Most Read Stories of 2020

Our articles were read over 61 million times in 2020 and these seven stories were the most read:

#1 SS Nazi Uniform Shame of Piers Morgan

No doubt this will be a bitter-sweet victory for Piers. It was number one because it was suppressed, follow-ups didn’t run in News UK’s titles because he is a protected man there, it didn’t run in Associated’s titles because he is a Daily Mail columnist and it didn’t run in The Daily Mirror because he is a former editor. When this was the only place you could see the picture of Britain’s #1 hypocrite, it was always going to be popular.

#2 Campbell Pictures Himself Breaking Lockdown Social Distancing Rules

Another egoistic character who will be secretly pleased to have charted. It will make him feel still relevant.

#3 Panorama’s PPE Investigation Was Party Political Broadcast

An exclusive that led to the intervention of the Culture Secretary and was condemned by the Health Secretary, eventually the BBC conceded that perhaps a Panorama documentary that took evidence from communists, trade unionists and Labour Party activists without disclosing their affiliations might be just a teensy weensy bit misleading.

#4 Kay Burley’s Swanky Star Studded Sixtieth

One of Media Guido’s most immediately impactful stories of 2020. Once again we broke the story which The Sun and The Daily Mail declined to break for some reason. Media Guido covers the stories the media doesn’t want to cover…

#5 Surely Guardian Must Fall 

At the height of the statues-must-fall craze It turned out that The Guardian was historically funded from the profits of the slave trade. After Guido brought to light The Guardian’s past links to slavery in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests, the Scott Trust – the owner of The Guardiancommissioned independent researchers to look into the paper’s historical connections to the slave tradeGuido hopes it won’t be a whitewash…

#6 Banks Spanks Electoral Commission 

A good news story that saw Arron Banks and Liz Bilney, the CEO of Leave.EU, follow in the footsteps of Darren Grimes by winning in the High Court against the Electoral Commission. All that nonsense about Russians? Nyet.

#7 Number 10’s Message to Biden Originally Congratulated Trump 

Strange one, unbelievable, yet true. This story, like so many others, got worldwide follow-up in the media. 

You are either in front of Guido, or you’re behind…

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December Review: Swanky Sky Sixtieth, EU’s Vaccine Jealousy, and Happy Brexmas!

December started with a classic story. Kay Burley and Sky News colleagues had broken multiple Tier 2 rules for her sixtieth birthday party. Her ‘bog standard’ apology that evening left Guido with more questions than answers. It led to three Sky presenters being taken off air. Later it was revealed that Kay Burley and Beth Rigby had been handed a six month and three month suspension apiece

December was also the month when the EU started to become jealous of the UK. Perhaps the first of many. German press slammed the bloc‘s sluggish common vaccination programme, as the first German was vaccinated… in the UK. The UK’s rollout of an approved vaccine was the first in the world, and produced an emotional reaction from the Health Secretary.

Elsewhere, increasingly the darling of the Tory grassroots, Liz Truss gave a barnstorming equalities speech. Swathes of ‘politically contentious’ material was removed from it when uploaded to the Government website, so Guido helpfully published them as a ‘best bits’ of the speech.

In the Commons, Chris Bryant eventually apologised for his sweary standoff with the Speaker, and as ever an SNP MP pulled an attention grabbing stunt. As for the Lords, some Brexit heroes were announced to be soon joining its ranks, including Dan Hannan and Syed Kamall. On the benches opposite, in accepting a peerage, Starmer aide and former Darlington MP Jenny Chapman U-turned on her aim of winning back her red wall seat…

After Christmas was cancelled for most southerners, the Government revealed a present after all. The Brexit trade deal was done at the last minute. Guido revealed the first official summary of the deal, days before the full text was finally published. Nigel Farage backed it, and the ERG’s star chamber approved it as sovereignty compliant. The year concluded yesterday with the historic passage of the new UK-EU FTA. Readers particularly enjoyed the highlights of Michael Gove’s barnstorming debate summation.

Guido will be popping the champagne English Sparkling Wine corks an hour earlier than usual this evening. While 2020 ends at midnight, 28 years of EU control ends at 23:00…

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November Review: Lockdown, Trump Down, Dom Gone

Distraction from Lockdown arrived with the US Presidential election, which Biden (eventually) won. The UK had clearly hedged its bets, however, with Guido reporting Boris’s congratulatory tweet image contained the remnants of a prepared message welcoming a second Trump term. Despite this, Boris became the first European leader to speak to Biden on the telephone. Remainers wrong on ‘back of the queue’ yet again…

Back at home perhaps the biggest news was the dramatic exit of Dom Cummings from Number 10, following increasing bust ups over influence.

Good news came, however when UK Vaccine Taskforce’s Professor Sir John Bell said due to the vaccine news that life will return to normal by spring. His words “yes, yes, yes!” led the BBC’s Sarah Montague to punch the air. Perhaps they celebrated too soon, however, as later on Guido revealed Rishi’s financial statement relied on figures that assumed the UK would be locked down under harsh restrictions for far longer than the Government had been suggesting.

Back on Brexit, as talks appeared to be breaking down, the Government took the unusual step of accusing the Scottish Government of working to undermine negotiations.

Guido was the first to report that the Lords Conduct committee advised the expulsion of a peer for the first time in the history of the Upper Chamber. Lord Ahmed was found to have used his position as a member of the House to sexually assault a complainant seeking his help, lie to the complainant about his intentions, and exploit the complainant emotionally and sexually despite knowing she was vulnerable. Lord Ahmed is now no longer a Peer.

The loony left Law Commission published a report on reforming “hate speech” laws, which would make drawing cartoons of Muhammad illegal. This came after Guido revealed the new Law Society President once boasted “my practice has allowed me to pursue politics through the courts”.

After the Cenotaph was desecrated by Extinction Rebellion activists, Guido exclusively revealed that Tory MP took it upon himself to take down their pretend wreath, and put it in a non-recyclable bin bag. Guido then revealed the MP was 2019er Chris Loder…

Guido exclusively revealed Carole Cadwalladr finally admitted that there was no evidence to back up her claims that the Russians financed the Brexit campaign or that Arron Banks was involved in shady deals with the Russians. She also agreed to pay Arron Banks’ costs…

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October Review: Speech, “Scum”, and Tiers

October was the month that all ended in Tiers. There was a big rebellion over Curfew, saved by Labour’s official abstention. London was downgraded into Tier 2, meanwhile Manchester was put into Tier 3, leading to a peculiar press conference where £110,000 a year Andy Burnham bizarrely claiming he lives on a “middle income”.

Guido exclusively revealed Welsh Lib Dem leader Jane Dodds was avoiding Mark Drakeford’s ‘Firebreak’ lockdown, living it up in leafy Richmond, London instead. This, despite pretending to be suffering under the restrictions in Wales.

Guido revealed where some of enormous sums spent in Covid relief had ended up, with one solo drag act taking home £215,305 – twice what the act made in the last set of accounts filed with Companies House before Covid. The Arts Council defended the decision. Elsewhere, Labour MPs piled in to support police questioning of Darren Grimes after the Starkey racism incident. Thanks to help from the Free Speech Union, the police’s investigation was closed. Darren hit back by filing a formal complaint against the Met Police.

While September saw three Labour sackings/resignations over Overseas Operation Bill, October saw seven Labour MPs quit their front bench positions over the Human Intelligence Sources Bill. Guido also exclusively revealed Manchester MP Yasmin Qureshi had been hospitalised with Covid. Elsewhere in Labour land, Zarah Sultana advertised for a caseworker on a wage she earlier described to be “poverty pay“, and Angela Rayner heckled a 2019 intake Tory, calling him “scum”:

Media Guido revealed a surprisingly cosy relationship between BBC journalist Sally Nugent and Marcus Rashford, whom she consistently reported on. It wasn’t a great month for journalist over all, with Media Guido also revealing Mail on Sunday hacks had been told off by their news editor for “unacceptable and frankly embarrassing” stories.

October was also the month that EU corona cases spun out of control, Margaret Covid Margaret Ferrier ferried Covid up and down the UK, and Guido revealed UKIP had selected ‘Dr.’ Gammons to stand for the London Mayoralty. Boris also reacted to his Spitting Image puppet.

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September Review: Backbench Rebellion, Extinction Rebellion, and the BBC

In September, Guido became first to report the sacking of Nadia Whittome, Beth Winter, and Olivia Blake from Labour’s Front Bench for voting against the government’s Overseas Operation Bill, against Sir Keir’s whip to abstain. Readers were then treated to Whittome finding out she had been sacked live on air…

Elsewhere, Guido fact checked an invented silly season story about Boris traveling to Perugia, got into an official letter spat with Emily Thornberry, and reported on Extinction Rebellion’s return to Parliament Square with what was probably their breast protest ever, and one of their worst. Guido also revealed the group’s founder saying government and business owners should be shot. All while the group told their activists to avoid filming their activities to avoid incriminating themselves…

The BBC did not have a good month. Europe Editor Katya Adler was found to have breached guidelines over an anti-Michael Gove tweet. The corporation also wasted cash sending a presenter to Perugia hours after the story had been debunked. Frankie Boyle’s new ‘comedy’ show turned out to be a woke marxist discussion group. We also learned the enormous telly tax funded pay of the BBC’s biggest stars. Andrew Neil seized the moment to divulge more information about upcoming TV channel GB News…

Jess Phillips reminded us all to double check what you are talking about before you tweet. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace peculiarly accused his own armed forces of fighting “illegal wars”, and Corbynista MP Claudia Webbe was charged with harassment against a woman. Readers also enjoyed a feisty exchange between Sadiq Khan and Peter Whittle. Left wing Assembly Members tried to have Whittle ejected from the Chamber for saying the Labour Party “doesn’t really like patriotism very much”.

Honourable mentions:

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August Review: BBC Bias Battered, Charmless, Fibbing Left-Wing Hacks, Green & Black Extremists

August’s most popular story was yet another tale of BBC guests who turn out to be activists. This time is was the two “concerned mums” who turned out to be far left fanatics. Fancy that!

The woke BBC decided to drop Rule Britannia from the proms. It is no surprise that Tory MPs wrote to the new director-general of the BBC to demand fundamental reform of the biased BBC citing a number of stories featured on Guido. Tory MPs also tabled Bills to decriminalise non-payment of the licence fee, privatise the BBC and monitor BBC impartiality. Guido also called for Newsnight’s Lewis Goodall to resign after he spectacularly broke impartiality rules.

Talking of left-wing journalists, charmless James O’Brien told a parentWhen a Child Dies, it’s on You, Grace Blakely, the left-wing activist with a loose grip on reality, really should have taken the online Owen Jones masterclass (£47.56), instead she claimed that thanks to Rishi she got a free meal. She didn’t. 

Guido got his hands on the secret Cabinet briefings outlining the governments plans for autonomy, which have now transpired in the EU deal.

We reported on the disturbing BLM black shirt rally in Brixton, which was surely illegal under the laws brought in to curb Oswald Mosley’s paramilitaries. Eco-terrorists attacked party HQs including that of the Green Party. Guido made the case for proscribing Extinction Rebellion. In positive green news, Greta went back to school.

Labour’s membership data was stolen. Using data he should not have had Ed Davey won the LibDem leadership election. Unlucky for him.

As the government consulted on reforming political advertising, Guido’s editor had some thoughts on the matter based on over a decade of buying and selling billions of political adverts. Online giant Amazon, in a move that surprised only the Treasury, passed on the digital services tax directly to customers…

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