Official Tory “Ideas Engine” Bans Questioning of Lockdown

The Conservative Policy Forum – the Tories’ official in-house grassroots think tank – boasts the opportunity for ordinary party members “to discuss and design solutions to the policy challenges facing Britain today”. It appears the party has a limit to how much free policy discussion they’ll allow though, as waves of criticism over Boris’s Christmas cancellation and fresh lockdown led to the CPF Leaders’ Whatsapp group being locked down this weekend. This came after repeated warnings from elected leader Anna Firth to stop criticising government policy…

Messages sent in the 90-strong CPF Leaders’ chat accused the government of “hypocrisy”, not caring for businesses, no longer being the party of Thatcher, and having “lost its way”. One member, to agreement from others, went so far as to claim Boris has “no chance of being re elected in 2024″. 

Firth repeatedly warned members, “this group is NOT for debating the Government’s policy on ANYTHING” and pointed out that Whatsapp groups “are not secure“, going as far as to say:

If anybody took screenshots & leaked some of this evening’s comments we would be seriously embarrassed as a Party & CPF would be to blame”

A few hours later, Anna changed the settings of the group after her “countless warnings” had gone unheeded, so only admins can send messages.

Perhaps Anna’s questionable comments earlier in the year – celebrating the social change seen after the black death and claiming Covid provides the same opportunities – changed her attitude towards party members shooting their mouths off…

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Tories ask Tories Which New Taxes they Prefer

The Conservative Policy Forum – which describes itself as the party’s think tank that bridges the gap between members and ministers, and is based in CCHQ – yesterday sent a “snap poll” to members that has set off alarm bells. The party’s think tank seems very interested in tax hikes all of a sudden…

The survey begins by asking members views on wealth taxes vs income taxes, and goes on to ask how supportive members would be about:

  • tax on individuals’ net worth over £750,000, excluding any personal pension savings and their main home
  • new/higher taxes on increases in asset values (capital gains)
  • new/higher taxes on rent from property
  • new/higher taxes on property sales
  • new/higher taxes on dividends
  • new/higher taxes on pensions
  • new/higher taxes on inheritance
  • new/higher taxes on gifts

Worrying, members were not given the option to suggest tax cuts…

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Tory Policy Forum Director’s Black Death Spin

National Director of the Conservative Policy Forum Anna Firth has rather stuck her foot in in this week, promoting her organisation with a message that commends the positive after-effects of the black death. Guido would have thought politicians would avoid making positive comparisons about one of the most destructive pandemics the world has seen after the reaction UKIP’s General Secretary provoked comparing his own party to the devastating disease. In a less than well judged Twitter video, Firth says…

“Just like the Black Death which swept through Europe and killed a third of the population, but ended serfdom and ushered in a new era of prosperity and opportunity; I believe that we are on the cusp of profound social change and unprecedented innovation.”

Anna Firth clearly means well, putting on a brave face in the face of a crisis and finding that silver lining in the Black Death. This is not quite the happy-NHS-clappy vibe the Government is going for…

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