BBC Reined In Over False Climate Claims

Last year the BBC travel doc Russia With Simon Reeve made the rather worrying claim that reindeer populations across Northern Russia are “in steep decline because of climate change”. In fact, most populations of Eurasian Reindeer are now increasing in number or are stable…

After a complaint from Lord Lawson, the BBC has issued a correction – which pointedly stops short of an apology:

“This programme suggested that many reindeer populations are in steep decline because of climate change. It would have been more accurate to say that many reindeer populations are threatened by it.”

The Global Warming Policy Forum said:

“Even the assertion that they are “threatened” is highly questionable given their growing populations. Sadly, this kind of speculative claim is entirely predictable because any prediction of future climate disaster is impossible to verify, yet likely to be believed by a great many people.”

All in all, climate alarmists have tried and failed in their attempt to make the reindeer the new polar bearWhat would Rudolph say?

Nottingham Next to Approve Fracking


Nottinghamshire Council will be following Lancashire and Yorkshire in looking for shale gas after approving an application from iGas. Friends of the Earth had attempted to use an arcane covenant set up in the 1960s to block the bid, but the council has approved the proposal. A grand total of 30 protesters opposed the decision.


More good news for the fracking revolution, at last.

Friends of the Earth Spokesman: Israel and ISIS are “Best Pals”


Asad Rehman is a senior spokesman for Friends of the Earth and is leading their delegation at the next UN Climate Change conference. As you can see above, Asad has worked out who are the real baddies when it comes to climate change: those pesky Zionists. He says Netanyahu and Israel are “best pals” with ISIS and advocates banning “Zionist organisations” from climate change events. Things are certainly hotting up at the Friends of the Earth press office this afternoon…

Piers Corbyn Forecast “Tremendous Dry, Sunny June”


Jeremy Corbyn’s big brother Piers is wrong about many things, but how good is he at his real job – forecasting the weather? A few days ago Piers predicted a “tremendous dry, warm and sunny flaming June”:

“We are forecasting a tremendous dry warm sunny ‘Flaming June’ for most of the month. The start will be dry, warm or hot, with sunny, blue skies. It will be more variable near the south and east coasts of England while Scotland will be very sunny. Some great weather is on the way.”

Tell that to commuters battling biblical weather on their way to work this week:


When Guido bumped into Piers at the Brexit: The Movie party he warned us of storms coming mid-August. Time to get the sun cream out then…

H/T @tompeck

Want Great Tasting Wine? The Secret Ingredient Is Climate Change


Back in November Gaia reported that climate change was great news for the production of bubbly in the Champagne region of France. The temperature increase there has reduced frost damage, resulting in bigger harvests and tastier, more alcoholic champagne. But what about those not fond of the fizz?

Good news! Boffins at NASA have undertaken some very important research into the link between climate change and wine quality, and it turns out that global warming is only serving to further improve the quality of French wine. The NASA study found climate change is shifting wine grape harvests earlier in France and Switzerland, leading to the increased production of better quality wines, typically associated with earlier harvests. Ben Cook, lead author and climate scientist at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said:

“Wine grapes are one of the world’s most valuable horticultural crops and there is increasing evidence that climate change has caused earlier harvest days in this region in recent decades. Our research suggests that the climate drivers of these early harvests have changed.”

In other words: the hotter it gets, the better the wine tastes. If we’re all going to drown as sea levels rise, at least we can do it while sipping a bloody good vintage!

Climate Sceptic French Weather Reporter Sacked


France’s most popular weatherman Philippe Verdier has confirmed in a video that he has been sacked, having been suspended in mid-October for criticising top climate scientists in his new book, Climate Investigation. Verdier, who used to work for state-owned France 2, used his book to claim that publicly-funded climate change scientists have been “manipulated” and “politicized”, and that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published intentionally misleading data.

The video below shows Verdier reading the letter, with the caption stating: ‘Philippe Verdier, journalist, weatherman. Fired by France Television one month before COP 21 [The Paris Climate Change Summit]’.

Verdier has previously commented on how he believes he was suspended because the government wanted to hush up any criticism of climate change in the run-up to the summit:

“Making these revelations in the book, which I absolutely have the right to do, can pose problems for my employer given that the government (which funds France 2) is organising COP. In fact as soon as you a slightly different discourse on this subject, you are branded a climate sceptic.”

Guido can understand why they wouldn’t want anything to ruin the lovely bash they’ve got planned

Ex-IPCC Wonk: Carbon Good for the Planet


The Global Warming Policy Foundation have published a report by IPCC delegate Dr Indur Goklany today calling for a “reassessment” of carbon dioxide. It turns out CO2 is delicious plant food that is reducing world hunger…

“Carbon dioxide fertilises plants, and emissions from fossil fuels have already had a hugely beneficial effect on crops, increasing yields by at least 10-15%. This has not only been good for humankind but for the natural world too, because an acre of land that is not used for crops is an acre of land that is left for nature.”

You can read the good news here

Charlotte Church Blames ISIS on Climate Change

Charlotte Church talked geopolitics on Question Time last night:

“Lots of people don’t seem to know about this, but there is evidence to suggest that climate change was a big factor in how the Syrian conflict came about because from 2006 to 2011 they experienced one of the worst droughts in its history… which apparently did contribute to the conflict there today. I think that we also need to look at, you know what we’re doing to the planet and how that might actually cause more conflict in the world.”

You could feel yourself getting dumber as the hour went on…

Hammond Warns of Climate Change Security Threat

Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond took the opportunity when addressing the UN today to warn of a new threat to our national security: Climate change…

“And the collective will to tackle threats to our security must be extended to the threat we face from climate change. It represents not just a threat for the environment and to our prosperity, but to our security too. The impact of rising temperatures and rising sea levels will be felt by all of us… We must work for a strong and effective deal at the conference of parties in Paris in December.”

Surely Hammond isn’t listening to the ‘climate change caused ISIS‘ theorists?

BBC Helps Plug Big Solar


Listeners to the Today programme this morning were treated to the chair of the “Carbon Tracker Initiative” Jeremy Leggett “slamming the meagre investment in renewable energy being made by energy companies. Apparently if they don’t do more, there will be starvation, droughts, floods and other “horrors”…

[gigya src=”” style=”background-color:transparent; display:block; max-width: 700px;” flashvars=”image_option=small&imgURL=&link_color=%2358d1eb&mp3Author=acraftyhalf&mp3Duration=131135.0&″ width=”540″ height=”150″ allowFullScreen=”true” wmode=”transparent”]

“They’re [the big oil companies] setting up of a study to find out whether you know, we can have 50% renewable in the electricity mix by 2050. Well, you know, that’s completely inadequate. That will give us a world of four degree Celsius, way above the danger ceiling of two degree Celsius for global warming. A world in which you know, we’d be finding it difficult to feed ourselves or have enough drinking water amid all the droughts and floods and wildfires and all the other horrors.”

Oddly, what James Naughtie failed to mention is that Jeremy Leggett is the founder and non-executive chairman of Solarcentury, one of the UK’s largest solar companies. Some sunlight should have been shone on his vested interest…

Rudd Hands Over £5.8 Billion Climate Guilt Money

amber rudd axe

The UK have announced to the UN’s General Assembly in New York that British taxpayers will hand out £5.8 billion to help “the most vulnerable countries protect themselves from the effects of climate change“. According to Amber Rudd, giving away billions will protect our “economic prosperity” and will stop the developing world from being forced to burn coal and oil:

“Climate change is one of the most serious threats we face, not just to the environment, but to our economic prosperity, poverty eradication and global security, hitting developing countries the hardest. To ensure a more secure and prosperous future for us all, the UK is playing its part by helping some of the most vulnerable communities become more resilient to climate change and by supporting the developing world to take the clean energy path to growth and prosperity rather than the high carbon route”.

The government are also spinning that by funnelling the £5.8 billion into the International Climate Fund over the next six years they can protect against changes in the climate that could “lead people to sell their property or migrate.” The 40,000 Brits who die from the cold each year probably won’t be convinced…

Associated Press Ditch “Climate Denier” Slur

ap climate

The Associated Press updated their stylebook yesterday, telling staff to avoid calling those those who don’t accept climate science “skeptics” or “deniers“.

“Our guidance is to use climate change doubters or those who reject mainstream climate science and to avoid the use of skeptics or deniers.”

AP say they have made the change after “scientists who consider themselves real skeptics” complained that calling non-scientists skeptics devalued the term and people who see themselves climate skeptics complained that calling them “deniers” has “the pejorative ring of Holocaust denier“. The compromise is to use “doubters“. The Gaia style guide still recommends that climate alarmists be referred to as “loons”…

Al Gore Attacks Rudd’s Subsidy Slashing Plans

rudd gore

Al Gore made time during his busy ‘international statesman’ schedule today to attack Amber Rudd’s plans to cut green crap. Speaking at the “Beyond Paris” event in London, Gore told the audience “I try to never interfere in the politics of another nation“, before doing exactly that:

“This country’s commitment to zero carbon buildings has been cancelled, the green deal cancelled… the renewable obligation and contracts for difference gone, public ownership of the green investment bank has been privatised …Will our children ask, why didn’t you act? Or [will they] ask, how did you find the moral courage to rise up and change?”

Al Gore believes belives that the world is facing man-made induced catastphic climate change. Here’s a video of Gore claiming he invented the internet…

She’s making all the right enemies…

EU Blows €767,000 Telling Students to “Put on a Jumper”

Brussels has splurged €767,196 of taxpayers’ money funding a National Union of Students scheme promoting energy efficiency on campus. The NUS project offered such illuminating advice to students as “switch off lights and appliances“, “don’t overfill the kettle” and “put on a jumper or a nice jacket“.

The project was rolled out in 17 universities housing 25,157 students over five EU member states, although it only “engaged” with 7,547 students – working out at €101 per student. Enough to make your blood boil…

UN Climate Chief Scare Tactics


Things are hotting up ahead of the upcoming Paris climate summit. The UN’s climate chief Christiana Figueres has done the maths, telling a group of MEPs today that even if everyone signs up at COP21, the earth will still warm by 3 degrees by the end of the century instead of 2. Scary stuff…

Figueres’ comments are just the latest in a tsunami of hysterical rhetoric in the run up to Paris, as the green blob seeks to avoid yet another climate summit failure. Brace yourself for more…

Corbyn Climate Change Secretary’s “Ambiguous” Voting Record

Newly appointed Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Lisa Nandy is an interesting choice for the post: she appears to have a very limited interest in climate change. According to Public Whip, Nandy has “voted ambigiously” on stopping climate change. She even voted against:

“Establishing the UK Green Investment Bank which invests in projects which further the “green purposes” set out in the Bill, which include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; the advancement of efficiency in the use of natural resources; the protection or enhancement of the natural environment; the protection or enhancement of biodiversity; and the promotion of environmental sustainability.”

Gaia has been browsing through Hansard and it seems Nandy has asked just three oral or written questions related to climate change. Ever.

So what was it that qualified her for the role? As Guido revealed in the Sun on Sunday, Nandy is being tapped up by Corbynistas as the left wing choice to be the next Labour leader once Corbyn stands down. Promoting her to the Shadow Cabinet is the first step along the way…

Corbyn himself is more interested in reopening the pits than global CO2 emissions. He had a long list of climate change radicals he could could have picked for the role, yet chose a darling of the left. Is he paying more attention to his climate change denying brother Piers than he lets on?

Shadow Energy Minister Backs Fracking


Lady Worthington, Labour’s shadow energy minister, has come out in favour of fracking, revealing on Radio 4 this morning that she believes that it is more efficient to frack for gas than to import it:

Back in the day Worthington used to be a climate campaigner at green loonies Friends of the Earth and was instrumental in the creation of the 2008 Climate Change Act that legally commits the UK to reduce an 80% arbon emissions by 2050. FOE’s current position is that “fracking won’t help us tackle climate change“. Now she has seen the light…

Juncker: “Tomorrow Morning We’ll Have Climate Refugees”

Jean-Claude Juncker made a stark warning towards the end of his “State of the Union” address yesterday: apparently we’re about to be hit by a wave of “climate refugees.”

“We are tackling the root causes of the next migration wave, in the next coming decades if we are addressed in a proper way the climate change problem, because tomorrow morning we’ll have climate refugees and we have to know that. And we should surprised or astonished if the first climate refugees are coming to Europe. We have to act now.”

Unelected bureaucrat Juncker is just the latest opportunist to cynically use the migrant crisis to call for a tough settlement at the Paris climate summit. Stay classy…

Climate Change Crowd Board Refugee Bandwagon

climate chnage isis

The Guardian and New Statesman have uncovered the true cause of the migrant crisis. Nope, forget war, ISIS and Assad, it’s… climate change!

A piece in this week’s Staggers – which has received a robust response from critics – evokes the image of 3 year old Aylan Kurdi to crudely warn that failure to reach an agreement at the upcoming Paris climate summit will lead to “many more bodies being washed up on our beaches”:

“That image, which few of us will ever completely erase from our mind, will no doubt prompt David Cameron to make a renewed gesture… In Paris this December the world will try to reach agreement on combating the dangerous climate change that Syria and North Africa are already experiencing. Without agreement there, we in the rich world will have to get used to our trains being disrupted, our borders controls being breached and many more bodies being washed up on our beaches.”

Today the Guardian join in, publishing an editorial by Friends of the Earth CEO Craig Bennett, also using the picture to claim things will get worse if we fail to tackle climate change:

“We’re all human, and so it’s perhaps not surprising that it takes a single photograph and an individual’s story to shake a society, all too belatedly, into glimpsing at one horrific aspect of Europe’s refugee crisis and demanding action…. People from across the political spectrum have come together in the last week to demand a much stronger response from David Cameron to the refugee crisis, and rightly so. But if the government continues to move backwards on climate change, then we should get ready for a much bigger refugee crisis before very long.”

Stay classy…

Nonsense and Insensibility: Emma Thompson’s Poetry Protest

Following former celebrity Charlotte Church’s musical protest against Shell last week, Greenpeace have wheeled out Emma Thompson to fight climate change… with a poem.

Choice lines include “do you think we should just burn, baby, burn” and “do you just think we should boil, baby boil“.[…] Read the rest


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