Army Still Hosting Loony Guardian Columnist at Leadership Away Day

Yesterday, two hours after Guido reported the MoD had invited an Extinction Rebellion activist to their annual leadership lectures day, the Army rescinded the invite. Unfortunately for Her Majesty’s forces, they’re still set to be lectured by The Guardian’s Arwa Mahdawi:

Some co-conspirators may know Mahdawi best for her infamous flip-flop op-eds, in which she notoriously accused “toxic masculinity” of killing people via refusal to wear facemasks, then opined that people shouldn’t be shamed for not wearing facemasks. She also wrote that Melania Trump’s new hairdo should “make us very afraid”, then wrote a scathing riposte when AOC’s barnet came under the spotlight.

Just the sort of consistent, strong-minded leadership from which our troops need to learn…

Among her other work, perhaps the Army will be surprised to learn she’s not too keen on the military. In 2017 she slammed the Israeli actress Gal Gadot as she’d “happily spent time in the Israeli army kicking Palestinian ass and supports the IDF”. 

She also wrote an op-ed on the BLM riots in the US under the headline, “If violence isn’t the way to end racism in America, then what is?”; and another in which she lamented that Britain’s now “embarrassing” and that Priti Patel is a “ghoul” – all of these opinions no doubt perfectly suited to a day at Sandhurst lecturing the Army. Still, maybe one of our boys will be keen to ask about how to avoid their barrack thermostats being “constantly set to a ‘sexist’ temperature”…

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Ben Wallace Accuses Armed Forces of Fighting “Illegal Wars”

During a feisty outburst against Shadow Defence Secretary John Healey, Ben Wallace accused HM Armed Forces of previously fighting “illegal wars”. This could end up being a resigning issue…

Arguing in the Commons, Wallace claimed much of the mess the government is currently trying to clean up today:

“is because of your [Labour’s] illegal wars, your events in the past”

The clearly unplanned outburst was met with an audibly loud intake of breath. It’s also worth noting that those “illegal” wars were voted for by many sitting Tory MPs, including the PM…

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have never been ruled to be illegal. It is certainly not the position of the current government that they were. Wallace lost his temper and has disrespected the fighting men and women of this country. He should at the very least apologise for his wrongful outburst…

Guido has asked the Ministry of Defence for an official comment on the Minister’s views.

UPDATE: You’ll never guess who actually voted for military intervention in Iraq as an MSP…Read More

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Disgraced Far-Left Lawyer Phil Shiner Admits Acting Without Integrity

The shamed far-left lawyer Phil Shiner is before the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal for his role in the vexatious claims against British soldiers who served in Iraq. An old CND comrade of Jeremy Corbyn, Shiner’s firm Public Interest Lawyers has already been closed down in disgrace and now Shiner faces 24 charges of his own. He has today admitted 18 of those charges, including that he acted recklessly and without integrity. The Law Society Gazette reports:

“Shiner admitted encouraging and authorising unsolicited direct approaches to potential clients arising out of the Battle of Danny Boy in southern Iraq in 2004. He also admitted authorising, procuring and approving payment of prohibited referral fees in September 2007.”

Often celebrated by the Guardian and the Indy, not to mention many in the Labour Party, Shiner made a career out of undermining British values and causes through the courts in the name of human rights. He has now been exposed as an ambulance chaser of the lowest form and it is inevitable he will be struck off. Justice…

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