Civility in Politics Winner Reviews the New Cabinet

It’s always good to hear from the most recent winner of the Civility in Politics award, Chris Bryant; he never fails to raise the tone and cool tempers. This afternoon he’s taken to reviewing the latest cabinet, which has a record level of ethnic diversity and is full of people who might actually get something done. Now over to our civility in politics correspondent, Mr Bryant:

“It feels like pretty much anyone with a brain, a conscience and a work ethic has been purged from government either by Johnson or Truss. It’s an empty vessel of a government – loud, noisy but dangerously vacuous.”

This statement is obviously entirely consistent with the words Bryant spoke when taking receipt of his recent accolade: “Politics doesn’t have to be brutal. Our opponents are human and nobody has a monopoly on truth, so I try to be polite, civil and empathetic in every engagement… Manners maketh humanity.” Any chance of a recount?

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