Brexit Party Candidate Reported to Electoral Commission Over False Declaration Accusation

The Brexit Party’s candidate for the key Tory target of North Norfolk has been reported to the police over claims he made a false declaration in his nomination statement. The constituency’s ‘Statement of Persons Nominated’ form declares that the Brexit Party’s Harry Gwynne lives at “(Address in North Norfolk constituency)”, but a newspaper article just one week ago reports he “lives in Brentford in London”. The correspondence address he lists on Companies House is also in Brentford…

Candidates are forbidden from using temporary addresses as their home address, even if they stay there for some time. It’s a criminal offence to knowingly provide false information on a nomination paper.

The North Norfolk district council has confirmed to Guido that they have also received a report into the candidate and will be publishing a full response later today. Perhaps Gwynne should have taken tips from the Brexit Party’s candidate in Tynemouth, who honestly lists his address as in Australia…

Full List of Non-Tory-Held Seats the Brexit Party Aren’t Standing In

Following analysis of the closed candidate nominations, it has turned out the Brexit Party – having announced they will stand down in 317 tory-held seats – will not be standing in an additional 39 seats. Read them in full below:

  • Airdrie and Shotts
  • Argyll and Bute
  • Brent Central
  • Bristol North West
  • Canterbury
  • Central Ayrshire
  • Chorley (candidates rarely stand against the speaker)
  • Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
  • Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
  • Dudley North
  • Dundee East
  • Dunfermline and West Fife
  • Ealing North
  • East Dunbartonshire
  • East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow
  • East Lothian
  • Edinburgh East
  • Edinburgh South
  • Edinburgh West
  • Ellesmere Port and Neston
  • Falkirk
  • Gateshead
  • Glasgow Central
  • Glasgow East
  • Glasgow North East
  • Glasgow North West
  • Inverclyde
  • Kilmarnock and Loudoun
  • Lanark and Hamilton East
  • Liverpool, Walton
  • Livingston
  • Midlothian
  • Motherwell and Wishaw
  • Na h-Eileanan an Iar
  • Newcastle upon Tyne East
  • North Ayrshire and Arran
  • North East Fife
  • North West Durham
  • Paisley and Renfrewshire North
  • Paisley and Renfrewshire South
  • Rutherglen and Hamilton West
  • West Dunbartonshire

Looks like the Brexit party were very worried about those bitter Scottish weather conditions…

Brexit Party Critique of Boris’ Deal is Actually Theresa May’s Old Deal

The Brexit Party has sent out a briefing pack to its prospective parliamentary candidates, clearly written after the general election was legislated for on December 12. The document tries to provide a list of reasons why Boris’s new deal is unacceptable – reading these reasons closely reveals their central claim is based on the wrong document…

The only criticism made of the Political Declaration in the brief alleges that it commits the UK and EU to “build and improve on the single customs territory provided for in the Withdrawal Agreement”. Those words are from Theresa May’s Political Declaration and don’t appear anywhere in Boris’ deal. The words “customs territory” don’t appear in Article 23 of Boris’ Political Declaration or anywhere else in the document…

Boris’ deal removes May’s backstop and as a consequence removes references to its customs territory that Theresa May’s political declaration committed to “build on”. Boris’ deal explicitly ensures both parties will have “regulatory autonomy” and replaces May’s “single customs territory” with standard “customs arrangements” – the kind of which are in the Canada-EU FTA and the Japan-EU FTA

The Brexit Party’s central criticism of Boris’ deal that they are briefing to their candidates is based on the wrong deal. Looks like they’ve been reading the wrong document…

UPDATE: A Brexit Party spokesman tells Guido “Our detailed analysis of Boris’ deal is very publicly displayed on our website. If an out-of-date document referring to May’s deal was sent out it was an administrative error.”

Tice Standing in Hartlepool

The Hartlepool seat is one of Labour’s most vulnerable, it voted Leave by 69.5%, making it one of the highest Leave voting Labour held seats in the UK.

  • In the 2017 general election Labour’s new candidate Mike Hill won a decisive victory, giving Labour 52.5%
  • UKIP came third in 2017 which sounds like an unpromising base, until you know they came second in 2015 only 7 points behind Labour
  • The incumbent Labour candidate Mike Hill was suspended from the party over allegations of sexual harassment. he’s been re-instated for the election.
  • The local council is Tory / Brexit Party controlled.

Guido is pretty sure Tice will keep his deposit, the seat is one of the Brexit Party’s best hopes…

Truro & Falmouth Brexit Party Candidate Steps Down to Avoid Splitting Leave Vote

Paul Wood, the Brexit Party candidate in the Conservative marginal seat of Truro and Falmouth has emailed supporters to say he’s standing aside to avoid splitting Leave vote. Country before party…

Farage: Brexit Party Can’t Win This Election

Nigel Farage was more honest than Jo Swinson on the campaign trail in Workington this morning, telling the audience that his party was not going to win the election. Perhaps revealing why he isn’t standing…

“You know, I thought watching yesterday Jo Swinson stand up and say I could be the next Prime Minister, I mean it’s funny, I suppose, but it just had no credibility and the same goes for the Brexit party. We can’t win this election”

He went on to say that he wants the Brexit party to hold the balance of power in Parliament –  a tough feat given shows the party won’t win any seats. They’re more likely to just hurt Tory chances in the seats Boris needs to gain a majority…

Three Brexit Party candidates had already stood down. Today, a fourth, Truro & Falmouth’s Paul Wood, has joined them standing aside and endorsing the Tory candidate as “sound”. The Tories’ campaign may not have got off to a great start, but it looks like the Brexit Party’s won’t even get off the starting line…

Brexit Party Candidate Defects, Backs Tory MP

The Brexit Party candidate for Dudley South, Paul Brothwood, has quit the party and endorsed the local Conservative MP Mike Wood. The ex-UKIP councillor says he fears votes for the Brexit Party could help to elect a Labour-Lib Dem government. Since Nigel Farage threatened to stand in 600 seats nationally Brexit Party support as polled by YouGov has fallen from 13% to 7%. This, to paraphrase Mick Jagger, might not be the Brexit we want, it is the Brexit we need…

Brexiteer Tories Seek Compromise Pact with Farage

Guido has been speaking to Brexiteer Tory MPs about this morning’s offer from Farage that he will stand down his election efforts if Boris scraps his deal. The reactions have been varied, one MP described the offer as “desperate” whilst another said: “I think Boris and Nigel should meet this weekend and sort this out. It’s a disaster otherwise!” When Guido asked if this MP was happy with Boris’ deal they simply replied: “I want a clean break Brexit on WTO.” Even Tory MPs are using Nigel’s lines…

Several MPs were supportive of a behind-the-scenes pact where both parties put up paper candidates against each other in seats where the other has more chance of winning; with one high profile Brexiteer telling us Corbyn’s remain candidate will undoubtedly win if the Brexit Party put up a candidate against them.

Nigel Evans described Boris as a “Heineken politician… he refreshes the parts other politicians cannot reach” but warned that Farage should work on Labour seats and “let the Conservatives focus on our top 70 or so targets”. No deal between the Tories and Brexit Party could lead to the opposite of a no deal Brexit…

Brexit Party Will Stand in Every British Seat if Boris Doesn’t Scrap the Deal

The Brexit Party have just launched their campaign, and have said that if Boris drops the Brexit deal and goes for a No Deal Brexit, Farage will back a leave alliance in the general election. However, Mr Brexit blasted Boris’s Brexit deal as it stands. The Brexit Party will contest every single seat in England, Scotland and Wales at the election as things currently stand… 

  • Farage claims he is in talks with Tory MPs who denounce the Withdrawal Agreement in which case the Brexit Party won’t stand candidates.
  • Farage also claims the Brexit Party currently have enough money to fund the election campaign.
  • Responding to an audience question, Farage points out they have until the 14th to discuss such an alliance before nominations close.

Party Chairman Richard Tice also announced the party’s other manifesto pledges, including reform of our political system such as electoral reform, House of Lords reform, automatic by-elections if MPs switch parties between elections, scrapping postal voting and reform of the supreme court. Guido’s not sure ordinary people will be hugely fired up by the focus on constitutional reform…  

Lib Dems Facebook Spend More than all Parties Combined

The Liberal Democrats have geared up for the upcoming general election with a whopping £12,205 being spent on Facebook in the last week, more than every other major party put together. Labour and the Tories lag behind at £2,812 and £3,111 respectively. The SNP and The Brexit Party clearly haven’t got the memo, both failing to spend anything so far. Has anyone told Carole yet? 

Brexit Party Worried About Leaks

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice has just given a speech to staffers this morning warning them to be careful who they speak to “even if you think they’re a friend”. Who could he be talking about?

Brexit Party Fracturing Over Boris’ New Deal

Nigel says “I’ll give him credit. I thought Theresa May’s deal was the worst deal in history, Boris’s achievements mean it’s only the second worst deal in history. It’s still, from the point of view of a Brexiteer, completely and utterly unacceptable” Well a lot of Brexiteers do find it acceptable…

For clear evidence watch the replies on social media from people with Brexit Party logos to some of the output from the party and Nigel. Many supporters are making it clear that they accept the new deal as the best path to a Canada-style agreement and are less than keen on extending again past October 31. It is a clear sign that Nigel’s supporters are not entirely united on fighting on for a No Deal Brexit…

Guido also understands that a handful of Brexit Party MEPs are poised to back Boris’ new deal, they would rather take the new deal in hand, than risk backing a Brexit extension to win, or possibly lose, a No Deal Brexit. So far around 6 of the party’s 28 MEPs have been murmuring about backing the new agreement. Nigel’s tweeted defence of the Surrender Act together with Tice’s similarly intransigent stance risks increasingly marginalising Brexiteers who are greeting the new deal with cautious optimism.

Most would like to stop sending billions to Brussels sooner, rather than later. One source close to the Brexit Party suggested that there may even be MEP defections to Boris’ Tories down the line. The Leave Alliance strategy was predicated on Brexit not happening on October 31…

Brexit Party MEP Parodies Greta

Smokehouse owner and Brexit Party MEP for London Lance Forman addressed the party’s London rally this evening with a brilliant parody of everyone’s favourite global child superstar. Worth a watch…

Brexxxit Party MEP Likes Hard European Integration

Brexit Party MEP Dr David Bull has been showcasing his internationalist credentials this afternoon, taking to Twitter to like a tweet from an account called Gentle Giant Germany showing a picture of a European adult film actor called Alec Loob. Good to see David do his bit to minimise friction in European relations…[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party Plans Rally for November 1

Guido understands that the Brexit Party are to hold a rally in Parliament Square on the day the UK is due to leave the EU, either in celebration of independence or anger at parliamentarians once again pushing pointless delay. The party is already quietly inviting potential speakers…

The rally would echo Leave Means Leave’s rally held in the same location on March 29.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party Take Over Hartlepool Council

Ten independent councillors elected to Hartlepool Council in May – turfing out the governing Labour Party in the process – have defected en masse to the Brexit Party, meaning the party now controls its first council in coalition with the Tories.[…] Read the rest


Pro-Brexit Anti-War Marxist Running in Islington North

Voters in Islington North are pretty used to being able to vote for a Marxist, anti-war, pro-Palestine, pro-Brexit left winger to be their MP. The surprise this time is that now they’ve got two to choose from…

The Brexit Party’s newly announced candidate, James Heartfield, is a former member of the Revolutionary Communist Party who abandoned Jeremy Corbyn because of his “prevarication” over Brexit, having only voted for Labour in 2017 because their manifesto promised to honour the result of the referendum.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party Select Smash Hit Brexit Singer Dominic Frisby

Fans of Brexit-themed music videos will be delighted with the news that Libertarian Comedian Dominic Frisby – singer of the #1 smash hit “17 Million F**k O**s”is standing as a Brexit Party candidate. Frisby will be bringing his musical comedy and standup, along with some very sound views on Brexit and monetary policy, to the South-East London constituency of Old Bexley and Sidcup.[…] Read the rest


Claire Fox: “Offensive” to Think Brexit Party Should Just Quit

However she doesn’t completely rule out a pact of some sort…[…] Read the rest


Experian Snubs Brexit Party Despite Working With Labour and Tories

Amid the perennial spectacle of Carole Cadwalladr trying to milk the activities of a small over-hyped data company for all it’s worth, the tinfoil hat brigade have been remarkably unfussed about an organisation that has been amassing one of the largest databases of personal information in the UK for over 30 years.[…] Read the rest


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