Hypocrisy of Eco-Loons’ Beverly Hills Bankrollers

Guido had always wondered how the eccentric coalition of unwashed fossils and pre-gap yah teens manage to maintain such a relentless and well-organised campaign on the nation’s infrastructure. Well, we now have an answer to that question. The California-based Climate Emergency Fund has provided millions to prop up a global network of eco-terrorist troublemakers. Amongst those they finance are Extinction Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion and the A22 Network, which includes both Just Stop Oil and German radicals Letzte Generation. They boast of dishing out over $4.5 million…

The Climate Emergency Fund is a Beverly Hills-based 501 (c)(3), a charitable fund given various tax exemptions, and the sources of its funding are exactly what you’d expect given its Hollywood status. Guido has investigated some of the company’s biggest names, just so we know exactly the type of hypocrites inflicting carnage on the British public:

  • Aileen Getty – Yes, you read that correctly: Getty as in daughter of oil baron Jean Paul Getty. The oil heiress downplayed her own hypocrisy as she penned a moralistic Guardian op-ed in support of the protests. The jet-setting millionaire, who splits her time between East and West coasts, donated over $1,000,000 to the fund. Although that barely touches the sides for the fossil-fuel-funded liberal, who’s clearly still living large off carbon-burning capital.
  • Adam McKay – The director behind Don’t Look Up has pledged over $4,000,000 to the fund. Adam is clearly content to disrupt Brits on their daily commutes whilst for years he’s publicly posted about his own international flying habits and affinity for meat-eating.
  • Geralyn Dreyfous – Another Hollywood filmmaker on the company’s board. Away from her busy schedule making films and advising on soup-throwing, Geralyn makes the time to review hotels in Africa.
  • Rory Kennedy – Surprise, surprise another globetrotting Hollywood director. Her opposition to oil didn’t stop her from directing a film about rocket fuel-burning trips to space.
  • Sarah Ezzy – An ally of Aileen, Sarah used to work as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, a company which boasts defence contractors and energy giants among its clients.
  • Abigail Disney – A member of the Disney family, donated $200,000. Abigail is another film producer, whose achievements include disavowing one of her own films for Islamophobia. Oh, and she grew up with use of her dad’s personal 737 jet.
  • Laura Down – A singer-songwriter turned Democrat campaigner also serves on the board. Some of her songs titles include Party Girl and Useless in LA – perhaps providing insight into the character of those who finance crippling climate protests.
  • Rowena Koenig – A z-list actress given the responsibility of Development Director.
  • Margaret Klein Salamon – The Executive Director of the fund. She’s managed to take time off from writing her “radical self-help guide for the climate emergency” to take trips to Australia.

The Climate Emergency Fund also boasts the fear-mongering Guardian pundits and liberal campaigners you might expect from Extinction Rebellion’s usual suspects. Perhaps the fact the arguments and methods of the eco-loons have been imported from the American left explain why they’re so at odds with British political sensibilities. So much so that even Sir Keir has seen sense on the matter…

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Sadiq’s All Expenses-Paid Climate Pollution

The Mail reported yesterday that Sadiq Khan is yet again preaching climate action without practising it. The Mayor of London and six staffers will generate 18 tonnes of carbon dioxide by flying 14,000 miles to address a climate summit in South America. That’s more than three average UK citizens would emit in a year…

The trip is completely unnecessary, as the summit is a hybrid-virtual event they could attend from City Hall. The director of Flight Free UK criticised the move, arguing leadership is better demonstrated “through our actions.” This will come as no surprise to co-conspirators. Khan has consistently put performative climate activism ahead of the interests of Londoners. While Khan expands his £12.50 daily charge on motorists, he’s capitalising on all-expenses-paid pollution.

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BBC Promoting ‘How to Talk to a Denier’ Climate Activism

The BBC has decided its role as an impartial public broadcaster is now secondary to impersonating 38 Degrees’ political activism. The broadcaster is currently ‘promoting’ – in other words, paying for – this tweet to appear on British users’ timelines:

“Climate change: How to talk to a denier”. The article itself, written by the BBC’s Climate Disinformation reporters, is full of anecdotes of people saving “very smart” family members from climate change denial. Why is this sort of thing the job of a publicly-funded broadcaster? The story contains no facts or data – just people slapping themselves on the back for how clever they are.

Guido has contacted the BBC Press Office for comment. Rest assured, he will be FOI’ing the cost of the promotion…

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Sturgeon Mulling Green Crackdown on Whisky over Climate Fears

Bottoms up, the Scottish government has had another bright idea. Having settled the matter of menstrual health by appointing a male period dignity tsar, the SNP government is now on the brink of cracking climate change… by launching a review into the “health and environmental impacts” of brewing Scotch. As if spirits weren’t already low enough heading into the winter…

The review, which could see Sturgeon crack down on malt whisky consumption, will investigate the emission effects from the “angel’s share” of casks – a natural part of the brewing process in which around 2% of the brew evaporates during maturation. Holyrood has now asked researchers to look at potential “mitigation strategies” for this obvious emergency, now that Scottish whisky has become more popular in recent years and emissions have ticked up. The review will take six months, and cost the taxpayer up to £20,000…

A spokesperson for the Scotch Whisky Association said:

“Some loss of spirit from casks during maturation is a natural part of the whisky making process. Losses of ethanol average around 2 per cent per year and, as the Scottish Government has previously stated, is neither harmful to health nor impactful on the environment due to its rapid dispersal.”

A final report on the findings is eagerly expected next March. Does anyone get the sense Sturgeon’s government is on the rocks?

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Mayor of Bristol Flies 4,000 Miles to Lecture About Climate Crisis

The Labour Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees, who was the first city mayor brave enough to declare a climate crisis in the UK, has fulfilled his moral duty to save the planet by hopping on a nine hour flight to Canada and lecturing his fellow political leaders on the dangers of pumping carbon into the atmosphere. Appearing as a speaker at the TED climate conference, Rees’ spokesperson said he was there “to share ideas and help change attitudes” on climate policies. Presumably “use Zoom more often” wasn’t one of those ideas…

Climate campaigners are already claiming Rees’ flight pumped out 2.016 tonnes of CO2 per passenger, travelling over 4,600 miles each way to tell everyone to stop using so much carbon. Apparently he had to be there in person because he had “a full agenda”:

“[Rees] has been clear – the fight against climate change will be won or lost in cities, which generate three-quarters of global carbon emissions. And it is therefore the duty of city leaders to come together… the mayor’s visit to Vancouver was not just to deliver the talk. He had a full agenda…At the conference he was able to network with other influential speakers, sharing Bristol’s story and challenges with the aim of attracting future funding and inward investment.”

To be fair to Rees, he’s got to take advantage of all these flashy trips while he can; his own city voted to abolish the mayoralty earlier this month. Two more years and he’s out of a job. Bristol’s own extinction rebellion…

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Sky News Axing the Daily Climate Show from Evening Primetime

Guido’s co-conspirator at Sky News reckons the dire Daily Climate Show has been axed from the evening schedule with immediate affect. The tedious show consistently cratered the viewing figures and virtually guaranteed viewers would switch channels. With Sky News now consistently being beaten by GB News into third place in the primetime ratings battle, this is evidence that they are feeling the competition.  It would seem that Sky News boss John Ryley has woken up to the competition…

The Daily Climate Show will be reduced to just 10 minutes and will air at the very much off-peak time of 3.30pm in the afternoon. A weekly half hour climate show will also play out once a week from July – only to be aired at weekends when no one is watching. Turns out that the willing audience for scaremongering propaganda was non-existent…

See also Sky News Doomsday Climate Report Flooded with Misleading Sea Rise Claims 

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