Greg Hands Promises CCHQ “Stands Behind Our MPs” as Wet Damian Loses Selection Fight

Newly installed Tory chairman Greg Hands has been forced to clarify that CCHQ stands behind all serving Conservative MPs, as the wets face blowback from their decision to dethrone Boris.

Yesterday, Guido revealed that Kent’s Damian Green – chair of the One Nation Conservative caucus in parliament – had been rejected by the new Weald of Kent constituency executive as their candidate. Local sources told Guido this was very much connected to his decision to oust Boris last year…

After going to pixel, Green tweeted that he was “disappointed not to have been adopted” and is now thinking about what to do next. Greg Hands added “we stand behind our MPs… [Damian] has our full support.”

The grassroots group Conservative Democratic Organisation hit back at Hands, with chairman David Campbell Bannerman pointing out CCHQ “can’t control everything”

“These MPs are now being held to account and being made accountable for a coup that has crashed the party in the polls. Those who turned on Boris Johnson are being punished. This deselection is hard evidence of this being real”

CDO CEO Claire Bullivant added, “There are 60 MPs who are probably getting worried. It’s hard to see how those who stabbed Boris in the back will ever be forgiven by the members. In every Conservative WhatsApp group, chat room, social media thread… the members’ revolt is very real and their disenchantment is growing.” 

Damian Green’s failed selection follows Hastings & Rye rejecting the reselection of Sally-Ann Hart – another wet who backed the coup against Boris. There’s a trend here. Is your local branch having a selection meeting soon? Get in touch…

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Tory Grassroots Demand Membership Vote on Next Party Chair

The Lord Cruddas-backed Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO) has launched a petition demanding the membership gets to elect the next party chair. Launched last night, the group plans to send the petition to CCHQ, arguing members “should have the right” to make the choice, and will ask for a vote at the next National Convention if and when it hits 10,000 signatures. Signatories have to provide their Conservative membership number to qualify…

“After Nadhim Zahawi was sacked from his position as Conservative Party Chairman – there is a vacancy at the top of the party to fill, and we want the members to choose their party Chairman.


The Conservative Post and CDO advocates an elected Party Chairman, elected by members annually, one who loyally supports the Government but who represents the members’ views on how best to do so. Chairmen shouldn’t necessarily be in the Cabinet and not necessarily be an MP. They need to be politically astute but might be drawn from outside Westminster.

CDO will be proposing an elected Chairman as part of its recommended Party Constitutional reforms for discussion, consultation and proposed agreement at CDO’s first major Conference in May.”

According to the latest ConservativeHome league table, Ben Wallace, Kemi Badenoch and James Cleverly are still the darlings of the membership. They’re all pretty busy already. Might have to cast the net further afield. Lord Hague seems pretty chummy with the current No. 10 operation…

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Priti’s Pressure Group Slams CCHQ After Kawczynski’s Association Farce

Following Guido’s report on the mass resignations at Daniel Kawczynski’s re-selection meeting last week, the Conservative Democratic Organisation – the new grassroots pressure group launched by Lord Cruddas and backed by Priti Patel – has waded in to attack the offending members of Shrewsbury and Atcham Conservative Association… and even opened fire on CCHQ:

“The Conservative Democratic Organisation is concerned about reports from Shrewsbury and Atcham Conservative Association carried by the website Guido Fawkes. We note the premature resignation of David Roberts as Chairman of the Association and have read his letter with some distress.

The role of CCHQ is to observe and guide local associations. It is local associations which are the bedrock of the party. We are particularly concerned that party members were shouted at and talked over. Members have demonstrated an extreme degree of tolerance in recent times. They are entitled to be treated with respect and basic courtesy.

We note with some delight that none of the concerning activity was attributed to Daniel Kawczynski and congratulate him on his re-selection. It is the treatment of loyal members and the question marks surrounding commitment to democracy that we as an organisation hope to improve within our party.”

The Chairman, Treasurer, and one other officer resigned last week after the meeting descended into chaos. Guido hears at least one more officer is expected to go soon too…

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