Centre for Medical Cannabis Launched

Yesterday saw the official launch of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis at an event held at the Academy of Medical Sciences. The centre brings together clinicians, pharmacists, patients, campaigners and policy experts. Technically medicinal cannabis has been legalised for prescription, but only in very tightly controlled circumstances…

Steve Moore, who was one of the policy gurus behind the Big Society, has put together a board of serious people from the medical research field and people who have been involved in the area from a patient focus. His team brings them in touch with people who know their way around politics and government.*

Backed by the philanthropist Paul Birch, the CMC has produced a credible model with 30 immediate policy recommendations for the development UK’s first medicinal cannabis regime. They have produced a report and 30 recommendations are both evidence-based and politically deliverable, as they seek to influence the design of new regulatory system.

The CMC argues that

“… the UK needs a system that strikes the proper balance between choice and safety, whilst allowing for future changes as lessons are learnt. As such, our report covers the fundamental policy choices that are necessary when devising an access regime and the trade-offs policy-makers and legislators must make. It explores the particular constraints and preferences that will influence what regime is workable in the UK. This includes healthcare culture, public attitudes and medical options – cannabis based medical products (CBMP) definitions, access routes; modes of consumption; applicable conditions, etc.

The CMC’s report is informed by contributions from patient groups, and others, who will determine the outcomes that any new system must deliver against. The report also draws lessons from other jurisdictions, and engages with clinicians and others, to define what types of medical access are in demand, in order to propose a model that suits the UK context.”

Download the “Blueprint” report.

*Our editor is on the advisory board.

Medical Marijuana Gets Green Light

Today the UK finally joined Canada, 31 US states, Australia, Israel, and many European countries as medicinal marijuana got the green light. It’s a victory for campaigners including the Adam Spliff Institute who have long campaigned for this change and celebrated with an accordingly themed Twitter makeover. Personal liberty is the real winner…

Ironically, despite the use of medical marijuana in the UK only being legalised today, the UK is already the world’s biggest clinical cannabis producer, with 95 tonnes of marijuana produced in the UK in 2016 for medicinal and scientific use, accounting for 44.9% of the world’s total. The UK is also the world’s largest (legitimate) exporter of the drug, accounting for almost 70% of global exports in 2016. Britain’s stoners won’t believe what they’ve been missing out on…

In fact the majority of the British population still feel that the bar is too high, as a new VolteFace/Populus poll revealed overwhelming support for full legalisation of the drug. 59% of people surveyed strongly supported or tended to support recreational legalisation of cannabis, compared to just 31% who opposed the idea. The UN estimates that the global recreational and medicinal marijuana market will be worth $100 billion by 2020. Forget tech startups, it’s high time the UK got on board with legalisation and embraced the ganjapreneur revolution…

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Quote of the Day

Ruth Davidson on working with PM Boris

“I have worked with him when he was Foreign Secretary. I will work with whoever the Prime Minister is. I haven’t had a phone call yet to ask me to run his campaign in Scotland. I am not expecting the call. But I will genuinely judge him on the same criteria as I judge any of the candidates.”


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