement were a quid pro quo to get closer to Blue Beyond’s founder, 27-year-old Luke Robert Black; telling another young activist in reference to the Cameron video he’d organised:

I had an idea. So I got in touch with [David Cameron] this morning… I’m basically going to get to the point of – “look, I’ve done some lovely things and you keep saying how lovely I’ve been – let’s commit to going out at least 4 times… I deserve at least that”

Guido imagines Cameron won’t thank Bob Roberts for using him as bait to get a date…

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Conservative Activists Don’t Believe There’s a Climate Emergency

ConservativeHome’s regular survey of activists asked them what they thought about the so-called “climate emergency“. By a margin of more than 2-to-1 (of those who expressed a preference) they said there is no climate emergency. The astonishing thing is that a third of Conservative activists have fallen for the hype…

The media-generated hyper-reality that we are experiencing resembles the period when fears of nuclear war in the late 80s peaked. A genuine fear of the cold war turning into a nuclear war became all-pervading in the media. Fictional depictions of nuclear Armageddon became common place on television and in Hollywood. Children became fearful and were deployed heavily in protests and propaganda. The prospect of nuclear annihilation was the fault of capitalism, the neutron bomb was a particularly “capitalist bomb”. Just as capitalism is blamed for the “climate emergency”. The difference with today is that a third of Conservatives didn’t fall for that hype…

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Brexiteer Tories Seek Compromise Pact with Farage

Guido has been speaking to Brexiteer Tory MPs about this morning’s offer from Farage that he will stand down his election efforts if Boris scraps his deal. The reactions have been varied, one MP described the offer as “desperate” whilst another said: “I think Boris and Nigel should meet this weekend and sort this out. It’s a disaster otherwise!” When Guido asked if this MP was happy with Boris’ deal they simply replied: “I want a clean break Brexit on WTO.” Even Tory MPs are using Nigel’s lines…

Several MPs were supportive of a behind-the-scenes pact where both parties put up paper candidates against each other in seats where the other has more chance of winning; with one high profile Brexiteer telling us Corbyn’s remain candidate will undoubtedly win if the Brexit Party put up a candidate against them.

Nigel Evans described Boris as a “Heineken politician… he refreshes the parts other politicians cannot reach” but warned that Farage should work on Labour seats and “let the Conservatives focus on our top 70 or so targets”. No deal between the Tories and Brexit Party could lead to the opposite of a no deal Brexit…

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Andy Wigmore Joins the Tories

Arron Banks’ sidekick Andy Wigmore appears to have finally succeeded in his bid to join the Tories after the pair’s attempts were repeatedly rebuffed by CCHQ. By hook or by crook, the self-proclaimed Brexit ‘Bad Boy’ is undeniably now a card-carrying member of the Tories:

Looks like CCHQ’s net can’t hold the Blue Wave…

UPDATE: Party Chairman Brandon Lewis has told LBC’s Iain Dale that the party Board “decided that neither Andy Wigmore nor Arron Banks would be members of the party.” He explained that they were refused for “very publicly and openly” trying to “bring down the leadership of the Conservative Party.” When Guido breaks the news to him Wigmore retorts to Guido “So is Boris!”

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“Send the Lot Back” Kipper Re-Joins Tories

Guido hears that Victoria Ayling, who stood as one of UKIP’s top candidates in 2015, the 2016 Sleaford by-election and sat on UKIP’s NEC, has re-joined the Tories after quitting the party by personally telling David Cameron at the 2013 Conservative Party Spring Forum.

Ayling, known for such hits as “I just want to send the lot back, but I can’t say that” and “What happens when renewable energy runs out?”, has re-joined the Tories under her maiden name Victoria Brooks. Her mother claimed that Ayling joined the National Front in 1977 and attended meetings above a pub in Croydon.  Meanwhile well-liked moderate former UKIP MEP and one-time Tory councillor Steven Woolfe is still being refused membership.

Guido understands she has obtained a pass and intends to attend Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham at the end of this month. Maybe she’s turned over a new leaf after attending one of Brandon’s re-education courses

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