Labour Officials Did Hound Luciana Berger Out of Labour

Last night at the Cambridge Union, Jeremy Corbyn told a packed audience that Luciana Berger was not “hounded” out the Labour Party and instead left voluntarily. WhatsApp messages from Labour officials tell a different story.

Videos from the event, which took place last night, show Corbyn telling a packed audience:

“Luciana was not hounded out of the party, she unfortunately chose to resign from the party.” 

However, WhatsApps from Karrie Murphy – executive director of Corbyn’s office – reveal Berger didn’t merely jump, she was hounded. After Luciana left the party in 2019 Karrie Murphy messaged a colleague:

“F*cking idiots. All the work I did to trigger them and they leave before I had the pleasure”. 

In other damning messages, Murphy wrote:

“Angela Smith is a moron. Getting rid of her made my day.”

 A source at the event told Guido that staffers were incredibly hostile to the talk’s Jewish compère after the talk finished. Corbyn will never allow himself to be held accountable for Labour’s antisemitism…

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Mystery of Tim Farron’s Disappearing Wine Glasses

LibDem leader Tim Farron’s Twitter profile picture shows him smiling sweetly at an event during the referendum. Look closely: arranged behind him in the background are 16 wine glasses, set out on glass shelves in front of a mirror:

Now look at this tweet below sent by Cambridge University two weeks ago when Farron came to visit. The glasses have vanished:

The same photo – without glasses – also appears at least twice on the University’s website:

Somebody has been busy on Photoshop here. Here are Inspector Guido’s theories:

  1. Cambridge University media managers have airbrushed out the glasses to maintain an air of studiousness.
  2. Tim Farron’s spinners have Photoshopped the wine glasses in to make him look cool.

Guido will update you when we hear back from the Lib Dems and Cambridge. Can you solve the mystery?

UPDATE: Cambridge University are saying that they did not mess with the photo. The LibDems say “You can tell it’s recess”. A non-denial…

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Relative of Nicola Sturgeon “Burned Money in front of Homeless Man”

Guido can reveal that the Cambridge student who allegedly burnt a £20 note in front of a homeless man is related to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Ronald Coyne, a law student at Pembroke College who is a member of the Cambridge University Conservative Association, was filmed brandishing the cash and a cigarette lighter last week. Sources tell Guido that Coyne has previously repeatedly boasted about his relationship to Sturgeon. A Scottish government spokesman says they are not “directly” related. A senior Scottish government source confirms to Guido that they are “distant” relatives by marriage. 

Coyne has been expelled by the Cambridge University Conservative Association following the incident. A CUCA spokesman told Guido:

This occurred in the private capacity of the individual – he was not attending a CUCA event. Despite this, his membership was immediately revoked when we heard what had happened.

A University spokesperson said:

The University is committed to respecting the rights and dignity of all members of our community. We expect our students to treat others with respect, courtesy and consideration at all times, and the University takes allegations of unacceptable behaviour very seriously. We do not comment on individual cases.

Coyne did not respond to Guido’s repeated attempts to contact him. Most embarrassing for Nicola that he’s a Tory…

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