Tory MP Jokes Channel 4 is So Left Wing it Makes the BBC Look Neutral

Tory MP Scott Benton made the Commons a bit rowdier this afternoon after launching a passionate tirade against Channel 4, in light of the government’s u-turn on selling it off. Rising to his feet the 2019 intake MP told Culture Secretary Michelle Donelan:

“Channel 4 has an unmistakeable liberal, left, metropolitan bias in its programming, and particularly in its news output. So much so it almost makes the BBC look impartial by comparison! How exactly is a few pages in its annual report going to change this engrained bias?”

His gag about the BBC got a hearty laugh from the Tory benches – and even a chuckle from the Secretary of State…

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NEW: Donelan Recommends Not Privatising Channel 4

LBC‘s Lewis Goodall has got his hands on a letter from DCMS secretary Michelle Donelan to the PM confirming that her recommendation is against privatising Channel 4 – directly contravening the plan of Nadine Dorries and the previous government. The letter states that after reviewing the business case:

“I have concluded that pursuing a sale at this point is not the right decision and there are better ways to secure C4C’s sustainability and that of the UK independent production sector.”

Responding to the leaked letter, a DCMS spokesperson tells Guido “We do not comment on speculation. The DCMS Secretary of State has been clear that we are looking again at the business case for the sale of Channel Four. We will announce more on our plans in due course.” All eyes on Nadine’s Twitter account…

Read the leaked letter from Goodall in full here.

UPDATE: As expected, Nadine Dorries’ response pulls no punches:

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Cathy Newman Deletes Free PR for Train Company

It turns out you can buy friendly coverage from Channel 4 journalists for roughly £40. With the rail strikes continuing for another day, Channel 4 News‘ Cathy Newman feared her planned trip up to Leeds would be derailed. Imagine the horror. As luck would have it, the LNER’s Head of Customer Relations was on-hand to save the day, upgrading Newman to first-class for her entire journey, and even ensuring her train departed a minute early. An early Christmas miracle – one which Newman had to share with her 241,000 Twitter followers…

Unfortunately, when Cathy realised it wasn’t a great reflection of her journalistic talents to lap up a train company’s PR stunt in the middle of a strike, she deleted the post. At least any company looking for a Channel 4 puff piece in future know how much it costs. A standard ticket from King’s Cross to Leeds costs £34.80; first class costs £76. Cough up £41.20, pour her a coffee, and Cathy will sort your PR out…

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Ex-GB News Editorial Director John McAndrew Joins BBC

TV veteran John McAndrew has bagged a top new gig at the BBC as the broadcaster’s new Director of News Programmes, starting in the new year. McAndrew joins after a stint as the launch editor for Andrew Neil’s Channel 4 show, and before that, GB News’s first Editorial Director and Director of Programming. He quit GB News in July 2021, following reported clashes with the top brass over the ideological direction of the channel…

Announcing the move today, BBC News CEO Deborah Turness said:

“John is a hugely creative talent, with excellent editorial judgement. He’s a leading programme innovator who has a deep understanding of how to connect with audiences, and will ensure they get the value they deserve from BBC News. It’s wonderful to welcome him back to the BBC.”

McAndrew worked at the BBC early in his career, so it’s something of a homecoming. Still, it’ll probably ruffle some lefty feathers…

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Nadine: Should Channel 4 be Proud of Shows Like My Massive C**k?

Away from the SW1 drama, and after failing to get Boris back into No. 10, Nadine Dorries has turned her hand away from trying to privatise broadcasters to hosting shows on them. She has stepped into Piers Morgan’s shoes while he’s on holiday, and has clearly been given free rein over the topics up for discussion. Last night we got a lively debate about Channel 4, leading to Nadine’s best quote of recent times, “Should we be proud of programmes like ‘My Massive C**k’?”

While her hosting hasn’t gone entirely smoothly, as the above clip shows, Guido notes that with an average viewership of 8,000 during her first episode she is only 3,000 views or so off what Piers Morgan was achieving in September. There’s a future in broadcasting for Nadine yet…

UPDATE: Nadine beat Piers on viewers last night. Dorries pulled in 26,000 viewers, beating Piers’s interview with Kanye West by 1,000 and thrashing his now-typical viewership of 14,000-19,000 views.

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Krishnan Apologises for Calling Steve Baker a C**t

Krishnan Guru-Murthy was caught out in a telling off-air blunder following a Downing Street heckling match with Minister Steve Baker last night. After a testy exchange, he was caught saying “what a c**t” in reference to the Northern Ireland Minister. The unguarded incident only exposes what co-conspirators already know about Channel 4’s editorial balance. It doesn’t exist.

Of course he did then offer a grovelling apology, saying it was “beneath the standards I set myself”. Steve came off much the better party as he graciously accepted the overture. A lesson in Channel 4’s kinder, gentler politics…

UPDATE: Krishnan isn’t the only media personality making c**t-y mistakes…

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