Change UK MEP: Vote Lib Dem

It turns out that the two former Tory MEPs who were kicked out of the party after voting to ban the UK from discussing trade in the Brexit negotiations joined ‘Change UK’ last month, not that anyone really noticed. Now Julie Girling, one of those Change UK MEPs, is encouraging constituents not to vote for her own party but for the Lib Dems instead, as they are “clearly the strongest Remain party.” She has issued a press release saying:

“In my view, the best way to get a People’s Vote to stop Brexit is to vote Lib Dem. That will send a very clear message to Mrs May and Mr Corbyn. This is what I will be doing. I urge other Remain voters to vote Lib Dem to stop Brexit.”

Even when the ChUKas do manage to put candidates up, their own politicians are telling voters to vote against them…

She’s not the only one giving surprise endorsements today, former Tory Remainer Nick Boles effectively endorsed the Brexit Party’s candidate in Peterborough:

Evidently not much love lost between Boles and his former Tory MP neighbour Stewart Jackson…

Change UK Unveiling ‘Charter for Remain’: To Keep Everything the Same

‘Change UK’ (the anti-independence party formerly known as ‘The Independent Group’) are continuing their crusade to keep everything entirely the same with the launch of an exciting new ‘Charter for Remain’ tomorrow, in which they call for a wide range of things to be kept exactly as they are. Radical!

To help the public keep up with the dramatic pace of change, Change UK are helpfully dividing their Charter up into five different categories of things they want to keep exactly the same:

  1. Remain in Europe
  2. Remain Prosperous
  3. Remain Healthy
  4. Remain United on Tackling Climate Change
  5. Remain Stronger in the World

One thing they’ll be desperately hoping doesn’t stay the same is their EU poll ratings – the latest Opinium poll, conducted for People’s Vote of all people, finds them on an abject 2%, level with Plaid Cymru and almost 10% behind the Lib Dems. Looks like the public just aren’t ready for all that ‘Change’ they’re promising…

Gavin Esler’s “Village Idiot” Politics Live Meltdown

Gavin Esler’s big moment on Politics Live today severely backfired after he accused the Brexit Party’s Martin Daubney of lying over whether Esler had called Brexiteers “village idiots”. Which he had.

Even Will Self-style theatrical finger jabbing couldn’t save the Brexit-deranged former BBC presenter from a cringeworthy retreat. Glorious television…

Esler also tried to go after the Brexit Party for not revealing one of their donors, conveniently forgetting that his own party hasn’t revealed any of its own donations either since the end of March. Change UK are withholding publishing any donations they’ve received in the last two months until after the European Elections. Guido looks forward to seeing who else has given to the hapless Tiggers…

Change UK Add Fourth Name To Their Confusing Brand

Change UK / The Independent Group / Remain Alliance have added a new name to their repertoire, changing their twitter username to @ForChange_Now, and losing their blue tick in the process. This is just two days after switching their website address from ‘’ to ‘’…

Some genius prankster has snapped up control of the old username @TheIndGroup, in order to advocate a ‘hard brexit’. 10/10

Cable: Change UK Need to “Grow Up”

“Rather than exchanging snide comments…”

ChUK Rally Highlights

Today the ChUKs held a huge rally in London, with reportedly over 100 people in attendance. Guido has brought you the highlights. They include…

  • Boasting about a poll that puts them behind the Brexit Party in London.
  • Fibbing about not having huge financial backing.
  • Admitting they “haven’t got everything right.” Bit of an understatement…
  • Claiming the EU simultaneously “preserves democracy” whilst also preventing the UK implementing policies the ChUKs disagree with. Um…
  • Explaining the EU treaties prevent the “will and whims” of our elected representatives. Yikes…
  • Using Nigel Farage’s slogans.
  • Talking a lot about Nigel Farage.
  • Claiming Mike Gapes is known as “Iron Mike.” By who..?
  • Hitting out at Labour for having said they would honour the result of a democratic vote.
  • Boasting about their “great rally”. Guido genuinely thought it was just a press conference until they said that…
  • Fibbing that they’ve always supported a second referendum. When they really haven’t
  • Being called “Change UK” but saying that “the best deal is the deal we currently have.”

It’s going so well that fifty activists have written to the party leadership to complain

ChUK Losing to Brexit Party in London

In London, the stronghold of Remainers and Chuka’s hometown, his party is trailing the Brexit Party. If the Tiggers can’t win in London can they win anywhere?

Rachel Johnson: Change UK Name Is Good For Chuka

Rachel Johnson had a hard time defending the abysmal launch of Change UK- The Independent Group – Remain Alliance to Sky’s Adam Boulton this morning. When challenged on the confusing name of the fledgling party she responded by saying“I definitely picked a hole in that as well”. Great…

On the name Change UK:

“It’s good for Chuka, if you think about it because the short form is ChUK.”

On the poor polling performance:

“It’s like when you have a baby… you have a sort of birth plan and then it all changes in the delivery room, and so I think people understand that it’s a pop up party.”

On the fact that it is “actually the no-change party”:

“No, I think that’s quite cheap of you… I agree if you were being really mean you could say our only policy is the status quo ante”

Johnson then claimed that the ChUKas will be doing “non-tribal, evidence based politics” which comes as news to Guido after their fib filled three months

ChUK Select Angela Smith’s Husband as MEP Candidate

Change UK – The Independent Group – Remain Alliance have selected the husband of their MP Angela Smith (of funny tinge fame) as one of their MEP candidates in Yorkshire and the Humber. Steve Wilson is also employed as Smith’s parliamentary researcher, and quit the Labour Party after a standoff over his re-selection as a Labour Councillor. The word is that the ChUKas candidate troubles stem from MEP selections being done by the 11 MPs themselves. Nepotistically shoving an MP’s husband on the candidates list makes it seem like it might not have been compiled entirely on merit…

Tiggers Launch With Blatant Lie

Change UK – The Independent Group – Remain Alliance have published a slick launch video that contains a shocker of a fib. Guido has helpfully contextualised it…

ChUK Microtargeting Guardian Readers on Facebook

Change UK – The Independent Group – Remain Alliance have been spending money micro-targeting adverts on Facebook to focus on their core electorate which at the moment is seemingly just readers of The Guardian. Quite a tight voter pool considering Guardian circulation stands at just 141,160. That’s about half as many votes as the unsuccessful and niche ‘An Independence from Europe’ party achieved in 2014…

Who Said It? ChUK 2019 or UKIP 2014?

Just two days into the fledgling Change UK – The Independent Group – Remain Alliance Euro-election campaign and it is facing big teething problems. Beyond the confusing three names, bland managerial logo, and dismal poll numbers, two candidates have already been expelled from the list. Since then more comments have been emerging that have made it hard to tell the ChUKas apart from the pre-Batten Kippers…

Now Guido can bring you the quiz we’ve all been waiting for… ‘Who Said It? ChUK 2019 or UKIP 2014?’ Can you guess which are comments from 2019 ChUK MEP candidates and which are from the heady days of UKIP councillors and candidates back in 2014..?

Change UK Chuck Another Candidate Over Grossly Offensive Tweets

Change UK have unceremoniously removed another candidate over grossly inappropriate social media posts. Joseph Russo, the CUK-TIG-RA candidate for Scotland, wrote that “black women scare me” and he was once “chased through Amsterdam by a crazy black whore.” He also defended teacher relationships with students, appeared to defend a lower age of consent, and attacked Scottish Catholics as “loony”. This is now the second candidate they’ve dropped in less than 24 hours…

D46aVZXW0AAxWLy.jpg (1200×498)

D46WXvAWsAEHa8w.jpg (464×733)

D46WW8PW4AEdW41.jpg (546×493)

The Remainers are so convinced in their moral superiority that they seemingly haven’t even bothered to vet their candidates. Definitely different from the usual PC candidates, perhaps not the change they were looking for…

H/t Alasdair Clark

CUK TIG Logo Competition Winner!

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TIG Candidate’s anti-Romanian Tweet Surfaces

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Donald Tusk’s Former Deputy Is Standing For Change UK- TIG

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