Hourly Rates for Ian Blackford, Keir Starmer & Ed Davey

All the recent publicity means you may be in the market to hire a politician for yourself. Don’t mess about with backbenchers, go to the top and rent a party leader by the hour. Guido has gone into the declarations of the leaders of the parties who are going to spend the afternoon attacking Tory sleaze. All are available to rent by the hour at competitive rates:

  • The biggest earning leader is the LibDem’s Ed Davey, who makes £78,000-a-year for 120 hours work from his side hustles. Giving him an hourly rate of £650.
  • Keir Starmer’s latest declarations show him trousering £25,934.18 in the last 12 months for 106 hours work. Billing an hour of his time at a mere £247.
  • The SNP’s Ian Blackford makes a handy £38,967 for just 32 hours work on his side-hustles. Giving the canny Scot the highest hourly rental rate of a whacking great £1,217.71!

Before he was Shadow Brexit Secretary, Starmer was paid for legal work for Mischon De Reya while he was MP, having previously held an advisory role at Mishcon for four months in 2016. According to several reports, Starmer pocketed an eye-watering £4,500 for six hours’ work – £750-an-hour – so his rates have come down with his personal polling numbers.

Worth reflecting on how much they make from their own side hustles when they attack Owen Paterson later this afternoon…

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Political Donors Meet Politicians Shock

As it is silly season the papers are full of the shocking news that people who give wads of cash to political parties get invited to meet politicians. They may even eat and drink with them whilst talking about politics. Labour has a “Chair’s Circle” where donors who part with a minimum of £5,000 join “the highest level of giving within the party“. Donors get to go to dinners with Shadow Cabinet members, VIP events at party conference with the highlight being a “Chair’s Circle welcome reception, hosted by Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner”. Don’t all rush…

UPDATE: Amanda Milling has hit back at Labour. In a letter sent to Anneliese Dodds, Milling highlights Labour’s donor access hypocrisy:

“Indeed in the past year the Labour Party has taken just over £1.2 million from Unite. Due to Labour infighting, this has fallen by over £4.5 million since August 2019.

Over the weekend I read that the Labour Party is now seeking donations from billionaire businessmen, such as Lord Sainsbury and Sir Trevor Chinn.

I would also like to remind you that the Labour Party runs its own Chair Circle Membership group and the Rose Network whose members can pay a fee to get access to Sir Keir Starmer, yourself, and other senior Labour Party Shadow Cabinet members. On your website it states that: “As a Rose Network member, you’ll be invited to a programme of events, including live webinar discussions with key politicians””

She concludes by asking whether Labour would prefer political parties to be funded by taxpayers instead…

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Cash for Access Sinner Straw’s Sermon on Integrity

Disgraced Jack Straw is taking some time out from offering to take cash-for-access to chair a lecture on “integrity and public service” at Westminster Abbey. Promotional literature for the church’s “Integrity” series says Straw will address questions such as: “What does it mean for a public servant to have integrity?” Like he would know…

Readers will remember Straw was caught on camera by undercover reporters arranging a cash-for-access deal, boasting how he operates “under the radar” using a “combination of charm and menace”, naming a price of £5000-a-day. The same Jack Straw who was damned by Chilcot for his behaviour during the Iraq War, the same Jack Straw facing kidnap and torture claims over the rendition of a Libyan dissident. Who better to speak about integrity in politics?

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