Christmas is Overtaxed

According to the Taxpayers’ Alliance the average household will spend £1,344 on Christmas gifts, travel, socialising and alcohol. As a result, a UK household will pay an average of £212 in tax on their festive spending. The total Christmas tax bill will come to £5.9 billion, that is £5.9 billion that could have been spent on taxpayers’ choices rather than the choices of state bureaucrats. Did Guido mention we’re out for our team’s Christmas lunch?

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Angela Rayner Suggests Corbyn Watches Queen’s Speech on Catchup… Before it’s Aired

Angela Rayner had a shocker this morning on GMB. The Shadow Education Secretary seemed incredulous that she was being asked questions about her leader’s bizarre ITV interview where he lied about watching the Queen’s Speech. When asked how Corbyn could watch the speech (which airs at 3pm) on Christmas morning, Rayner genuinely said ‘he could watch it on catch up’…

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Jewish Christmas Song for Corbyn

Yet Corbyn says Jews Zionists don’t understand irony…

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Happy Christmas to All Our Readers

We will be updating at a much slower pace over the holidays, tomorrow the daily Guidogram will be sent out for the last time this year. We’ll take a look back on stories, rows and scandals of the year over the coming days.

The team want to say heartfelt thanks once again to our ever loyal and growing readership, for your critical feedback, for the tips, for the fun, the brickbats and making this site what it is today. We love you. We wish you a peaceful Christmas, free of Brexit rows…

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Out to Lunch

It is our Christmas Lunch today. We may get totally Junckered…

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MPs’ Christmas Door Decoration Rivalry

MPs are busy trying to one up each other with Christmas door decorations this December. The decorated office doors pictured here face each other in One Parliament Street, although it’s fairly safe to say Ben Bradly’s office is winning. Have you seen any MP’s festive decorations in Parliament? Send them in to and Guido will announce a winner over the Christmas break!

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