Corbyn Asked Four Times Whether “Rothschild Zionists Run World Governments” is Anti-Semitic

Jeremy Corbyn had to be asked four times before admitting ‘Rothchild Zionists run Israel and world governments’ is an anti-Semitic trope. This’ll undoubtedly put the minds of 80% of British Jews to rest…

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Brillo Tears Apart Ken Livingstone on Venezuela

Ken Livingstone made the brave choice of going on This Week to make a film explaining why “my friend Hugo Chavez” wasn’t responsible for the economic misery that has been wrought upon Venezuela and it’s all America’s fault instead. It’s almost worth watching just for Ken’s opening line of “Remember me? I used to be Mayor of London”…

Predictably, Ken’s bogus arguments were completely torn apart by Andrew Neil afterwards, with a hapless Livingstone reduced to saying: “I don’t know, I’m a retired pensioner, I don’t have staff providing the information”. His only defence after that was that the Venezuelan ambassador had told him it was true. At least he wasn’t quoting the anti-Semitic historical revisionist ‘UN rapporteur’ that Chris Williamson is so keen on

Brillo then did the public service of explaining to Ken some of the real reasons why Venezuela is a basket case, including decades of self-enriching dictatorship, random confiscation of private property, price controls, and putting a loyalist army General in charge of the national oil company. Ken’s probably wishing he’d stayed in retirement…

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Ed Vaizey Brillo’d Over Brexit Budget

Pro-Remain minister Ed Vaizey repeatedly dodged Brillo’s question about which, if any, economists think Osborne’s tax-hiking spending-slashing post-Brexit budget would work. Accused of “filibustering” to avoid an answer, Vaizey then launched a bizarre attack on the Remain backing IMF’s economic credibility:

“You know full well over the last six years when George took decisions about cutting spending and raising taxes organisations like the IMF told him he was playing with fire”

At times Vaizey was literally laughing at the less than credible lines he was sent out to spin…

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Brillo Gets Brillo’d
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Daily Politics Special Commemorative Mug Released


Guido has obtained the design for the new Daily Politics Special Commemorative mug, released today as newly wed Andrew Neil returns to our screens after his honeymoon. Will he now be a tamed interviewer glowing with marital bliss? Don’t count on it…

Simon Carr will be also be back with a PMQs sketch this afternoon.  Game on…

UPDATE: JoCo shows off the new holy grail.

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Brillo Lifts Lid on Bilderberg

That’s what they want you to think though.

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