New Poll Shows That Everyone Is Losing

A new ComRes poll for the Telegraph has revealed that support for both major parties has collapsed down to Cameron/Miliband levels, at 32% apiece, a whole ten points below what the Tories achieved in the General Election. It’s not just bad news for the Tories and Labour, the Lib Dems have slipped down to fifth place, polling behind both Gerard Batten’s UKIP and Chuka Umunna’s ‘Change UK’. There aren’t any winners here…

The same poll shows that now as many people now see revoking Article 50 entirely on Friday (40%) as ‘an acceptable Brexit outcome’ as back leaving with No Deal (38%). A second referendum, with options rigged between May’s deal and Remaining also attracts 38%. Wednesday’s likely outcome of a long delay only attracts the support of 34% of the electorate. There is no majority for any option…

Guido is coming round to a penalty shoot out solution…

Two Thirds of Brits Want Low Tax Pro-Business Economy

ComRes has found that the UK is split almost down the middle in almost every aspect of Brexit, apart from what happens next. The polling organisation has found that two thirds of voters say that once the Brexit process is complete,

“the UK should try to become the lowest tax, business-friendliest country in Europe, focused on building strong international trade links.”

Amazingly this statement is supported by all age groups and all political affiliations, including 54% of Labour Party supporters. The low tax, free trading, ‘alternate economic model’ Brexit Britain the media scoffs at is actually incredibly popular…

ComRes on MPs’ Favourite News Sources: Radio 4, Times, Guido, Brilllo, Quentin

Pollsters ComRes have asked 151 MPs for their favourite news sources. Radio 4 is the most popular daily news source which will please the Today Programme, The Times with its strong comment section is the most popular online newspaper, The Standard is the most popular dead tree news source – well it is free. Guido by far the most popular political site, Brillo the most popular interview and the acerbic Quentin Letts the most popular hack.

The questions were unprompted, meaning MPs had to name their favourites. The results in our category were stunning, confirming our continuing dominance of digital political news for the people who actually run the country.

We never forget that it is our readers who our are best sources. You make this site and… you’re either in front of Guido, or behind…

Download the full ComRes report: “Where MPs get their news July 2018

ComRes Insists BBC Audience Wasn’t Biased

Andrew Hawkins from ComRes insists his BBC audience last night was “scrupulously put together, selected and verified” and that right-leaning audience members are just not as vocal as lefties. Certainly true that Labour rabble’s are more likely to scream and boo, just ask Laura K…

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Quote of the Day

Liz Truss on the next Tory leader…

“In order to command public trust we need someone who has backed Brexit from the start, because of the situation we’re in now.”


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