Climate Change Committee Website Has Expired

Net Zero crusaders at the Climate Change Committee have failed to renew their website domain before 26th September, with the site now no longer accessible. Fans will no longer be able to read its reports criticising additional airport runways or touting now-scrapped Net Zero policies. Guido is personally distraught…

The planet may never recover….

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Zac Goldsmith Could Be “Tempted” to Back Labour at General Election

Tory peer Zac Goldsmith has told BBC HARDtalk he would be “very tempted” to back the Labour Party at the next election if they showed “a real commitment” to “protect[ing] the natural world” as part of their green agenda. While he still has “concerns” about Labour, Goldsmith laid out the conditions upon which he’d back Sir Keir anyway:

“The simple truth is there is no pathway to net zero and there’s no solution to climate change that does not involve nature, massive efforts to protect and restore the natural world.

“And at the moment, I’m not hearing any of that from the Labour Party if I do, if there’s a real commitment now the kind of commitment, frankly, that we saw when Boris Johnson was the leader, then I’d be very tempted to throw my weight behind that party and support them in any way I could.”

Goldsmith quit as Rishi’s climate Minister just two months ago, penning a scathing resignation letter which accused Rishi of being “simply uninterested” in green politics. Rishi claimed he’d actually demanded an apology out of Goldsmith for his attacks on the Kangaroo Court, and Goldsmith stood down when he refused. Either way, it looks like the rift between the pair hasn’t closed much since…

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Humza Feeling the Heat as Scottish Government Again Fails to Meet Own Climate Targets

The SNP-Green coalition has, yet again, failed to meet their own punitive climate targets. For the eighth time in twelve years, the Scottish government has failed to cut emissions to a legally binding target. Their goal was to reduce emissions by 51.1% compared to 1990, and so far they’ve only achieved 49.9%. The climate-loving coalition is once again blowing hot and cold, as Greenhouse gas emissions even increased in 2o21.

Of course, the SNP and Greens were quick to self-flagellate over their failings. The SNP said it was “disappointing” and the greens added it was “not good enough”. It doesn’t take an eco expert to see the Scottish government’s climate policy is just hot air.

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40 Year Low Hurricane Record Undermines Climate Alarmism

Following a tropical storm, it doesn’t take much time for the chattering classes to jump to climate change as the root cause. However, a new report, published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, has found that far from what the media might have you believe, hurricane activity has not increased in recent years. Far from it – 2021 and 2022 saw the lowest number of both hurricanes and major hurricanes for any two years since 1980.

What’s more, the paper’s review of historic evidence found little to support the observed trend that hurricane activity has worsened since the 19th century – this pattern has only emerged due to changing measurement methodology. The report also argues there are no trends in hurricane frequency since reliable satellite data was introduced in the 1970s and that new methodology may well be overestimating the wind speed of large hurricanes, relative to historic data. You can always trust the eco-loons to whip up a storm in a teacup.

Co-conspirators can read the paper in full here.

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Austrian Climate Loons Complain the Police Aren’t Rescuing Them Fast Enough

Austrian eco-loons, along the lines of Just Stop Oil or Insulate Britain, are gluing themselves to gantries only to then complain that the police aren’t rescuing them quickly enough. Letzte Generation Österreich, who recently threw oil over a Gustav Klimt painting in Vienna, glued themselves to a motorway gantry this morning. By 09.30 they were complaining the police had left them behind…

They later added, “The police were present but deliberately left them behind”. Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of dein own actions…
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Hypocrisy of Eco-Loons’ Beverly Hills Bankrollers

Guido had always wondered how the eccentric coalition of unwashed fossils and pre-gap yah teens manage to maintain such a relentless and well-organised campaign on the nation’s infrastructure. Well, we now have an answer to that question. The California-based Climate Emergency Fund has provided millions to prop up a global network of eco-terrorist troublemakers. Amongst those they finance are Extinction Rebellion, Scientist Rebellion and the A22 Network, which includes both Just Stop Oil and German radicals Letzte Generation. They boast of dishing out over $4.5 million…

The Climate Emergency Fund is a Beverly Hills-based 501 (c)(3), a charitable fund given various tax exemptions, and the sources of its funding are exactly what you’d expect given its Hollywood status. Guido has investigated some of the company’s biggest names, just so we know exactly the type of hypocrites inflicting carnage on the British public:

  • Aileen Getty – Yes, you read that correctly: Getty as in daughter of oil baron Jean Paul Getty. The oil heiress downplayed her own hypocrisy as she penned a moralistic Guardian op-ed in support of the protests. The jet-setting millionaire, who splits her time between East and West coasts, donated over $1,000,000 to the fund. Although that barely touches the sides for the fossil-fuel-funded liberal, who’s clearly still living large off carbon-burning capital.
  • Adam McKay – The director behind Don’t Look Up has pledged over $4,000,000 to the fund. Adam is clearly content to disrupt Brits on their daily commutes whilst for years he’s publicly posted about his own international flying habits and affinity for meat-eating.
  • Geralyn Dreyfous – Another Hollywood filmmaker on the company’s board. Away from her busy schedule making films and advising on soup-throwing, Geralyn makes the time to review hotels in Africa.
  • Rory Kennedy – Surprise, surprise another globetrotting Hollywood director. Her opposition to oil didn’t stop her from directing a film about rocket fuel-burning trips to space.
  • Sarah Ezzy – An ally of Aileen, Sarah used to work as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, a company which boasts defence contractors and energy giants among its clients.
  • Abigail Disney – A member of the Disney family, donated $200,000. Abigail is another film producer, whose achievements include disavowing one of her own films for Islamophobia. Oh, and she grew up with use of her dad’s personal 737 jet.
  • Laura Down – A singer-songwriter turned Democrat campaigner also serves on the board. Some of her songs titles include Party Girl and Useless in LA – perhaps providing insight into the character of those who finance crippling climate protests.
  • Rowena Koenig – A z-list actress given the responsibility of Development Director.
  • Margaret Klein Salamon – The Executive Director of the fund. She’s managed to take time off from writing her “radical self-help guide for the climate emergency” to take trips to Australia.

The Climate Emergency Fund also boasts the fear-mongering Guardian pundits and liberal campaigners you might expect from Extinction Rebellion’s usual suspects. Perhaps the fact the arguments and methods of the eco-loons have been imported from the American left explain why they’re so at odds with British political sensibilities. So much so that even Sir Keir has seen sense on the matter…

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